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Monday, January 28, 2013


I really was inspired by how the girls used up their scraps! I love to hoard patterned paper, I almost collect it : )

I have a general scrap supply hoarding problem, a little of everything! If I had to choose one item it would be my washi collection!

I love all the triangles on Paige's layout. I love to hoard my wood veneers and pp. I have been getting better about using the paper. My new philosophy is cut and glue. Thanks for the chance to win!

I looooove paper! Any paper! All paper! I love it all? ;)

I'm definitely a patterned paper hoarder... I keep even the tiniest of scraps!

I hoard Thickers! I've just recently FINALLY gone through and convinced myself to part with the tons of packs without any vowels... though I will do some creative cutting to make letters I'm out of!

paper and thickers!!!

My many pads and stacks of patterned paper say I hoard paper...but I also secretly hoard Thickers and buttons...my go to staples for scrappin'! :)

I love to hoard journaling cards, flair and thickers! Thanks for the chance to win!

What wonderful projects! Great way to use those scrap pieces up which I have a fair amount of right now. What do I hoard....mostly paper. Can't get enough of it!

I'm with you Melissa. I save all my scraps, which are so useful when making cards and I love those strips at the bottom of SB paper. Thanks for more inspiration.

I like how scraps were used on these projects. I hoard my favorite paper.

I paper. I save scraps. Maybe too much

Letter stickers and patterened paper... especially letter stickers. I use all the time, but I tend to buy more to replenish and then not use them! Oh, how I love letter stickers!

I tend to hoard patterned paper and thickers...I keep buying paper even though I don't need it!

I have hoarding issues with many scrap supplies, but most of all with patterned paper! Just love love all different patterns. :)
Thanks for the ideas to use it up, and thanks for the chance to win more goodies!

Great projects, love these ideas! I definitely hoard paper....there are some sheets that I am reluctant to cut into....just waiting for the 'perfect' project. Thanks for the chance to win!

I am an alphabet sticker hoarder!! :)

I wouldn't say hoard because I love to use it, but I would say I am a washi tape collector. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Mostly paper! But Thickers and wood veneer too.. ;)

I would have to say that I hoard, way.too.much! Paper, buttons, Thickers = all my favorites!

The worst thing that I think I hoard( although I seem to hoard lots) is paper. When I see pretty paper, I just don't want to cut into it! LOL!

great layouts !love the ideas! i keep all the tiny paper pieces:) looks like i a not original:)

Honestly I hoard everything except stamps! Bad I know, I just have such a hard time parting with all those pretty supplies:) I am slowly learning that I really need to use it, work in progress!

I don't know if it's hoarding... but I have more brads that I will probably use in a couple of years. And buttons.

I hoard everything... but I've been making a huge effort to purge. I still probably have 2 full sets of Dear Lizzy's first line, including embellishments. LOL!

I would say I hoard too much paper - need to use up all the paper I have now before I get more pretty ones! (;

wow both projects are great! thanks for the chance to win some bits and pieces!

I hoard Thickers. They look so good, I don't want to use them! But then I do use them, and even if I have leftover letters that don't spell ANY words in the English language, I still keep them around. You never know!

I never met a piece of paper I didn't like, unfortunately! Yep, I hoard paper. LOTS of paper.

Paper oh my!!! I keep buying, I have like more than 30 6x6 paper pads. And I'm sure that number will keep growing with all the new cha releases. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love to hoard Thickers, pretty paper and washi tape!! I'm also beginning to build quite a few 6x6 pads. It's all so fun!!

everything :) Paper, stickers, buttons, ribbon, chipboard, ephemera---two rooms full :) I always save my scrap paper to use later on other projects

I love those triangles! My biggest hoarding addiction is by far patterned paper! I love it!

I hoard paper scraps and ephemera as I know I will need them to layer on future projects.

I love to hoard paper lots of paper, tags buttons and random alphabet thickers! Thanks for the chance to win!

Patterned paper! Have far more than I can ever use ;)
Thanks for the giveaway!

thanks for the chance!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I'd say that paper, I use a lot, stickers, and chpboards!

I love to hoard pattern paper and thickers!

Oh I love these layouts and card!! I hoard patterned paper and alphabet stickers!! thanks for the chance!

I hoard patterned paper the most, but really, I hoard a little bit of everything. I have quite the stash of Thickers, too.

I hoard patterned paper like crazy. I could craft all day, every day, for a year and not use it all up. :)

OH for sure everyone knows I'm a Thickers Hoarder AND PROUD OF IT!! Now I must say I am loving my & Liz's collection so it could get dangerous & I'll be hoarding these collections too but can you blame me?!

Thanks for the great ideas on using scraps!!! I hoard chipboard embellishments & chipboard albums.

Hello my name is Adele and I am a craft hoarder;) I love pretty patterned paper and colourful letter stickers. One day I will make a dent in my stash!

I totally hoard Thickers! And like many others, patterned paper... even the tiniest of pieces!

Love love love theese layouts :)

Hmmm, I think I'm pretty ok at using my stash, but I just can't seem to get enough thickers :)

I hoard everything and anything scrapbooking related! But I really have a problem hoarding the pretty papers! Lol! I definitely need help!

Beautiful layouts! I hoard pretty papers and thickers.

I am going to love this week! I definitely hoard all my scraps of paper knowing that I'm for sure going to use them (except I don't get around to using them!). I definitely hoard patterned paper and thickers, but honestly, I feel as if I hoard all my scrapbook supplies!

I go through phases of hoarding different things. Right now it's anything small to make confetti with! Thanks for the chance to win!

I hoard it all - patterned paper, favorite alphas, wood veneer - the list goes on and on.

I hoard pretty paper and Thickers!

I have loads of patterned paper and Thickers!
That is a great start to any layout or project!

If you asked my friend she would say I hoard all kinds of embellishments but I don't hoard them I just keep buying them and don't use them fast enough :) I think I hoard paper the most. I save certain paper for that perfect picture I know is coming :)

Love the stitching with the triangles.
I have the fantastic habit of hoarding thickers. You can never have too many, right?

I hoard pretty, flower paper and washi tape.

I will admit I hoard pattern paper among other scrappy items! Love the ideas on how to use your leftovers. I hate throwing scraps away.

I'm definitely a Thickers hoarder! I'd say I also hoard patterned paper but just think I buy more than I can ever use, lol!!

I mostly hoard thickers and other embellishments, because I always fear that I need them for another project where they would be more suitable..
Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I tend to hoard paper and ribbon! Even more so when the two coordinate!

You want me to list everything I hoard?!? Oh dear, that would be impossible! But... lately I seem to be going overboard with the washi!

Thickers and washi tape... I have so many!!! I also save every scrap of paper cause I just know I can use it somewhere. No joke. :)

I think I hoard paper the most!! Love all these collections so I'd love to add to my hoarded collection (ha, I use them, too)! :-)

I'm terrible about hoarding! Especially my favorite pattern papers and buttons. I'm trying to get better about though. What's the point of having it if I'm not going to use it, right? Thanks for the chance to win!

I hoard ANYTHING Amy Tangerine. I have massive amounts of all of her collections because I never want to run out.

I hoard almost everything but right now Thickers are taking up a lo of space- if I find I'm running out of a favorite font or color I go back and buy more just in case. This post was fantastic! Melissa's scrap paper punches card is fabulous!

I am a patterned paper hoarder...I am always afraid I will use it on a layout, and then the NEXT layout would have been perfect for it...I tried to fix this by buying one than one sheet of my favorites, but nope, I just hoard them all now!

What don't I hoard? haha. I have a big box of mis-matched papers, and piles of weird embellies that will probably never be used. I should have a big clean out and buy some new, and current, papers and embellies :-) Thanks for the chance to win.

I don't hoard my scrap supplies because they are meant to be used! I can still enjoy them when they're on a project. I do however by more paper than anything else, which I'm trying to change that. My CHA order will be mostly embellishments this time. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love this blog post! Awesome inspiration!

I hoard patterned paper and letter stickers. I have no problem using other supplies, but I have to make sure my pictures 'deserve' the good papers and alphas before I'll use them. :)

I am afraid I hoard everything. I am trying to use more of the "good" stuff instead of saving it for who knows what.

Good Monday! I like to hoard Washi tapes!
I love them but don't want to use them up.
Carla from Utah

I hoard paper...tons and tons of paper!

Gosh... I hoard pattern papers especially my favorites. I tend to have more than 1 sheet of my favorite papers but I still hoard them. Trying to kick that habit... next is buttons and washi tapes.

Love the projects featured and thanks for the chance to win.

Love the layout with all the triangles.
Hmmm, I hoard your cardstock because I can only get it online. It's my go to cardstock for the bases for my cards. I also haord patterned paper, chipboard, and metal embellishments.

Love the layouts to show ways to use up scraps!
I tend to hoard patterned paper. Some paper is so beautiful, I get all nervous to cut it up! Sometimes, I can't decide which side to use, so I don't use either! Getting better about it. Better to see it used on a page than lost in a drawer somewhere! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love all the projects and the little triangles on Paige's LO is gorgeous, great tip. I am a Thickers hoarder, just cannot get enough...always need more. Thanks for the chance, loving the new lines!!!

Well... if I have to pick just one thing I hoard, it will have to be blingy embellishments! So pretty, I hate to use them!

ohhhh LOVE the fun DT examples with scraps!!!!
I'm totally a paper hoarder!!! it's sooo pretty and I just cant get enough!!!!

I'm actually fairly good at using stuff, but I do get a bit more worried about my favorite papers...I've been known to hoard more than one woodgrain. LOL!

OOO man if there is a paper that I just love I can't seem to use it. LOL I find I have so much paper cause what if I mess up and have to trash it...now I can't do that with my fav papers. LOL crazy huh!

Wow - beautiful layouts!! Well I pretty much hoard lots of paper and washi tape! Thanks for the giveaway!

The layouts are beautiful; they gave me some ideas I plan to use. I hoard beautiful paper. I must stop doing this!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

I'm a paper bit hoarder. Just live my paper ad can't even give a little scrap up!

I try to make the most of all my supplies so I save all my scraps to try and use another time...like using the negative part of a die cut image or letters! I love the layout using the triangles. I am looking forward to the rest of this week! I think I hoard everything...afraid to use it thinking I won't be able to find that collection in the future!!! Probably worst at paper hoarding...so hard to cut into a piece the first time:)

those are all great LO's! can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store...

i am obsessed with paper. prolly 75% of the scrapbooking items i own are paper, and i really consider myself a "paper scrapper" because i use paper as my main embellishments on almost every LO.

...but i also love letter stickers and have really been getting into those for my card making!

I love to hoard patterned paper and alpha stickers!!! Can't get enough!!!

I hoard patterned paper and washi tape and I'm only a little bit ashamed! :)

I definitely hoard patterned paper and never mind buying a little too many packages of thickers either :)

Hi there, well I have only been scrapping a couple months so I don't think you can really call it hoarding but if you ask my daughter she would say my flair (because I am afraid I'll never get more lol) and paper there are some that are just so pretty...but I'm not hoarding just waiting for the perfect moment LOL I love how Mellisa made the hearts! what a great idea...btw I save every scrap in a bin it could always be used for something LOL No No hoarding here! thanks for the chance to win!

I believe I hoard sticker embellishments and
beautiful patterned papers. I'm afraid to use them because I worry I'll find a project later
that they would be perfectly suited for. This strategy causes me to buy at least 2 of everything.

I hoard a various supply of embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win!!

hoooo boy, I am a paper hoarder. I can't bear to throw away even the teeniest scraps of my favorite papers!

dreadful hoarder of papers and ribbons but love new items to use like YES PLEASE! Great title!

Oh, definitely Thickers! I need to put a dent in my stash!

I love and can't get enough of stickers, letters and chipboard to add to my layouts.

I tend to hoard paper. I shouldn't but I do!

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