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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I LOVE the new wood grain albums! Those are a must have!

I love the alphabet album Fabulous!

I love the woodgrain albums. Too adorable. I also love the scissors because mine broke yesterday trying to cut some wire off the back of a button :(

I really love each product but my favorite is the first album( the brown woodgrain)Thanks for the chance to win♥

It's the PINK SCISSORS!!! I LOVE ANYTHING PINK!!! And I love scissors too... Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful scissors!!! :O)

Scissors are a much used in our house. The Value Packs of four, with two pairs in the 5-inch size, and two 7-inch pairs are my favorite - good sizes for a variety of tasks are great!

I love the scissors..I can NEVER have enough pair of scissors...

I always love a good pair of scissors, but I really love the white lace album. It is perfect for my wedding album.

I love the new albums that look like wood grain. They would be great for a family album or a masculine theme. It would be nice to win one.

I love the new scissors. I never seem to have enough of them.

Love the wood grain and alphabet covered albums!. They look lovely!

Those woodgrain albums are AMAZING! I would love to transfer ALL my old pages into these!!

OH my goooodddness.. Pink Scissors INSANELY Awesome but then Woodgrain Album Super WICKED PLEASE don't make me pick. It's all just too wonderful!

The pink album! I heart the gradient <3 It would be awesome to have a turquoise one too, boy and girl :D

I love the new woodgrain albums. perfect for my outdoorsman and my chikdren's new houses they bought

The wite wood grain album is awesome!

Scissors, scissors, scissors!

Beautiful stuff. I love the white woodgrane album.

Do I really have to choose???? All the albums are fabulous and I'm sure they will someday hold my treasured memories.

*love* the new albums!! Must have :)

The woodgrain albums are to die for!! So pretty!!

The freakin woodgrain albums are on my must have list!!!! I only use AC albums, they are the best!

My favorite is the wood block letters.

Love the woodgrain albums and those scissors are my favorite color.

I'm torn, I really like the wood grain album, but also like the idea of scissors multi pack because I teach card making workshops & always need lots of supplies. Nothing to do with today's post but I just have to tell you your Pumpkin Patch collection is the best I've seen this Fall.

I love the new scissors. Can a craft girl really have too many scissors? Thats like having to much paper, never.

Cool, i love your products.

LOVE the pink album!

I love the pink album, hum... hard to chose only one, love the pink scissors as well :)

I love the album, and the scissors look nice too.

LOVE that ombre looking album! Beautiful! LOVE all of the new goodies! :) Thanks for the chance!

Thanks for chance to win, I love the wood graing albums. But I have to say "Pink is my favorite color"

Love the new look on the Albums and what girl does not love Pink.

Awesome! Love the wood grain and alpha albums!!

Love love love the new woodgrain album! I grew up in the country surrounded by beautiful trees - the albums make me think of home. Thanks for the chance to win :)

I like the pink ombre album and the scissors! Thanks for the chance to win.

Love the alphabet album!

I really love the new cut up scissors! I love a great pair of sharp scissors!

Love the Alphabet Album!

Great choices! I really love the alphabet album.:)

I love love love the alpha album! And the scissors are awesome! I love pink! :)

I like the pink color! I like the fact there is several pairs . So handy for your crafty tote bags to have extra scissore in there.

I'm lovin' that pink ombre album!

Since I use postbound albums, I'll have to go with the scissors - never can have too many pairs of those, especially new sharp ones!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

White woodgrain album is so awesome!

I LOVE the albums!!! I definitely want them all, but I am such a sucker for anything lace, so the white lace album is first on my list :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Love both woodgrain albums and the lace one! All look fantastic but the pink one would not work at my house.... on the other hand more scissors would be great!

LOVE the pink album! My daughter would really enjoy her layouts in that.

Love the woodgrain album.

My favorite color is pink, so it's very exciting to welcome these scissors and the album in that color. The quality of their products is excellent. I love it!

That's tough. I really like those woodgrain albums...but I am in DESPERATE need of a great pair of scissors (they are just so hard to find ) so I am going with the scissors! :)

Fabulous albums! Love the woodgrain ones.

I love the new albums and the scissors, so AWESOME!

I'm a sucker for good scissors

Even though I totally LOVE the woodgrain albums....You can NEVER ever have enough pairs of crafting scissors, in my opinion!! :) Of course, I don't think I have ever found the RIGHT pair of scissors... so this would be really awesome to win!! Thanks for the chance.

I love the pink scissors. So cute and girly.

You have awesome products always. Love the woodgrain or the alphabet album so wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win :)

The brown woodgrain album would be perfect for pics from my recent trip to Glacier and Yellowstone Natl Parks.

Love the wood grain album....and great scissors!


Definitely the new albums! I love the ombre one! I love the Dear Lizzy tissue paper paper - reminds me of it!

How gorgeous are those albums, but so loving those cute PINK scissors...♥

Love the new albums, especially the first one!

So cool! Totally love the wood grain albums!

I love the wooden albums. So neat looking...I love this kind of stuff.

those woodgrain album looks great, especially the light one

pink and white albums



love the albums i have endless of pages that need to be stores thank you.

Wood grain albums look awesome!


Really?!? You are going to make me pick one?!? I love the new albums. They look great.

Love the white woodgrain album. I really prefer 3 ring albums to post bound.

I absolutely ADORE the white woodgrain album! It is just stunning!

love the scissors!

Love the scissors!!

love the woodgrain album and the scissors

I like the woodblock letter patterned albums, but the small scissors are what I am really lovin! They look comfortable to use when cutting those tiny pieces you need to, every once in a while. :)

The albums are really nice but I just always need scissors!

I love the pink scissors!!

Absolutely gorgeous !!! And my fav is the first album (brown wood grain) !!!

Gimme gimme gimme! I want it all! AC always has what I want need and can't live without. So grateful you guys get me... Lol! Keep the beautiful and functional products coming. Xo

The scissors are a must have!

The white woodgrain album is awesome!

I like the scissors and I do need some!

A value pack of scissors is a great idea. I'm always searching my desk for a pair, now I can have them always within reach.

LOVE the woodgrain albums but I am looking for a new pair of scissors!!

The new albums are to die for!! I love them all. I think my favorite has to be the dark woodgrain, though.

Absolutely the woodgrain albums! I have a lot of trouble with scissors because I'm left-handed.

The ombre and wood albums are fantastic but you can never have too many little scissors either!

I just love this woodgrain patterns on first album! Good scissors are always welcome too:)

oh new albums !!!
love the woodgrain.

I love the scissors.

the scissors are great, It's always hard to fin d a good pair of scissors, these look like just the thing!

Love Love Love Pink. Scissors are definitely rockin I could picture myself using these at the next event I go to getting jealous eyeballs looking at me saying "where did you get those awesome pink scissors?"

I just love those woodgrained albums!! And the fact that they are D-rings make them that much better! Thanks for a chance to win!!

wow! finally something more masculine but with a cool vibe for the dudes in our life! White Wood=awesome!

Love the scissors!!!Especially the 5'scissors.

Love the value pack pink sissors!! We are a family of five and you can never have to many sissors:)

The white lace album! Just beautiful!

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