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Monday, January 28, 2013


paper, paper, and more paper. can't ever have enough!

I hoard paper. And flair badges. And thickers. I hoard too much!

I love patterned paper and have too many sheets. I just can't resist buying more when I see lovely colors and patterns!

i'm a big washi tape hoarder. I keep on buying more & more & more. it's just so pretty!

ummm... can i say "it all!" :) OK. I guess I don't necessarily hoard it. I just tend to collect more than I can use ;)

I must confess that I am a pattern paper hoarder!

Carol B

Amo la carta fantasia sopratutto vintage!
Grazie per il vostro lavoro!!!

Oh I hoard paper for sure, but also the stickers and chipboard pieces - what happens if I use it and then there is a "better" page to use it on, LOL!!!

Definitely patterned paper and alpha stickers!

I like to hoard embellishments!! I always fall in love with them and don't want to waste them and then I end up hoarding them!! I am bad with papers too!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! I'm looking forward to all of the inspiration this week!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

Patterned paper is my worst hoarding problem. I fall in love with the print and don't want to "ruin" it. A friend told my I would get to enjoy the paper more in a layout than in my closet...but still.

Super cute projects. I always hoard paper and mini alpha stickers! I have about a six inch stack of little alphabets. It's a problem. ;)

It's a toss up between paper and stamps. The sad part is I feel guilty when I need to use a sheet of paper I love. That's why I keep buying more!

I have to admit I'm a Patterned paper hoarder, can't get enough of the colors and patterns! Thanks for the chance to win!

I hoard thickers! and washi tapes!!!! gosh.... ! :)

I like to hoard patterned paper.

I hoard paper, lots of print paper.

I am a Thickers hoarder! lol... I love my alphas - every kind and shape!

I hoard letters and flowers. I also tend to hoard my favorite paper patterns, every little piece.

Lately its been patterned paper ! I just keep buying more and more and more............

LOVE LOVE LOVE Paige's LO! LOVE Melissa's creations too! Super cute ideas to use up some scraps!! I'm such a paper hoarder! I buy 6x6 paper pads and only use them for one or two cards! Sometimes I don't even use them because the papers are just toooo pretty!

Thanks for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

I am guilty of hoarding Thickers! I cant leave Michaels without a package of them..

Patterned papers and the sticker books!! I should try to use them more often!!! :)

Hard to narrow it down, I think I hoard it all. But I especially love veneer and thickers.

oh I totally hoard paper.. Loving all these fun projects that have been posted.. so inspiring..

I hoard embellishments. Then they sit in clear jars looking pretty. :) But not getting used.

Washi tape, stamps, and patterned paper is in my hoard!

I like to collect and use unique elements for project type scrapping. Loving the previews of Amy's new line. Thanks for the opportunity!

Without a doubt paper. I love, love, love paper. But of course I must have every set of thickers also.

I hoard 'the perfect things'. A whole bunch of stuff with an intended use. I need to not to be scared to use it!!

I fear i am a patterned paper hoarder although this past year, I've tried to be less fussy about "saving" certain papers for special occasions! It is nice to see some favorites in my albums as opposed to hidden away in my stash.

Yes I am a hoarder. I hoard paper and I want more! I am in a penant mood. Just love them. So I love this idea for using my scraps. The paper I hate to cut into can live on and on! Thank you for this opportunity.

Love the creative ways that Paige uses paper on her layouts!

Hoard thickers, die cut pieces, vellum. I'm trying hard this year to use up those loved items.

I love Thickers! I have TONS of them!! :)

Well that's easy I am a "Thickers" hoarder! And proud of it!

Thickers definitely. And am beginning to hoard washi tape, mists, and pattern paper.

I hoard pretty papers and embellishments. I'm trying to be better but the stuff is just too good!

I am definitely a patterned paper hoarder, I see it, I like it, I buy it but don't want to use it because it's too pretty to use up:-)

I've been hoarding washi tape...and quote bubble paper! :)

I hoard thickers and washi tape!

I hoard patterned paper and stickers, especially thickers!

I am a huge brad & button hoarder...I really need to start using them! Thanks for the chance to win!

I totally hoard brads!,

I hoard paper scraps, even the tiniest pieces could come in useful in my mind! Determined to star using them up, thanks for the motivation :)

I am almost fit to be on Hoarders when it comes to scrap supplies. I keep bits of ribbon from gift bags, packaging from embellishments, corrugated bits from moving supplies... oh, and toy packaging - always worth saving!

I hoard it all!

Honestly I hoard stamps!
I love and can't get enough of stickers too;)) Thanks for the chance to win!!

paper, of course. and ribbon!

oh, I love alphabets...every type of alphabets. thank you. mart

Love to collect all sorts of stuff, paper, brads ,beads, card envelopes, stamps. My favourite is probably envelopes for the range of patterns on the inside. I have about 400 different envelope patterns now, and always looking for more, and different ways to use it

Um I confess I hoard paper, cardstock and thickers - lots of thickers!

I am happy to save all the bits and scraps.....I often find just what I need among them.

I'm more a collector than a hoarder -- I do use what I have, but I have a lot more of some things than others -- namely paper and washi!

Ah, so many things, but mostly paper! Great layouts and tips for using things up!

paper, thickers, paper, thickers !!!!

I can never get enough adhesive and patterned papers!

Love embellies! can't have enough! tags, stickers, alphas, journaling blogs, sticker borders, stuff like that. Thickers are my fave, as well as the tapes!

I tend to hoard ribbon cut by the yard. I find some, I love it, buy it but then don't use it because I'm afraid I won't find anymore!

I hoard just about everything, but especially chipboard for some reason. LOVE these ideas to use it up!

I hoard paper, even the paper stripes at the bottom, just like Melissa does. And I hoard brads, I just love them to pieces!! ;D

I am definitely a paper hoarder!!!!

i hoard thickers & 6x6 paper pads, its hard to use favorites when you're not sure if they could be better used down the line!

I hoard paper packs... but it's my mission to use a lot of this year (to make room for more, ya know?)

I am noticing my pyrex bowl of wood veneer shapes getting closer and closer to over flowing!

I hoard everything, especially patterned paper.

Thickers and alfabeth stickers mostly... but I try not to hoard, and at the same time I need to stock up on papers and embellishments (like stickers) :-)

Paper most definitely and Thickers are a close second!

Papers thickers , chipboars and so on.
Thanks for the giveaway

I love to hoard pretty paper! Thanks for the chance to win!

Paper!!paper, paper, paper. ... Oh, and thickers...

I love to hoard everything to do with AC- dear lizzy!!

writing utensils... pens, gel pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, chalk, etc. etc. :)

The question is what DON'T I hoard! I hoard paper, flowers, chipboard, washi tape...LOL! I hoard it all!

Easy. I hoard 6x6 mini pads. I love the idea, but haven't used them yet!

Patterned Paper. I can't throw anything away. I've had to tell myself to just use it! That is why I bought it!

i hoard gorgeous pattern paper and bling!

I hoard everything! LOL! I especially hoard embellishments, any kind really. I love ribbon, buttons and chipboard the most.

I hoard Thickers and patterned paper!

I'm a paper collector, for sure. So today's post was helpful, thanks.

I know I'm not an original when I say "I hoard pretty paper!" it's just so hard to not fall in love with all those patterns and colour combos and even cute characters!

thanks for the inspiration to use up some scraps (or even full pieces) of paper this week. and thanks for the chance to win some goodies! :)

Oh man, what do I NOT hoard!!?? I definitely hoard anything Dear Lizzy!! I use it up too but I ALWAYS buy back ups!

I'm definately a Thickers Hoarder... I do use them lots, but I buy way more than I use!

Oh man, I'm a paper lover! I'm getting better at using it up but thanks for these tips!

I KNOW I hoard paper - that's all I'm going to admit LOL!!

My favorite patterned papers and thickers!

I hoard pretty papers, don't want to cut into them and scraps, hate to throw them away!

I am a paper hoarder! There's nothing I love more than collecting all those beautiful colors and patterns!

Like so many others, I hoard pretty paper :)

I hoard paper & thickers. I just can't get enough!

Hi !!
it's very hard to say what kind of scrapbooking supplies I prefer.. I love them all, patterned paper, embellishments.... I love all!:) (But I prefer Dear lizzy's collection for colors and design ;)
Thank u, Julie

I have to say I hoard Thickers....but I use them, too!

I hoard almost everything, but mostly the paper and stickers!

I usually use a lot of paper and stickers! I love love paper !!

I love patterned paper.

I'm hoarding mostly paper and any kind of mini binder for Dec Daily or project life. My room looks like an office supply store...

Where to start?! Amy Tangerine, Heidi Swapp, Thickers to name a few! I love pretty papers and embellies! :)

I can't remember if I entered already or not. Hmmmm I seem to have begun hoarding printed paper. And my washi tape collection may be growing by leaps and bounds also. LOL

I hoard paper. And fancy embellishments! I know I should use them because there will always be more nice things to get (ESPECIALLY from AC!) but I can't help myself!

chipboard!!! chipboard!! of any shape or color!!!

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