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Monday, May 13, 2013


GORGEOUS projects and GORGEOUS line!! Always loving coming here for some great inspiration!

Beautiful projects...as always! :) I love all flowers, but would have to say my favorite are gerbera daisies. Thanks for the chance!

Gorgeous projects. My favorite type of flowers are peonies. Thanks for the chance to win!

Beautiful projects! My favorite flower is a tulip.

Great theme for this week! Perfect to get into summer-mood :) My favourite flowers are dahlias, I love all the colours there are and those pretty petals!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Iris! There are so many beautiful varieties.

OH so beautiful! I have a crush on Lillies.Crossing my fingers to squeal!

I love lilacs!!

I have such a hard time picking a favorite flower! There are so many I love and for such different reasons. Today I'm going to say freesia.

I'd say lilacs are my faves, but I also love a lot of other flowers now. Even roses=)

I have alot of favorite flowers but Fire and ice roses are among them:)

I love crocuses and violets-- two signs of spring!

Sounds like a fun week! My favorite flowers are peonies....we've had such a late spring that they haven't even bloomed yet, but the buds are out and I should see them any day now!

I love peonies, dahlia and tulips.
thanks for the giveaway :)

I love Parrot Tulips!

Lovely projects. My favorite flowers are Lillies.

My fave flower is jasmine....I love the smell!! thanks for a chance to win!

Gorgeous layouts. I love the use of corrugated paper. My favorite flower is peony.

Thanks for the giveaway!


My favorite flowers are roses!!! :)

I love calla lilies in all colors!

My favorite flower is the stargazer lily. These projects are all lovely - looking forward to this week of flowers. :)

I just love all flowers! I especially love beautiful day lillies and tulips.

Peony, love them so so much !!!

Roses are my favorite!! Pink and orange, just like in my wedding!

Red and white carnations are my favorite flowers!

my favourite flower is the daffodil I love the yellow and how it brightens up my life and marks the arrival of spring xxx

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sunflowers! This would be a beautiful package to brighten up any page :)

My favorite flowers are definitely peonies! I adore their vintage charm. I also love any type of floral patterned paper and really every flower embellishment. Thanks for a fabulous prize pack! :)

I love peonies! :)

Favorite flower is tough... but you can't go wrong with the classic rose!

daisies...love 'em!

My favorite flower is a rose!
Thanks for the chance!


I love tulips...so many lovely varieties and colors!

I simply love all flowers but just looking at gerber daisies makes me very happy:-)!!

lately, my favourite kind of flower is the stitched ones from Amy Tangerine!! :) I've been using those all over my projects!

I love DAISIES!!! That's why my license plate is DAZYGRL and my gmail is daisiesgirl! Flowers just add a touch of softness or pizzazz to any project - Thanks for sharing these awesome projects and for the chance to win!!

I love Anemone Flowers!

such pretty layouts and cards!!! i love all sorts of flowers-daffodils probably being my favorite as they are one of the firsts of spring.... Thanks for a chance to win a floral themed prize!

I am a HUGE flower lover, I use them a lot on my cards and layouts, they are so cheerful and fun! I love Gerberas, my husband recently made me a flowerpot cake for my birthday and it was filled with Gerberas!

i love to incorporate flowers to my projects too, they are a great embellishment. I'm in love of the soho garden Collection.

OMG! What fabulous projects I've seen this week and every week! I love them all!

My favorite flower is a Hyacinth! So pretty and they smell so wonderful! Reminds me of being in my grandfather's garden when I was little!

Beautiful projects! thankyou for sharing these gorgeous designs with us! My favourite flower is a snowdrop as it reminds me that winter is nearly over and the lush spring air is on it's way!

My favorite flowers are lilacs! They are so beautiful to look at and I love how sweet they smell. Thank you for the chance to win!

I love Daffodils they are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring :)

Flowers make any project special. My favorite flower is daisies.

Oh these projects are beautifully done and very inspirational! My favoite flowers are lilies of the valley....they are so delicate!

I'm a daisy kind of girl!

My favorite flower is the hydrangea. Of course right now my lilacs are in bloom so it's hard not to choose them since they smell so heavenly.

My fave flower is the tulip, and roses, and I use them on just about every project, cards or layouts!

My favorite flowers are tulips, I wish they bloomed all season!

My favorite flower is the orchid!!! TFS!!!

I really love flowers - both in scrapbooking and in real! My favourite is a rose.

These projects are lovely! I love all types of flowers, but particularly enjoy roses, tulips, and orchids.

I love embellishing with flowers too!! My favorite flower of all is the Tiger Lilly

I love the iris. Always have, always will

My favourite is Lily of the Valley. I thnk they are so pretty, romantic and smell so wonderful. When I see them I know summer is just around the corner. :)

My favorite flower... sweet peas! I have very fond memories of picking a bouquet in our backyard with my Dad.

my favorite flower! a pretty pink rose!!!! smells so sweet too! thanks! for chance to win!

I love the daisy just because the flower is so simple pretty. It doesn’t need more and this flower is even useful for every event/party

lily are my favorite flowers, and that's how i'd like to call my daughter if i ever have one <3

I love poppies!

I like colorful Carnations!
They last forever!!

Carla from Utah

Cliche though it is - my favorites are roses - white and the palest pink

I had daisies at my wedding and love tulips too!

Beautiful projects! I like lilies!

I love gardenias so very much! (And these projects are pretty splendid, too!)

Love lilacs (planted our own last spring!) and carnations because of my mom.

My favorite flowers are geraniums....only the red ones!!!! ;)

I love lilacs best!

My favorite flower is a Gerber Daisy!

I love calla lilies.

Stargazer Lilies (which is why I named my daughter Lily) and peonies.

lilacs, lilacs, lilacs. followed by gerbra daisies, they are so happy!

These projects are lovely! My favorite flowers are Tulips.

Love, love, love daisies!

I love orange Gerbera daisies!

Awesome projects ladies, LOVE Leslie's sunshine girl layout :) My favorite flower is a white rose. So clean and crisp :)

Love Becky and Leslie's work!! Great use of the flowers!! My favorite kind of flower would have to be from patterned paper. I love fussy cutting the flowers and then adding the to my layouts!

I love flowers - fresh and scrappy! So many of my layouts are adorned with colorful flowers! I'd say my favorite are orchids ... so beautiful!

I have 3 girls so I love flowers!

Lily of the Valley - I grew up surrounded by them and am trying desperately to get them to grow at my home now! Beautiful projects, great ideas!

My favorite flower is lilies.

I love Zinnias, they are so bright and happy and so easy to grow!

Carol B

Lilacs and peonies !! Neither of which will grow down here in Texas. :(

I love all flowers, but I would have to pick daisies.

All flowers are beautiful but my absolute favourite is the rose. Vintage and gorgeous, like me :)

I'm very typical... I love roses! and sunflowers! :) Thank you for sharing these pretty flowery projects and for the chance to win an awesome bloomin' prize :)

My favorite flowers are tulips.

My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies

I love all kinds of flowers, but my favorites are roses! Thanks for the chance!

All flowers have their own beauty but for sentimental reasons I choose wild violets.

I love tulips! Thanks for the chance!

I love flowers that I can get to grow in my yard! My absolute favorite are dinner plate dahlias!

Gorgeous projects. I'm a classic girly girl - my favourite flower is the rose :-) Thanks for the chance to win.

Fabulous card and layout ladies! My favorite flowers are Gerber Daisy's! Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm a sucker for flowers and these projects are gorgeous. My favorite flower is the rose, as well as Lily of the Valley, violets, and hydrangeas. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love all the florals! Lilies are one of my favorite.

wow your projects give me the inspiration, thanks ! My favorite flower is Lilac !! ;-)
Thanks for the chance to win !!

Love florals in scrapbooking and I hope this trend resurges. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower.

Carnations because they're my mom's favorites.

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