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Monday, November 26, 2012


Our Christmas cards are lovingly handmade. I would be thrilled to win the Kringle and Co line! Thanks for the chance!

Yes, I have already made my Christmas Cards this year now if I can just get them in the mail;)

I kinda do a bit of a mix- I used to make cards from scratch but then I realized it was too much so now I use cards from the store, but I embellish them, add some personal bits (a photo and a drawing from my daughter plus a personal note) and I go a little crazy decorating the envelopes with glitter glue, stickers, and stamps and personal messages. It works for me. :)

I do plan on making my own cards this year.

I generally make my own, as I feel too guilty, if I don't. Hard to explain all the stamps if I don't use them, tee hee!

I make cards for family and a few close personal friends but buy cards for others. It would take months to make cards for everyone on my list! Have a wonderful week.

I've been making my own cards for the past few years, and Christmas is definitely my favorite reason to make them! TFS!

I plan to make them, but who knows if I'll have time to finish them all!!

I might get a few cards made, but then the rest will probably be bought. I always have good intentions.

I make cards for close family and then the rest are bought ( I sometimes dress the bought ones with embellishments!).

I don't buy Christmas cards, but I design them for my Etsy shop!

I plan to make most, if not all, of my own Christmas cards this year! I have about 10 done so far. Sometimes I'll end up using some store-bought and some handmade Christmas cards if I run out of time :)

These are gorgeous, ladies!

I would love to think I could make all the Christmas cards! My dd loves to help out so I think I will let her add her special touch (she is 6) :) Thanks for the chance!

Beautiful cards! Yes I make my cards every year and I have mine done for this year already.

I plan to make some of my Christmas cards this year :) My hubby has SO much family though that we bought some photo Christmas cards for all his extended family... I don't have enough time to make all of my Christmas cards :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Yes, I am in the process of making my Christmas cards, love seeing more inspiration on the blog!

I have been busy making Christmas Cards for a craft show on Dec.8th at my church, Family Church...I hope everyone likes my creations because they were a lot of fun and work to make. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! This would be a welcome addition to my scrapbook supplies. MERRY CHRISTMAS to Y'ALL!!!!

I wish I had the time to make all of my Christmas cards but, I don't. I will be buying some and making some.

I do plan to make my own Christmas cards. I hope I can manage to get them all done. I think I will though. Love homemade over store bought.

I usually make cards for a few people whom I think will appreciate them.

I make Christmas cards to send out to my friends and family, and sometimes make sets of cards for my daughters to send out. Love making cards!

Love these cards! I don't make every card I send out, but I make ones for family!

I do a bit of a mix for Christmas cards. In the past, I usually handmake some holiday cards for close friends and family. I will continue to do this until I have the time and financial means to make all my Christmas cards! My husband and I like to send out photo cards, which we'll probably do for years to come, especially when we start a family.

This is the first year in the last 18 years that I did not make my Christmas cards. I found beautiful cards at the after Christmas sales last year that I couldn't pass up.

I do plan to make my own Christmas cards, in fact I am 80% done....so if I win, I will be using Kringle & Co for Christmas layouts :)

i love homemade christmas cards and these are just gorgeous. I've made some already with more to still make. Thank you for a chance to help make the rest!

This will be my first year making my own Christmas cards. I only have two done so far and plenty more to make!

No homemade cards here. I send photo cards to our friends and family. Someday I might try to digitally design my own, but for now, the pre-designed templates have been great for me!

I plan to make at least some. lol Love these cards!!

I have young kids, so we send a family photo card instead of making them.

I make my Christmas cards. I usually have most of them done by now but I haven't even started yet!

I make my Christmas cards. Some years I don't get enough cards made for everybody on my list so I always start with family & close friends. I'm running behind this year & only have about 1/3 of the cards that I need made so far.

I love making my own Christmas cards. I always put a family photo on them.

I have been making my own christmas cards for a few years now, I think it just makes the holiday a little more special for family and friends receiving or giving them!!!

I always make all my cards for every holiday, birthday, etc. I haven't started on my Christmas cards yet, but will soon!

Carla from Utah

Yes!! I actually already made quite a huge batch of Christmas cards and I am really happy about them, as each one is made with love and all are different :)

I just make a few for special friends and family.

I order photo cards and make a few handmade ones too

I like to make cards for my family and friends every christmas, i love this season

I have always found that people like receiving photo cards the best. With all of the other preparations during this time, I give my self a break, and do easy photo cards. For gifts like gift cards or cash, I make a homemade card to make it a little more personal.

What a great giveaway! I make a few cards for close friends & family. Happy holidays!

Gosh! I'm so overwhelmed with a new job this year that I'm contemplating not even sending Christmas cards let alone making them. Maybe this giveaway is exactly what I need to motivate me to make the time.

YES! I make my own cards each year. Thanks for a great giveaway!

sometimes I do, probably not this year though! thanks for a chance to win as I'd def use this collection for scrapbooking!

I'm making them, yep. My base though is always a photo of the kids dressed up in some way - and I have the hardes time deciding this year what they'll be. Getting a bit stressed out about it :/ I would love it to be outdoors this year so I'm hoping for snow later this week. Thanks!

This is only the second year I am making my own cards, but now I'm hooked. I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

Yes, I have been making my own Christmas cards. I even decided to create some cut file and make cards out of them and sell them. :)

I make most of my cards (but I do occasionally buy handmade cards from other artisans when I see ones I l<3ve!)

woo hoo!!! LOVE this line!!!! And yes I'll be making my own cards again this year, pst and I also made some for different family members as well! THanks again!

These are great cards!

I do hope to make my Christmas cards this year! Thinking I will try and keep them simple, with a photo!

Making just a few to satisfy my craving for Christmas craftiness...but a very crazy schedule only allows for the bare minimum this year, but nonetheless, I will definitely be making a few!

I make cards for my family and most close friends but I not send by mail, I give to them the Christmas night.

Great cards and thanks for the chance to win!

I typically alternate between making my cards & buying them (on clearance the day after Christmas!)

This year, my time has been tight so it's the year to send out premade cards!

Typically I prefer to do photo cards, however I have made some to give away to family & friends.

Christmas cards are my FAVORITE to make and I've already begun! Finishing up several that I'm donating to our local humane society for their holiday gift shop. LOVE those furry creatures!!

Ive made cards in the past and I feel that most of my hard work and product ends up in the trash, so I now focus on my December Daily. My kids really enjoy looking at them and so does family. :) thanks for the chance to win!!

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! How exciting. :)

Great cards, love the layering and textures. I have already made a few Christmas cards, but still have alot more to make, including gift tags and some gift bags. I think the homemade is a nice touch for the holidays. thanks for the chance to win.

I want to make them I hope to have time enough!
Thanks for the giveaway


Fun giveaway! I'm hoping to make my own cards but I'm sure I will procrastinate and end up sending photo cards!

I have always made all my Christmas cards but this year I'm going to supplement them with store bought cards.

I make my Christmas cards every year! Thanks for the chance to win!

I don't make my cards. It's a challenge just to get all our monkeys to look in the same direction. One of these days, maybe...

I love making my Christmas cards and everyone one get a different hand made card from my heart..

Last year, I made cards to accompany gift cards. They got a good response, so I plan to do it again this year.

I plan on making a few cards. I tend to wait too long to make them and run out of time. This year I am going to be more selective on who I make them for. Thanks for the chance to win!

Such a great opportunity to make more cards that I'm doing right now with the beautiful Kringle and Co line. Thanks I will enjoy this if I win.

I plan to make my cards, but I'd better get busy!

Carol B

I am planning on making my cards this year. I am almost at the stage of game where you start to panic because I don't even have paper yet to make them. Help!!!

This year I am making about 30 cards -all different to send out. This is my first year working on a project like this! Thanks for the chance!

Lovely cards! I actually already have a stash of cards that is leftover from previous years, make & takes from different things, etc. There may be some repeats to some people but I really want to clear these out of here. I may regret it next year when I need one or two last minute cards but I'm going to be happy to wipe the slate clean.

Yes, I'm planning to make my Christmas cards...Still in the creative process. Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm definitely making Christmas cards and this year my boyfriend is making some too! It would be nice to have him work with one collection!

I have been making my cards since '07 and this year I am making them with poinsettias as the main element. thanks.

ohhhh great cards, love getting inspiration!!!! I only make my christmas cards and LOVE doing this, I've done it for years and truly enjoy it!!!

Great cards! I do make some Christmas cards every year. Haven't even started yet, but I do have some ideas! Now, to find some time... Thanks for a chance at a great prize!

I have already started making my cards. Not sure if I will make all of them. Have to see if I have enough product.

Free give away!! Pick me:-)

I love to make my Christmas cards! This would be the perfect collection for it!

I only make a few cards every year for family and a few close friends, my son's teacher and that's about it - but I love to make them all extra fancy (read layered) since they get handed personally and don't have to travel via mail.

I have actually completed 2 cross stitched designs and have almost finished another one. But due to the abundance of designs out there, I have selected a few more to complete. Now I only need lovely cards to stick my Christmas designs on.

I'll make them eventually. (^_^) I'll be working on them this weekend and hopefully I can have them out before the end of next week.

I'm in the process of making this years cards right now and I'm using an American Crafts kit I picked up at Target. love it!

I am a tag person but I'll make tons this Christmas season!

Beautiful cards! I have been known to make a card or two but don't think I will be making more than that this year.

I'm going to make a few cards this year and hopefully several tags for gifts! Thanks for the chance to win!

I do make all my cards each year, and most of them end up being different from each other, so that is fun!

I generally don't send out Christmas cards, but I do like to hand make special ones for family and friends.

I have already started to make my Xmas card. this is a thing that I do every year. marta

I do send christmas cards and have started (5 cards, 25 to go ;) ) and all different, I also make gift tags; thanks for a chance to win!

I made photo cards-they are being shipped to me right now!

since I such a long list of people to give cards too, I will make photo cards to give everyone and then close family will get a handmade card...thanks for the chance to win this wonderful holiday line!

I love making my own Christmas cards cos it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Haha..

Yes handmade cards for all my close friends and family--they look forward to them every year!!

I would love to make our cards this year as I've done in years past. However, with a toddler in the house, I don't think I'll find the time this year. Maybe next year she can help :)

I love making Christmas cards! Especially giving them to my close family & friends because they appreciate the hard work I put into making them. =)

I make cards for the closest friends and family. I have too many to mail to make them all.

I don't make all of my cards, but I do make some of them - the ones that go to my immediate family. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of this so that I could use it on my cards!

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