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Monday, October 08, 2012


I am of course totally smitten with the pumpkin patch. I love all the "fancy" type pumpkins they have now. Add in my cute little punkins and I have a perfect fall day :) Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

I love hiking and being outside in the fall when the weather is getting cooler but you still have the warm sun on your face.

I love the country walks.

Thanks for the chance


the swapmeet in the fall...the weather is perfect!

I love pumpkin flavored coffee, making fall comfort food, and pulling out the boots, tights, and sweater dresses! :) thanks for the beautiful inspiration and chance to win this amazing collection!

I love fall baking...pumpkin bread and muffins and pumpkin pie, of course! Love this line and all the layouts!

I love baking when it starts getting cold! Thanks for the chance to win such a great collection

I love baking pumpkin cookies, the pumpkin patch and wearing jeans and sweaters! LOVE this line, thanks for the chance to win!

I love going to the lake and walking through the falling leaves and just looking at all the great colors!

I love the change to fall clothing. Boots and sweaters!

Here in Florida, sailing and camping are great fall activities--it's finally not too hot to be outside!

I love lighting the fireplace for the first time of the season:)

Pumpkin spice lattes, long cool walks and taking the grandkids to the pumpkin farm are some of my fall favs.

Love the change in temperature and digging out our winter gear.

I love warm, snuggly sweaters are my Fall faves.

I love playing at the park during the fall with our kids!

Oh i so love camping in the fall...my favorite time of year...

I have so many fall favorites! Making Halloween /Thanksgiving cards. Decorating the house and yard for Halloween and then Thanksgiving..and drinking lots and lots of Pumpkin coffee! Yum!
Love the new Ready Set Go Collection! Perfect for scrapping my grandsons!

We like decorating for Halloween and making new decorations. We like playing in the leaves . . . um, I mean our *child* likes to play in the leaves and we humor her by joining in. *grin*

I love to walk around and look at the amazing colors, have a bonfire and get out the throw blankets to snuggle under! Love this collection!

oh my goodness... love this kit. What i love doing in the fall... going for walks to see the beautiful colours of the leaves and the fresh air!
thanks :)

Just like I love everything about Ready Set Go, I love everything about Fall. Gathering leaves. Drinking Cider. Taking pictures. Drinking pumpkin spiced drinks. Walking in the woods. Crocheting. I love it all!

We have been taking walks and jumping through the leaves. Still trying to catch some great action shots. Thanks for the chance!

Halloween is my favorite.....we always have a big trick or treat party at my house

I love to go to the pumpkin patch evert october. it doens't get cool here till after october but all the orange of 1,000 pumpkins puts me in the mood for fall. that and trick or treating who can beat lots of free candy

This is such a fun collection...love it!

Favorite fall activities...football, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, Candy Corn lattes from a local coffee shop, dressing up for Halloween with my best friends, wearing boots again....the list could go on!! I love fall!

Fall is a busy birthday time for us, me, my husband, and oldest son all celebrate birthdays within two weeks of each other! We also LOVE dressing up, making caramel apples, and visiting our local Gardner Village where they have massive displays of hilarious life-size witches to enjoy.

I love making soups and stews in the crockpot. The smell is enjoyed the entire day.


Going on Starbucks dates with my daughter. That girl can down a hot chocolate in seconds. Being able to bundle up in sweats all day long is a favorite of mine too..they're so comfy!

I love taking my daughter to at least one pumpkin patch. We usually have our last camping trip of the year and then we go to a local farm and pumpkin patch.

When I was a kid I used to love going in the woods with my dad to collect chestnut and then we were all around the chimney to grill them and eat them while they are still super warm. I still love this now that I am all growned up.

Absolutely delightful collection! My favorite fall activities are going for walks and crunching leaves, apple picking, and eating pumpkin EVERYTHING!

For my family it has to be doing our annual Family Pumpkin picking it's usually around 15 of us that go and it's so much having the whole family just enjoying the day w/Hay rides and pumpkin picking and ending the day with a family dinner out somewhere as a matter of fact we have been working on the date for this year. Fall is AWESOME.

Love this collection!! :) My favorite fall activity is going with my family to our local pumpkin patch and corn maze. Its a tradition, and our girls look forward to going every year. Pumpkin picking, hay rides, and apple cider slushies are always part of our day there. Thanks for the chance!

Love this new collection! My favorite fall activities are leaf "peeping", apple picking, and pumpkins!

Hiking, bonfires and hot cocoa!

Love fall colors and products!! I love going with my Grandsons to the pumpkin patch!! I love watching their faces when they get excited about things!!

Love the colors in this collection !! Hmmm fave fall activities. Well I live in South Texas so the leaves don't turn here until sometime in December LOL But I love decorating for fall and for Halloween. Taking a drive with the windows down and the radio blaring now that the temps are under 90. Being able to have a bonfire in out outdoor fire pit.

Love the set. Thanks for a chance to win it. Nothing better in the fall than curling up with hot cocoa and looking for scrapbooking inspiration online.

This line is gorgeous. I have so enjoyed seeing Shimelle work with it in some of her videos on her blog, and I;m looking forward to seeing how more designers use it!

I love looking at the bright fall leaf colors against the blue and grey skies. I also love baking anything filled with pumpkin-y goodness!


I just love walking and just looking outside the changing on the nature... Beautiful projects here!

Ready Set Go! Yep it is a favorite already!

I love going up to the mountains to go apple picking since up there it feels like fall (I live in southern california and we never really have "real" fall weather)

What a great new collection!

I love this line! It would be perfect for scrapbooking all my trips, but versatile enough to use for so many other subjects, too. Fantastic job again, Miss Amy Tan!

Leave peeping of course! :) I love this line - gotten bits and pieces from a kit club and the chevron album which I love!!

The new line is amazing!!
My favourite thing about autumn is waiting for the new tv series to start playing.My best television time of the year.
Thank you very very much for a chance to win so many beautiful products.

Love this collection, can't wait to play with some of it soon!

Love the collection with warm colors, those papers are amazing. The elephant stamp made me smile. And I'm crazy about those alphas.

In fall I love to walk around the block with my 2 jack russells or walking by the beach they love it. And also I love to make some yummie treats with my mom.

Thanks for the chance to win this amazing collection.

my favourite activity is enjoying the last warm days before winter comes.
Beautiful new line.I would be soooo happy to win it.

I love carmal apples and the pumpkin flavored everything!

Drinking tea or hot chocolate after a walk in the pouring rain :)

I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch in the fall with my hubby and our son... I love the fresh apple cider and apple cider doughnuts :) I love the chilly weather and wearing sweaters and eating home made soup!! I just REALLY LOVE fall!!! And I REALLY LOVE this collection too... SO FABULOUS!!!

I love the crisp clean smell of fall air, the beautiful colors of the leaves and hearing them crunch under my feet after they have fallen. Pumpkin picking, hayrides, cornmazes are a must and keep myself and my kids grinning just at the thought of it. Cool nights cuddled under the blankets with my lil lovies! This is what fall is to me! <3

Love these beautiful pages! The Baby Pumpkin is absolutely adorable!
My favorite fall activity... checking out the fall color! We have gorgeous trees here in my area of northern CA and I love to look at them change color for fall!

My favorite fall activity is spending more time in my back yard. Las Vegas finally gets below 90 degrees in October!

I adore this collection! I love taking walks in the cool crisp air in fall!

What a beautiful range, love it already. Autumn is my FAV time of year to go for long walks in the country...everything looks so beautiful in their brown shades!

What a beautiful collection, so many possibilities. Thanks for the chance to win.

Great line--esp the wood grain.
I like to take walks in the woods.

I so love this line -- it would be perfect for scrapping my favorite autumn activities, which are crunching through as many leaves as possible while walking and/or hiking...and then coming home to fresh-baked goodies!

Caramel apples, Making hot cider, scrapping because of the cold...
This year I am TRAVELLING, and I cannot wait. I love the changing leaves and the smell of the air in the fall.

This collection is PERFECT for fall memories!

This line is so pretty. Love walking in the crunchy fallen leaves and the colors of fall.

My fave thing in the fall is doing a hayride. [email protected]

what a fun collection! i love baking in the fall! tFS!

Ready set go! Fall is my favorite time of the year for scrapping.

Super cute line. Love all the layouts especially the baby pumpkin!! And a fav fall activity is Halloween, of course. :)

OHHH! These projects are AMAZING! I want all of these papers, alphas, embellies!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!! Thanks for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

My fav Fall activity is taking walks at night with my husband!!

Love these papers--and the embellishments are terrific! Something for everyone, love the projects too.

well, where I live, there's no fall season, but if it were, it would probably be walking in the park, or making road trips to watch the beautiful colors this season brings..

My favorite fall activity is taking my daughter to the pumpkin farm to take a hayride, pick giant pumpkins, listen to scary stories and drink apple cider. I'm actually working on a book for all of our fall activities so it would be awesome to win this!

I love going for walks in the fall. It's nice and cool and crisp and the leaves are absolutely beautiful!

I love the country walks.

My favorite fall activity is taking long walks in the cool weather! TFS!

I so enjoy all of the fall baking and cooking, like making breads and soups. I also love our annual trip to pick apples. Just heavenly.

I love flag football, baking with pumpkin, halloween parties...I LOVE FALL!

I'm a huge football fan so I'm all for that!! Also, I love that Nascar comes by in november!! Thanks! :-)

beautiful line !!
I love autumn! Just being outside enjoying the gorgeous scenery and crisp air :)

Heading to the pumpkin patch, bird hunting, and football. What a great line! Thank you.

Here in Arizona we don't have fall.. hell we barley have winter.. LOL but I do love the fall season to start crafting starting with Halloween then some turkeys and on to Christmas.

I love almost everything about the fall - the colors, picking leaves and other things in the nature and crafting with it. Also drinking yogi tea, light candles and cozy up under blankets. And christmas crafts of course!

Thanks for the chance ... My favorite fall activities ? Mhhh the country walks !

love soup and baking season!

I totally love these colors! My fav fall activity is walking in the forest. Thanks for the chance to win.

This is an AWESOME KIT! What a beautiful line & I love the colors! This would be great to use to make some cards for our local nursing home for the up coming holidays.Thank you for a chance to win! I got several cards made Saturday on World Make a Card Day for the nursing home.I would like to make several more. It is a worhy cause. I also want to many some to send to our Military troops! They are all special people!

I would love to win this beautiful collection as I have 3 baby pumpklins of my own to scrap. Just lovely colors and what new and fresh designs. Inspiring! Thank you so much for this chance to win.

I love baking pumpkin flavored things this season!

I love all of Amy Tan's collections. I love that there are so many different colours and patterns, and that they could be used for so many different types of layouts and projects.
My favourite Fall activity (called Autumn here in NZ), is taking photos! Of the beautiful colour changing leaves mainly.
Thanks for the chance to win.

I work at a Kindergarten surrounded in trees..so i love getting all the children to help me rake all those leaves up...luckily they think it is a GAME!!
and i love wearing warmer clothes as the weather looks cooler.....!!!
thanks for a fun giveaway!!!

Every year we go the the local straw maze and go out for burgers. It has become one of our favorite traditions!

loveeee baking pumpkin bread... thanku for the chance to win this awesome line....

Fun line! As for fall... baking, decorating, enjoying the colors and smells... all of it. I LOVE fall!

hope that giveaway is open to scrapers all over the world-including Poland! Here we have great fall, called "gold polish fall". its full of great colors.i love to go to the park and walk through all that colorful leaves!!!

Wow! What a fantastic line! Thank you so much for a chance to win! My favorite fall activity is gathering leaves to use in my crafts! Well, that and eating pumpkin pie!

I will love to get hand of some of this goodies.
At fall I love driving in the wood looking at all the colors in the trees

Because we live in Southwest Florida, fall is actually GARDENING season for us! And pretty much anything outdoors, since the weather cools down and the rain starts to taper off. It's an amazing season, so I grab a stack of magazines or books, a cup of tea, and head outdoors whenever possible. Happy fall!

I love hitting the pumpkin patch with my kiddos, it's one of my fall favorites!!!

I love playing in the leaves, of course.

This collection is so fun! I love the bright colors.

I love going for hikes in the fall, and sipping on apple cider and hot chocolate!

Just LOVE the look of this new range!!! Regardless of being the winner or not I will HAVE to play will this!

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