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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Amaaaazing projects, Ashley!! Your stitching looks amazing. I just love all the fun details in every project you create!

Oh Ashley! Let me be the first to say what wonderful stitching projects you created!!! You did such beautiful work and I love each one! You are so creative and it really shows in these projects! Amazing!

These are just gorgeous Ashley!

Wooooooooo hoooooooooooo Ashley!! Love love love her work!!! LOVING all of these projects!! GORGEOUS!! Loving that stitching!!!

Stunning projects, Ashley! You knocked it out of the park...great details! :)

Wow Ashley they are all beautiful. I love all the hand stitching!

WOW!! Love all of it, such beautiful projects Ashley, congrats on the guest spot, you did AC proud!

These are stellar Ashley! Love the hand stitching!

Gorgeous work, Ashley!!! You and AC are a perfect match!!! Love it all but especially the waves in Sea Side View!! :D

Great projects Ashley, love all the stitch work. Congrats on being a Guest Designer, you rock girl!

You have such a great eye for playful design Ashley. These are fabulous projects, I especially love the first one, with the 2 tiny photos, adorable. Congrats on the spot!

Beautiful projects Ashley!!! <3 I am so excited that you're the guest designer!!! Well deserved!!!! <3

love all your projects!!!! esp the sewing!!!!! thumbs up!!!! :)

Woot! Go Ashley!!! Love these projects!! Stitching adds such an amazing texture and interest!

Gorgeous work Ashley!!!!

Fantastic projects Ashley! Love that last one with all the stitched flowers! Congrats on the GDT spot - you deserve it!

these are ALL wonderful projects Ashley! You rocked the stitching!

Congrats Ashley! You rocked those stencils! <3

Great projects as always, Ashley!! Congrats :)

Love your projects and what you did with the Embroidery Stencil Kits!

Love Ashley's playful and colourful designs! Thanks for sharing!

Love your projects Ashley!! I can't pick a favorite, they are all awesome!!

Ashley is amazing.. i love her work.. congrats on being the guest designer Ashley..

Love this Ashley!! Congrats!!

Fabulous projects. Your stitching is so

Great projects!!! Love your stitching and your style! Thanks for sharing!!

Gorgeous projects, Ashley! Congrats on your guest post!

I love all of these. The stitching look so fab!! TFS!

Gorgeous work Ashley! The stitching on all of your products is fantastic!

You totally rocked the American Crafts AND the stitching, Ashley!

Woo-hoo Ashley!!! I love, love, love all the fab stitching :)Each project is so detailed and just so darn c.u.t.e.
Thanks for sharing you talents!

CONGRATS, Ashley!! Amazing!! LOVE them all!

Wow! I am especially in love with flowers on the last layout.

Absolutely fabulous projects Ashley! I love all the details.

LOVE all of the stitching Ashley!

Congrats Ashley! Love your work!!!

Beautiful...love that card! You are too clever...and busy!! :)

So many Beautiful projects

Gorgeous projects! Thank you for sharing! Congrats on the guest spot!

GORGEOUS job Ashley!

These are all beautiful! I love the whimsy and handcrafted, home-y feel that all of the stitching gives. I think the first one is my favorite, with all the girly colors and the fun negatives. These are all beautifully done. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

great job, Ashley!!

Awesome job, Ashley! Love the stitching on your projects!

HUGE congrats, Ashley! Such beautiful work and so deserving of a spotlight post! Woohoo!

Wow what wonderful projects, great job!

So so cute!!!! You know I love you! Hugs, Katrina

Yahoo for Ashley!!!! Fabulous projects!!

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