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Monday, October 15, 2012


I don't garden, but I'd love to grow my own vegetables one day!

I love the flowering bushes we have in our yard. We've had really good luck with both flower and veggie gardens. Thanks for a chance to win

I'm not much of a gardener...all my plants have died on me! :S Though, if I could I'd grow veggies, fruits and roses!

I am so great with my garden the weeds are massive now! Seriously love this collection and so versatile Tx

I've always wanted a garden, but we don't have room : ( This is such a pretty collection!

LOVELY colors and FLOWERS in SOHO Garden:)
I'm an eclectic gardener..I grow what friends divide off their plants..mostly flowers..ALL sorts.I'm NOT very good at growing from seeds:(

Well, I would love to grow a veggie garden and to have a beautiful rose garden too!

Margaritas are my fav flowers, so are the peonys! I would love to grow any of these!!

I'm recently growing a tomato plant, its the 1st time I do it, and I'd love to grow another vegetables!

I'm recently growing tomatoe plant, would love to grow a veggie garden and a lot of roses, I have enough space in my backyard :)

This is such a pretty collection.
I love to garden. I grow everything from flowers, to trees,to shrubs, to fruits, & vegetables.

I love to grow cactus :)

What a beautiful vibrant collection! If I have a garden, I'd like to grow eggplants...:)

I used to love to garden but now I just like to look at gardens! The weeds took away the fun.

well, I'm recently growing a tomato plant, my next project is growing basil plant and some roses!

Such vibrant colors and brilliant work!!! If I ever grew anything it would definitely be my own veggies. LOVE my veggies!

Beautiful <3 I love to plant stuff we can eat in our garden. Berries, fruit, vegetables, herbs :-) And LOVE Soho Garden <3


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