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Saturday, January 26, 2013


So jealous- we are million miles away from having scrapbook stash available in supermarkets in the UK!

Well, I don't really ever need a reason to shop at Target but you just gave me one!! Love it all!!

I've been loving going to Target and seeing your projects! We're always at Target!

Each one of these projects are adorable! Guess I will have to make a trip to target. :)

I was just admiring these at my Target tonight! So fun!

these are so fun... thanks for sharing..

I wish that Target in Australia stocked American Crafts!

wonderful cards. marta

We loved these cards so much we bought 3 types and enough for 30 kids each. thanks for sharing these. I never would have found them at Target if it weren't for the pinterest post linking to this blog otherwise. Because they had them in a section I normally wouldn't be in. So I asked one of the workers to help and she took me straight to them. Yahoo.
It was so nice to have cards like these!! So thanks a ton! And also I made a post on my blog about it...so I hope you don't mind but I linked up with a picture. If it's a problem please let me know and I can remove. thanks again!!!!

Tre bona blogo, estis kontenta de lernas multon ĉi tie, mi esperas ke mi povas ofte aspektas, dankon tre multa!

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