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Monday, October 15, 2012


I really love the idea of gardening and have tried it many times and had really bad results, LOL! I guess I will stick to crafting:)

I am not a gardener, however I love to watch TV gardening shows...There is nothing like the beauty of a blooming garden!

I am a flower person...so any paper collection that has flower in it will be added to my stash. This line will be perfect for my husband's garden pictures. We have a huge garden by the side of the house and this year we added a flower part for the butterflies. Thanks for all the inspiration today.

Love this collection! Especially the remarks stickers and thickers! As I am living in a small flat with my Mister at the moment we do not have the space to garden, but I love flicking through magazines and looking at pretty gardens :)

OH MY GOSH- I can't tell you how excited I am about this collection! I am obsessed with gardening- I spend about an hour out there every day, rain or shine, and I take sooo many photos of everything I grow to mark the seasons. So what a perfect line! In the last week, I planted: coleus, sunflower, geranium, and nasturtium seeds, and right now I'm eagerly waiting for my tomato, basil, and eggplant plants to grow a bit more so they produce. It's always gardening season in Florida. Thank you for the opportunity.

So cute! I do love to garden and I mostly grow veggies and herbs. The things that we can't seem to get enough of during the summer.

love this line, those projects are gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win!

I do like to garden however it gets so hot here everything seems to die by the end of june :( I have found "gardening" paper flowers is the way to go :)

I love to garden. I have had vegetable gardens (mostly tomatoes!) for the past several years!

I definitely don't like to garden, too hot and too many bugs! I do like to have some fresh indoor herbs and flowers though. :)

Woah, this is wonderfully girly. Love it! Thanks for the weekly opportunites to win scrapbook supplies. I really love American Crafts. :)

I don't like to garden all that much, but I love watering them, so I guess that counts for something? Thanks for sharing!

I don't have a garden, my mom does - she plants lots of flowers and in the spring it's really nice to see all these fresh and bright colors.

I love the mix of colors in this line...so bright and quirky!

Where I live they don't let us have a garden so my little girl and I have a few flower plants that are our inside garden. This line is so much fun I'd love to get to play with it!

Unfortunately, I don't have enough room for a garden in my backyard, but I do love the market gardens and go often!:) I do plant flowers though and really love those! Thanks so much for the chance to win a great prize!

I have so many ideas for this beautiful line!

I love to garden, and have made a small attempt on my apt patio this year. I can't wait until I have room for a real one!

cute! teacups are darling!

I love to garden...mostly mine is tulips and tomatoes! Thanks for the chance to win!

I absolutely love to garden, flowers are my favorite, lilies in the spring and chrysanthemums in the fall!!!

Unfortunately I do not have a green thumb...but to make up for it, I LOVE anything floral print :) So instead of growing something in my yard, I will make my paper stash grow with this fabulous collection!!!

I like to garden. I grow flowers but I don't have a green thumb when it comes to foods.

I like flowers, but don't plant many because they die quickly...I stick to plants that are natural to our area, they are the easiest to care for :)

i love to garden... i just wish gardening like me :) every year, my kiddies and i attempt to grow some veggies... and it never works out. i guess i need a greener thumb! HA!

Love the colours of this line!

I am not much of a gardener myself but I love the look of beautiful flower gardens!

i like the ideas of growing herbs but plants really dont like me...even my cactuses die.

I like to garden but mainly grow veggies and herbs but I love flowers.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

I am definitely a perennial flower garden. Put them in, a little bit of weeding and let them go.

I am a flower gal and love to grow roses and hydrangeas....I love this new SOHO coloeection....it is OH SO versatile (LOL)

I like to buy plants and tell my husband where to plant them. I know - I'm pretty spoiled. One of our favorite things to grow is herbs.

We plant flowers every spring and they are gorgeous right now! I love this beautiful collection....the flowers, colors, tea cups!! WOW!!

I do garden a bit, mostly weeds in the flowerbeds...but I'm a whiz at growing herbs!

Beautiful, I love the bold colors and patterns.

I love to grow my own veggies on my patio- I've had success with carrots, cucumbers and corn.

I love to garden! Growing veggies like cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and greens is so fun!

I don't garden...my thumb is far from green! But, I thoroughly enjoy our local farmers market, especially the beets!

I do like to garden...but I rarely succeed. I have mini pumpkins, peas in the pod and lots and lots of rasberries (two kinds). Acctually, the raspberries give me quite the crop but I won't take credit for that :)

Love love LOVE the sketchy flowers and the tea cups in this set!

I LOVE the colors and the patterns of this collection!! All of the projects shared are SO CUTE!! I LOVE to garden, but didn't always like it!! My mother-in-law has taught me alot and my FAVORITE things to grow are flowering vines and daisies!!
THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

I like to Garden, love to grow fruit and vegetables! Love roses and small dainty flowers!

I LOVE to garden!! I grow a veggie garden each year (mostly salsa veggies) and can them. I also love flowers. I have a long front of the house lines all the way with Hydrangeas which are a favorite!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Beautiful, gorgeous, and so unique! Love what you both did!

This is such a fun collection! I don't garden. I kill stuff. LOL! And I'm not fond of dirt or bugs!

I garden-I love fresh veggies!

lovely new line!!! i'd love to have a garden but given the chance i could kill artificial plants..

I don't love gardening, but I love the result....herbs, flowers, all the green, fresh fruit. Lovely new line.

We tried gardening this Spring / Summer, but it just got way too hot here in Texas. I couldn't bear to be out there messing with it!

I do garden and we plant lot of vegetables but my favorite are tomatoes.

I love to grow lettuce and strawberries. Both are pretty hard to screw up. :)

I LOVE this line! It's even better in person! :) I'm not much of a gardener, I manage to kill just about everything! But, I did have a lot of success this summer with herbs! Apparently they are hard to kill! Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love the font of those Thickers!

Super cute! Love the patterned paper and all the fun embellishments! Thanks for the chance to win!

I like to grow tomatoes and zuchini. I would be thrilled to win this collection! Thanks!

I really LOVE gardening... I live in Oregon, so we can grow most things!! We love to grow corn and tomatoes and peppers... but my favorite is potatoes, and this year we even tried sweet potatoes in our garden!!! This collection is fabulous... I'm loving it!!!

First off, love this line!! I have to be honest, I wasn't much of a gardener until this year. We bought a house last year that already had these amazing planter boxes so I felt obligated to try to plant a garden this year. We also live in Oregon, so almost everything grows here! Almost everything we planted was a success - my favorites to grow were the lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, spring onions, jalepeno and snap peas.

The color combo from this line is really awesome. Love the examples and all the cool embellishments!!

Love the florals in this collection. I mostly grow trees and shrubs. Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh, this is fab. I know exactly what to do with this line. My daughter runs her own café and she´s got a beautiful backyard where you can sit and watch the leafs falling. what a combo :-)

I love to garden. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes. The taste of a homegrown tomato cannot be beat! I also love to have fresh cucumbers, peppers, beans, peas, carrots, lettuce.... lots of fresh.

soooo love this happy bright line!!!! totally cool!!!! lovin the thickers and ribbon with this line!!!!

I love those thickers! So cute!

The colors are so bright!!

Wish it was spring time, this collection is so full of spring colours! I love the stickers remark.

I love to grow red and pink roses;they get married very well togheter. I love the collections, it seems to be my garden.

Love growing herbs! Makes a nice addition to the garden.

I love growing pretty flowers... Does that count as gardening?? I love the boldness of the colors of this new line.

I love this collection!. Thanks for the chance!


I don't have a garden (woo, dorm life!) but one day I'm going to plant some basil and some herbs on my boyfriend's balcony so that we can make pesto!

I love this line. Thanks for the chance!

I don't garden but I do luv this collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm not a gardner, but I do like
flower gardens. I do have a few
that I planted.

Carla from Utah

It's more of what I would love to grow, tomatoes and herbs. I always try but doesn't last very long. Thanks.

Yeiii I can comment, yesterday I can't I don't know why :(

I've never planted anything, but my mom and sister do. They planted rosemary and pepper.

PS. I loooove this collection, love bold colors.

Love this line!!!!

This year we went simple and mainly did our favorites: tomatoes, peas, beans, and carrots (we have a small garden). We also tried Brussels sprouts but didn't get much. Someday I'd love to have a big garden area.

beautiful line, love the colors. I do a veggie garden and wild flower garden every year. we grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, squash... then we can salsas, sauces, and veggies. The wild flowers are used in my husbands watercoloring as inspirations. thanks for the chance to win.

I love to grow blackberries and raspberries and make them into yummy sorbet!

I love gardening! Now that I have a home and a proper yard, I'm looking forward to trying veggies!

I love flowers, just can't keep them alive! But I feel like I'd have much better luck with the paper ones. :)

I love this collection! I am not a gardener...I leave that kind of thing to my husband!

I don't have a garden but just a few plants in the balcony.Not one of my talents anyway.
I would love to win this collection.Thank you for this chance.

YAY ! it's letting me comment tonight. Tried for like 10 minutes last night LOL
We don't garden because there are way too many critters around here that would just eat it all up.

Love the colors and patterns in this collection ! !

I like to grow flowers and easy veggies and herbs, like tomatoes and basil, mostly in pots on my patio! This line is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

OH MY! The DT has really shared some amazing creations! LOOVE!!!

I would love to grow my own veggies--corn, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. That way I can have a fresh salad every day:)

I like the idea of gardening but I don't have a green thumb and can't seem to keep plants alive for very long.

Alas, I am not a gardener. The green thumb eludes me. However, I do appreciate the beauty of Soho Garden!

Love love love all these flowers!!!

I just love the flowers in this collection! They are all so gorgeous!

I love to garden. This collection is so beautiful .It would be perfect for my " Flower Freak " book. Thank you for a chance to win.

Those projects are amazing!! I love the papers in this collection! So pretty and full of color!!

I love to plant perennials - love that they come back every year bigger and better.

The only gardening we do, are some sunflowers in pots! Otherwise I have a black thumb!

We just moved in to a house a couple weeks ago - and I'm actually looking forward to having a garden for the first time ever!!

I do like gardening, but have to admit that I was spoiled by living in the midwest most of my life. Now that I live in a more arid climate, I haven't been able to grow things as easily, which is kind of frustrating!

My son and I are the gardeners in the family. This year, we grew green and yellow beans, tomatoes and the most delicious beets ever! Your new collection is lovely - I like the bright blues showing up here and there!

We love growing tomatoes! Thanks so much for the chance!

nope, but my hubby does!

We just started our first veggie gardens this year, and the hubby is already starting to plan to add a few more beds! I loved taking pictures of our toddler in all the veggies, and this would be a perfect base for the pages!

I like to grow native species when I can!

I love to garden but it only stays alive because of my husband. :) I love to garden vegetables. They are useful and beautiful.

I love flowers and hope that someday I will have beautiful flower gardens, but for now I stick to the vegetables.

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