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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Great new collection! My favorite is a Christmas party! Thanks for the chance!

Love it. Gotta have this one. Her collections are always great,

Fave celebration is Valentine's Day :-) the day of love and my daughter's birthday. Love those frames :-)

I love to celebrate my children's birthdays with fun themes! Love her pretty papers and embellishments!

My favorite party is the "bbq get-together." Love just having friends over for a relaxing backyard picnic.

Oh birthdays, of course!

My favorite ones are the Birthday parties, or any kind of celebration with a BBq, picnics at the sunset or with a family reunion around the table :) :) Love the color combo and the new additions to this collection!

my favorite celebration is birthdays.. they are always fun..

awesome new collection.. very cute

My favorite parties are definitely football parties. I live in the South so every Saturday is a celebration! :)

Once again dear Lizzy is out of this world! Absolutely love this collection and I'm so excited for the project life mini kit!

Birthday celebrations are the best! Another year to celebrate - life is good. And this new collection is awesome!

I am loving all the new stuff.

Gorgeous collection! I love summer parties with friends.

My favorite types of celebrations are the spontaneous family gatherings. NO plans, just winging it with family. Those are the best!!

Love it! The veneer looks awesome! My favorite kind of party is always my kid's birthday parties...we always go all out and have so much fun! Thanks for the chance!

Beautiful! Love all the embellishment!

Stunning collection! Love the colors and patterns, the wood diecuts are one of my fave item!

I do love polka dots, and what a fun and pretty collection this is! My favorite party/celebration is the kind that I'm not hosting! ;)

Love the colors... and those wood pieces and heart pins are fab!

Beautiful collection! ... Favorite party.. Any party is my favorite!

My daughter's birthday parties are my favorite by far!!!! Awesome collection, plan on buying soooo much of it!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kinda loving that fancy photo corners are coming back into style. I'm sure I have some stashed away from 10 years ago!

My favorite celebration is the birthdays!
thanks for the chance!


Fave celebration is birthdays! love to make the decorations, and all the goodies associated with birthdays!

My favorite celebration is birthday, but favorite party is Halloween parties. Thanks for the chance to win.

Amazing!! Loving those wood pieces!!

i love holiday celebrations - especially christmas! :)

I love celebrating my kid's birthdays - Lovely collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

Darling collection! My favorite celebration are definitely birthdays for my kids!

Have to say Christmas is my favorite celebration

Now that I have a child I would say her first birthday was awesome, can't wait to see what the second birthday is like!

I love birthday parties and Christmas and my son's birthday is just 3 days before Christmas, always giving us a big double party with lots of friends!

Our anniversary!

Oh I LOVE this collection! And I spy wood veneer... really cool! Can't wait to get my hands on this collection! I love celebrating Christmas. It's such a wonderful time of the year!

my fave celebration would have to be birthdays-love all the scrapbooking pressies you get!

This is a beautiful collection. I am especially loving all the thickets and embellishments. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

4th of July parties are my favorite!

I love a family get together - esp for Thanksgiving!

This collection is so fun, can't wait to use it!

Oops...forgot to add.... I love any kind of celebration when the whole family gets together.

I love this collection, especially the blues! My favorite kind of party is birthday parties! (Especially my birthday lol)

My favorite celebrations are birthdays! Thanks for the chance to win!

Definitely birthdays, and second is my annual "Pink Party" at Christmastime where everything is decorated pink, pink goodies to eat, pink balloons and decorations :) Great collection - so much to love here!

I love birthday parties!

I love a family barbecue. We all live in different cities so it is always nice when we get together to just hang out and enjoy good food together.

Our favourites are fancy dress we always seem to have one reason or another to dress up, our next event is a Jamaican theme barbecue

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the colors!


My favorite parties are the ones that just happen - for no special reason at all - just to have fun together.

oh my this is my fave release so far, really pretty, I would use it for everything, cards and layouts!

My favorite kind of party is one that's thrown for no reason!!

wait, i'm confused? isn't that chevron design in the PL kit from Amy Tan's new line??

My favorite kind of party is a Mexican Fiesta theme.

Love impromptu get togethers. They always end up being the most fun because you're not expecting it.

Love this collection. Birthday parties are my favorite party to throw.

Wow!! Another amazing reveal. I love any reason to party...haha! My fave would have to be celebrating a family member or friend's birthday!

This is he reveal I was waiting for and it doesn't dissapoint!!!
Thanks for the hance to win!

Birthdays are my favorite kind of party! TFS!

Man, I love the Dear Lizzy line so much. I hoard them and love them just as much now as I did when they were first released. I'm a big fan of birthday parties. The planning that leads up to them and then the big day and it's wonderful.

Dear Lizzy collections are always gorgeous! And I LOVE birthdays!

I love a good backyard party - cooking on the grill and hanging out on the deck by the pool! I really like this collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beautiful collection - and I love summer outdoor parties!

Love this line! My favorite type of celebration is a surprise birthday party....there is just nothing like it!

I love birthday celebrations,especially all three of my daughters parties each year! This is a gotta have collection. I love all of the embellishments and paper combinations.

This is an amazing set! My favorite types of get togethers are summer BBQ's with family and friends.

My favorite celebration is my daughter's birthday. Love the tones of blue and pink in this collection. Can't wait for this line to hit stores!

Absolutely amazing collection! It's perfect for scrapping photos of my little nieces' birthdays, which are my favourite celebrations.

Such a pretty collection!!!!! I am all for any type of celebration that brings my family together!!!

So pretty and cute. Loving it!!

Super cute! I especially love the new Thickers!

Birthday parties for my little boy!

I love celebrations/parties that allow you to get dressed up like black tie or costume parties I also love my 2 little girls' birthdays I love to plan and decorate etc.

I love any type of celebration that brings family and friends together, especially in the summertime!

what a pretty collection! I think I will need the veneer bits.

My favorite parties are birthday parties especially for children....there is just so much joy in a child when they are being celebrated. I am absolutely in love with this collection.

I love birthday celebrations, as it's the most personal festivity. This collection is simply adorable!

I'm in LOVE! What a beautiful line - I need every.single.bit of it!

Oh what a darling collection! Any type of celebration that involves casual backyard grilling and hanging out is my favorite!

Dear Lizzy collection are so beautiful and sweet! My favorite parties are quinceañeras because I love to see the glamour of the young girls!

My favorite celebrations are birthday parties! I love to acknowledge that special day for each of my family members. Lets them know I cherish them year after year. This collection is so sweet!

This is so sweet...loving the colors and 8 sheets of Thickers...I am in heaven.
I love birthday parties. They are fun and most everyone is usually in a good mood. Plus there is cake!

Love love love these designs! My favorite party are those for my girls...love to see the excitement on their faces when the hoopla is all for them! :)

My favorite party or celebration is one with lots of family and friends!! It doesn't matter what it's for...just so long as we're all together!!

My favorite holiday celebration is Christmas. I just love being around family and just the feeling of peacefulness that I get around that time. Non holiday celebration would be my son's birthday. I love planning it and preparing for the big day. He is now old enough he can tell me what he wants and I love trying to make that happen for him.

Love this collection. my favourite elebrations are when the entire family gets together - all the cousins, aunts & uncles. It's loud but oh so much fun!

birthday is my favorite but it is a close cll

I am a sucker for those bows! Love em!

Any party that happens in the summer! We have a few birthdays each summer so it's always a backyard bbq with loads of family and friends. Can't get any better then that!This collection is beyond awesome!!

I love that the PL Kit matches the embellishments! So awesome!

Love the pinks, greys, and greens in this collection and I am LOVING that it comes in a PL mini kit as well! We love to celebrate "firsts" in our family, even though our girls are 6 and 4. 2013 is our self-proclaimed year of trying new things, so we've had a lot to celebrate!

my favourite celebration is weddings.... love that you can feel the love in the air.

amazing! love the circle stickers

I love a good Birthday party!

I so love this!!! This is the best Lizzy line yet!

Birthdaya are definitely my fave. With 2 little girls born in January, parties are always indoors so decorating is a huge factor. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Birthday parties! :) Thanks for the giveaways!

I love this collection ! I love weddings !

I love baby showers! :)

I love this collection! Super cute and I can't wait to get the new dear lizzy project life mini kit and all the above! :))) Excited!

p.s. I love birthdays!!

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