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Monday, October 01, 2012


OMG! The paper, the albums, the thickers, the sickters! I love it all. Such a beautiful line! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

This is a fabulous line, I love the color pallet and I love the washi tape and tags.

Oh. My. Goodness! Love it all, but that gold foil vellum is to die for!

What a gorgeous collection!! Love everything about it!

Love this collection. My favs are the brads and the date stamp!

*swoooooon* I don't know if I can pick just one. Love the papers, LOVE the "Primrose" Thickers, love the date stamp, and the Daybook, as well. Just everything... it's just beautiful!

The papers, ofcourse. It's always the papers :)

Love at First Sight! I want it all.

It's all so amazing! Especially all those embellishments!

There is no way I could pick just one favorite item when it comes to the Dear Lizzy Lines. Love it all! Patterned Paper has always been my favorite along with the new date stamp, the Daybook, the POW! Glitter Paper (would look wonderful for Christmas, too), the gold accents in the vellum, stickers, and the mini letter stickers...great now I can't get that Silver & Gold Christmas song out of my head. Ha! I love everything...another wonderful collection with Elizabeth Kartchner. Thank You!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the tags - so cute!

Fabulous line! I'm seriously loving Monika Głód's layouts- wonderful! The papers and Thickers are PROBABLY my favs but then again, it's all great so who's to say!? :)

This was by far my favorite release from CHA. I have been holding my breath waiting for it to be released. I would love to pick a favorite item, but I honestly can't! I love each and every piece, and have no doubt I will be buying everything, probably multiples of most! I am so excited to get my hands on this collection, and start creating. I am inspired by it so much, fabulous job to Liz for designing another amazing line, and kudos to you for realizing the talent she has and partnering with her to bring amazingly beautiful product to your fans and consumers! Thanks for the chance!! My bday is next week, so fingers crossed this is my present! :)

Oh my goodness, so difficult to pick just one but I definitely love those adorable Remarks stickers... and the colorful striped washi tape.. and the patterned papers. Maybe I'll just stop there and say I love the soft whimsy of the designs. Great collection!

I adore the new gold FOX thickers. I can think of a million projects to use these on :)

This is such a lovely line, can't wait to get my crafty hands on this :)

I love Elizabeth's new line...it would be fun to play with the whole collection!

This collection is so sweet and girly. Love the embellishments and papers. Adorable!

in love with that new collection, especially the new stamps and albums!! gorgeous colors!

This whole line is FABULOUS but I'd go with the patterned papers... Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

Loving this new line! So many things, I just can't pick one! I love the papers of course, but also those buttons and the washi and the daybook....I'll stop there....

The sticker book and pps!! Such a neat line!

Gold polka dot vellum? Yes please.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this entire collection, it couldn't be more perfect. Out of all the CHA S lines, this was my favorite, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. The paper is my favorite part, with the gold dotted vellum being what I think Ill hoard most, but its all just AMAZING! Thanks for the chance to win!

I am sooooo loving the colors and images in this line! But If I had to pick a favorite, I think I'd say the tags... I can just see so many different uses for them!

I LOVE it all!!

Absolutely beautiful collection, hard to choose a favorite but I do LOVE those stickers and papers!!

I love the floral scallop flutterbys! Gorgeous collection!

Wow !!! American Crafts does it again !! I love it all !! The Burma bow ties are to die for . The tags are awesome and the Thinkers are the bomb !! Thanks for a chance .

Lizzy did it again! Beautiful collection. My favorites are the tags and washi tape.

Great collection - looking forward to this!! I love the stickers - the Remarks Stickers are always the best for adding the last touches to the page!

Eeeek! I LOVE it all! Especially the Fox thickers and tags!

mmm everything? ok ! love the embellishments especially the cute tags

Love this whole line! I have to say that the burlap bow ties are so cute and different from anything I've seen! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the colors and the washi tape!

Carla from Utah

It's so hard to choose. I love the remarks sticker book.

The tags, the banners and buttons...the sticker book...the color palette! I love it all. Thanks for a chance to win. :)

What a adorable collections. I love all the embellis and those bows are so cute.

Those little bows are too stinkin cute!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

I like the Thickers, washi tape, buttons and brads.

I love this line. The color scheme is beautiful and I love the motifs. My favorite things are probably the stamps!

I'm loving everything gold! And all the foxes (since my son is named after a fox...). Great job on this set, hope to win!

All kinds of embellishments are all time favourites.the new line is amazing.Thank you

I like the sticker book and I love the colors of this line!

Oh, this collection is so sweet and lovely! Can't wait to have it in the stores!

Love this line and the gorgeous colours. Would have to say the stamp is awesome!

I love the colors in the papers!

I have been waiting for this line- hooray!!! I love everything!!!! Love these colors!

Lovely. I'd love to see the vellum and gold foil papers in person. Love the tags!

I ADORE that arrow stamp!!!

I love EVERYTHING about this line, seriously!! But if I absolutely had to pick one thing, I think it might have to be the sparkly Fox Thickers. SO cute!

Love the stamps especially the polaroid one!

OMGosh! This is just adorable! I love the soft colors! My favorites are definitely the washi tape and tags! Thank you so much for the chance to win :-)

Oh If i have to narrow it down, I would say my favorites are the gold foil details and the burlap bows. I love the playful textures and images of this line! Lizzy is amazing!

This is SUCH a gorgeous line! WOW! I love the buttons!!!!

Love the Remarks stickers and more Polaroid paper is a-okay with me!
-Kelly O

I love the burlap bows. So cute!!

I love the blue chevron album and the thickers - especially Fox and Lark. Thanks for the chance to win!
Brenda Meilak

I love the month, day, year stamp...A must have item for scrapbooking!

what a fabulously fun line! absolutely adore the colors... and if i can only pick one favorite, right now I would have to say the brads! i am a complete brad junkie.

I love the stripy washi, the Fox thickers, and the date stamp!

I love the whole entire collection!!! Love those Fox alphas the most though :)

I think one of my favorite things has to be the new scrapbooks, I love the new designs! I can't wait to get my hands on the new line!

Those embellishment cards are fabulous...loving the old-fashioned ledger look!

I love the touches of gold in the sticker book!!

ohhhhh LOVE this line!!!!! and that polaroid paper is sooo cute, LOVE the fox stickers and of course the alphas!!!

I'm totally loving the papers and also getting my hands on that date stamp. Love that it has years from 2007.

As for a favourite, I can't go past that patterned paper and will be trying get get my hands on at least one of each. Then closely followed by the primrose thickers and washi tape.

I am in love with the cutout tags & the roller stamp! Definitely hope to collect at least most of this line if not all! Beautiful!

This is a wonderful collection. I really like the paper colors & the variety of patterns. Of course, as usual the embellishments are to die for.

This collection is soooooooo adorable! I have to pick the buttons and the burlap bows as my favorite items! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Nicole :)

Yea garlands! I love the tags, too!

Seriously, I love it all! The wooden buttons are dead cool though. I can not wait to get my hands on this whole line. Neapolitan was my absolute favourite line from the last CHA and this is my favourite this time around. DL rocks!

Super cute! Love the fun patterned paper and the Remarks Sticker Book and Day Book! Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow...check out those embellishments. I love them!

ohhhhhhhhhh i love that little polaroid type stamp with love on it....cute!!!!

thanks for a fun giveaway!!

I love the washi tape, buttons, Fox Thickers...really, what isn't to love about this line?! Another winning Dear Lizzy collection - thanks for the hance to win. :)

I really like the teal chevron album, I think it is gorgeous! The whole color scheme of this line is lovely!

Love this whole collection especially the buttons, thanks for a chance to win :)

It's so hard to only choose one item because I love the entire line! If I had to narrow it down I am tossed up between the fox stickers and the albums! =]

love the clip board paper!

hard to choose one, the line is fabolous, breath taking.. I'd say my fav part is those beautiful bows, and stickers, and papers, and albums, and ribbons, and everything..! :)

I'd say the remark sticker book, the buttons, the bows.. etc etc :)

I love the ribbon, but all of it looks fabulous!

I am rather excited about the washi tape and the tags, but I stinkin' love everything!

I have to have the entire collection! lol... I love the pretty papers!!

I adore the bows!! So cute!!

I love it all. Particularly those gold fox thickers

I love it all, but I think my favorite piece would be the tags. What a great collection. THanks for the chance to win.

Trying to decide between the arrow patterned paper or the tags! Love it all.

love the tags! Serena

This one is tough! The color palette is so gorgeous! So I'd have to say the papers are my favorite. I am really loving all of the the feathers, polaroid's and hearts in this collection. Amazing release as always!!

I love it all!! Especially those thickers <3

dont think im gonna win, i like the papers! gold foil stickers!!!!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

What a fabulous collection! I could never pick one favorite thing, but I have to say the patterned papers are fabulous!

Gosh! SO much to choose from! I guess I'd have to say the Thickers, especially the gold FOX ones!

This line is just too amazing!!! I am loving all the embellishments!!! Brilliant designs!

Love the floral album and the buttons... and everything !!!!

[email protected]

I love all the embellishments!!! Thanks for the chance!!!


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Love the embellishments, especially the cute journaling spots. Beautiful projects!

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I love a lot of things about this line, but the touches of gold are my favorite -- especially the vellum!

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