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Monday, October 22, 2012


My friend is having an 80's themed party, so something related. Love the versatality of this line by the way.

My son is going old-school as a bank robber, my middle is a ninja, and my cute darling wonderful daughter is Mother Gothel (of Rapunzel fame) which is a huge departure from the sweet girl she is! I'm a gypsy and my husband will likely wear his awesome sign that says "nudist on strike" while he strolls around looking perfectly normal.

Adorable card and LO, Jill!!!

My daughter and I will both be nerds this year! tape around glasses and of course suspenders!

My daughter is grown so she isn't dressing but I do get my dog a costume every year and take pictures. This year she is going to be a fairy. Her tutu is so cute!

I love Halloween paper...you can never have too much!

My littles are a witch and black cat.

Great line, fun projects!!
My kids are going as... we have ideas but nothing set in stone yet. (I know! I know!)
One is thinking Mad Hatter, one is thinking owl, one is trying on a different costume every 5 minutes and the other goes "uhdunhu" with a shoulder shrug. :)

It is going to be Spiderman's again for the boys...this is the 3rd year in a row. I will be so happy for this phase to end so I can get some different type pictures. I can always have hope for next year!!!

My kids are all grown, and I don't dress up. My daughter was asking for ideas for her and her husband since she is expecting. My son suggested Crabman and Joy. Lol

What adorable projects! I love that layout and those tiny little pictures! My dd is going to be a little cowgirl :)Thanks for the chance!

Great new line! Thanks for the chance to win! My kids are dressing up as a vampire, Thomas the Tank engine and a pirate for Halloween.

What a wonderful line of products. My grand daughters are dressing up as Barbie and a zebra. They definitely do not think alike!

No kids, but I'm going as Medusa this year! Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh good gracious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this WHOLE line!!!! LOVE it! Okay, well we have a 2.5 month old baby girl and she is going to be an elephant! I'll totally scrap the photo with this line! I've never been a scrapbooker and she is making me want to pump them out at speed lightening! I am keeping a journal right now of all the little things she does so that when I dig in (and am less intimidated), I don't forget anything. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

My boyfriend and I plan on dressing up as Castle and Beckett from the show "Castle", complete with 'Police' and 'Writer' bulletproof vests.

We love Halloween. My kids will be dressing up as hockey players...lots of fake blood involved!

My son just started Kindergarden and will be dressing up as a Knight~Sir Beckett!! =) He is SO excited!! THANKS for sharing I LOVE this fun collection!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Tis is an adorable collection!!! My son is a 'tween' now so not really into dressing up - he thinks he may go as a zombie this year! My daughter is the complete opposite - now 9 - she had 3 outfits last year (she said she couldn't possibly be seen in the same outfit at the different parties she went to - she has her father wrapped around her little finger!) This year I said she could wear one of those outfits again as they still fit - OMG - she freaked!! So, instead has decided to dress as a nerd - nice and easy for once! :-)

Whose says college kids still can't be Disney princesses!? I will be dressing up as Snow White :)

Love it! Thanks!

I had not really planned to dress up this Halloween. But my hubby & I met 10 yrs ago this Halloween. When we met, I was decked out as a dead prom queen...maybe I'll reinvent the costume to surprise him! LOL

We were thinking about dressing up as witches. Or Opposites (blonds and brunets). Or these two things together=)

Fabulous line! My son is going to be Phineas from Phineas & Ferb this year... guess I need to get busy getting his shirt striped.

I haven't given it a whole lot of thought yet (I am such a procrastinator) but the idea of a zombie has been running through my brain. This is a really CUTE line...love the papers and the embellies so I really hope to win. Thanks for the chance.

love all things cute halloween. my littlest is dressing up as a calico cat, and I made the costume. this paper matches his costume purrrfectly.

My nephews are going to be superheroes!

I think that my daughter want to be a witch, or a princess.

My daughter is going to be a cupcake :)

One of my kiddos is going to be Katniss Everdeen (from the Hunger Games), my son says he wants to wear a scream mask...as for me, not sure yet!

yay! This is fun!!! My son is going to be the red angry bird hehehe ( we just finished making it this weekend! ), and I am making my daughters Tinker Bell outfit tonight! Fabulous new line, thank you!

Great line, I love the corrugated thickers! I do not dress up but my kids do and this year we will have a witch, fantom, and not sure what you would call what my oldest is going to be but it is scary:)

Such a FUN line...love it! Great projects too!

This year me and two of my girlfriends are dressing up as Capitol people from the Hunger Games. We are totally going all out, and it is going to be SO much fun! Thankfully we've got multiple parties on multiple nights to dress up...because these are going to be fabulous costumes!!

Great line!!!. Thanks for the chance!


love the line--puts me in the Halloween spirit!

My boys are grown so only my daughter is home to dress up - and gone are the cute costume days. She is going as Effie Trinket. We went thrift store shopping this weekend to put a costume together.

This year, I will be a purple spider witch.
Have everything all ready to go, just waiting
for the 31st!
Carla from Utah

My daughter and I are dressing as witches and my son wants to be a Lego minifigure. That costume is requiring extreme creativity to figure out.

My daughter is going to be a clown and my son is going to be a soldier. Love these fun Halloween goodies!

My oldest will be "somthing scarey," Charlie is a ninja turtle, and my little guy is an airplane pilot.

I don't have any kids to dress for Halloween, but I've pinned like a thousand costume ideas for kids on Pinterest. So someday we'll have a kid dressed as a baby panda. SO CUTE!

a jedi and a vampire! love this line. thanks.

Still trying to decide. I've found some cute ideas on Pinterest. I guess I'll be throwing it together at the last minute!

I just love this collection.
My children are grown & I won't be dressing up this year but my friends are dressing their dog up as a dinosaur :)

My husband and I are probably going to be characters from an old Sega game called Jet Set Radio

My daughters are dressing up as My Little Ponies, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle!

My daughter is dressing up as a black cat. If we can find the red converses in time, she will be Pete the Cat, a children's book character. My son is going to be what he calls Muscle Mater. He found this Cars costume that has Mater on the chest and it has muscled arms. I don't quite understand it, but I am just going with it :) T

Thanks for the chance to win!

Love your layout and card! My son is going through a penguin phase right now, so grandma made him a penguin costume!

I plan on dressing up as a wicked witch and my hubby is going as a pirate.

such a great line!!!!! well my son just decided he will be a hippie last night, my baby is going to be a ladybug and my daughter will be Sally from Nightmare Before christmas

Well my boys are grown and living on their own in another state. I plan to dress up as Wilma Flintstone when I greet Trick or Treaters at my door. I love seeing all the little ones in their cute costumes!

Carol B

My daughter will be going as Cinderella and she told me I'm going as a Dr.

I have a Mermaid & Snake Eyes from GI Joe Me I shall be going as a Photographer (my way to get my pictures in shhhhh)

My little girl will be an owl! As long as we can keep her hat on that is.

Love the card with the kitty, very nice to do the black on black with the webs. And the layout is adorable, great pics. My mother, daughter, and I will be dressing up as witches to handout treats. beautiful collection, would love to use it on my daughters 1st halloween and pumpkin patch layouts. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

No kids ... and we're actually not dressing up this year! We had plans for a (non-costume) birthday party, and so we're off the hook for costumes. :)

I work in a children's library so I will dress as a book character....still narrowing the choice down...there are just too many good books. I'm leaning towards the cat in the hat or someone most children will recognize.

My hubby and I are going to be astronauts so the kids wanted to be martians (aliens). Love this time of year. Jills layout is perfect for a recap of a fun filled day. Thanks for the inspiration.

Not sure yet what my granddaughter will be - it's a surprise.

I don't have any kids--but my dog is going to be a hot dog!! He has had this outfit for three years but has never worn it! LOL!

THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Awesome awesome collection!!! We are going to a vampire family! The 6 yr old picked out hers so we decided to go along with it!!! It's going to a blast!! Thanks for the chance to win an incredible prize!

Halloween is not celebrated in Brazil, but with globalization, in some places there are parties to try to create this fun holiday you have in the US. The people that live in our apartment building like to celebrate halloween, and we had a really nice time with the kids last year, and we are hoping for more fun this year. So, I guess that probably Batman and pirate would be the choice around here.
Thanks for the chance!

My kids are going to be a dog and a dinosaur this year. I'm kind of proud of them for not wanting the regular super hero costumes that they've wanted every other year.

My family and I unfortunately do not dress up for halloween. However thanks for the chance to win!!!

I have no little ones or I have no plans so no dressing up this year. :(

We have little ones! enjoy dressing up! great looking collection! Thank you for the chance to craft with it!

My daughter is dressing up as "Fashion Kitty"--a character from a book she just read.

So cute! I have a little guy really excited to be a Ghostbuster this year!

OH my gosh I'm LOIVIN the paper

My MIL made my 13 yr old son a pink bunny suit just like the one from the movie The Christmas Story. He looks hilarious and I'm sure will get a lot of laughs while handing out candy on Halloween.

I don't plan on dressing up this year but plan on seeing a lot of smiles on some friends faces

What an adorable new line, I love it!! My boys are going to be a pirate and a one-eyed monster! Thanks for the chance to win, I have plenty of pumpkin patch pictures that need this set to be made into scrapbook LOs!!

Wow, I really love everything about this collection!

Kids are grown so no dressing up here. Great collection.

I don't usually dress up and my boys think they are too old for it, but a co-workers daughter told me she thought I should be a witch for Halloween.

Where I come from we don't really celebrate Halloween, but I think my nieces are going some parties dressed as witches :) And I got sooo inspired by the multi-photo layout! :)

I absolutely love this line of paper. My favorite colors and it has awesome patterns that just scream fall time. I have to have them. :)

Well, we are missing out on the adult Halloween party this year :( so not dressing up for me or hubby. But, we are dressing our baby boy up as a giraffe for his first Halloween!

I'll be to busy scrapping. So I wont have the time to costume up. However, the little critters of the family are. 3 yr old twins nieces will be a Care Bear and Dora the Expolorer. How we are going to make this child look like Dora the Explorer is beyond me lol!! 14Yr old nephew feels he is to cool nowadays to play dress up so he will go the grown route and just paint his face some googly colors. 10 yr old nephew will be Sponge Bob. My friends Mother (Early 40's) will be a Bumble Bee that says "Sting me" on her back side. :/ I pray she cuts out the stitching! lol..Should I dress up...Ive been wanting to be "Rizzo" from Grease. The Pink jacket and pencil skirt is awesome!!! Happy Trick or Treating to everyone!

Love, love, love this line! Halloween and Fall are my favorite subjects to scrapbook!
This year my daughter and I are dressing up as angels :)

Sadly, I have no Halloween plans. All my kiddos are grown and in college. They may dress up but they haven't told me yet. And I love doing Halloween layouts!

My sister and I are going as the Two Broke Girls this year. thanks for the giveaway!

We're dressing my daughter up as a pumpkin - just an orange sweat suit with pumpkin face and Grandma made her a matching knitted hat

Trying to think of something cute to dress our new baby in! He'll be 2 months old and he's getting chunky.. maybe a pumpkin! :)

Really like this line. My kiddos are going as Superman and a ninja.

Super cute! my sisters Birthday is on Halloween so I'm always on the look out for a fun new collection!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Amber R.
Florence, AZ

I contemplated dressing my daughter up as Mulan, but I don't think that will happen this year. Maybe next year I will tackle making the costume!

I really wanted to dress my kids as a theme, but, due to my daughter's strong...umm...begging, she will be Merida (from Disney's Brave). Her brother will be a purple monster as I have not been able to find a black bear locally.

My first son loves Shaun the sheep so I am making a sheep costume for him and my second son will be a pumpkin.

My kids are a fairy, a witch, a lion, and a cheerleader. I am either going to be a firefly or a glow worm. :)

Halloween is our family's favourite holiday and I adore your new collection! My 5 year old son has decided to be a policeman and has also decided that his 11 month old brother should be a robber (so we are going with it and believe it or not we actually found an infant robber costume!)

I think I'll be Minnie Mouse!

My kids are dressing up as camoflaughe leaves and hidding in the yard to scare their friends! ;)

I LOVE this! My son is dressing as a zookeeper this year. Usually we dress to fit his theme, but so far I haven't pulled together anything for us.

My kids never go as what they planned. They have a big costume collection and always change their minds last-minute to whatever suits their fancy from their closet! So who knows. It's usually some sort of superhero though.

My daughter is currently obsessed with Super Heroes and will be going as Captain America.

I would love to win this collection - the colors are beautiful! My boys have Mario and Luigi costumes which they constantly put on.

i don't normally dress up or go out for halloween (my apartment is surrounded by too many colleges!) but i would love to dress up as little red riding hood someday :)

I'll be spending my first halloween as a student teacher - planning to show up as Anne of Green Gables.

Ooh!!! Love this new line!!! Gorgeous fall colors!!! My 3 year old son will be dressing up as dracula and my 6 year old daughter is dressing up as a black cat. Can't wait to snap photos of them all dressed up... then scrap them with these gorgeous new products!

I am going to dress p as a banged up kitty. Only because I am going to a pet and pet parent contest. My dog is the doctor. LOL.

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