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Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have to say there is nothing like celebrating my kids birthdays I love coming up w/fun ways to make their day extra special. This collection is just so much fun. That PL kit is screaming to be used for my girls album! Thanks for the chance.

I love kids birthdays!

Love this collection, and love celebrating birthdays!

Love this collection! My favourite type of celebration is a wedding!

Love the die-cuts, brads and bow look gorgeous!
Dear Lizzy is my all time favourite.

I'm a sucker for any kind of celebration, but my kids' birthdays are my favorite. :)

Heck yes I'd love to win this! Christmas, hands down!!!

Every summer we have a party on our roof. And it is next saturday. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful collection

Fridays are the best. The weekend starts here, no better reason to party

I am in love with every element in this collection! What's not to love? Great designer, great patterns, great colors. MUST HAVE!

My favorite type of party is a holiday party!

Love the colors and the Thickers! Looks great!

oh, and I love weddings:)

I can't get enough of those impromptu, summer soiree's. You know the ones that feel like a party, but are just circumstances of life. LOVE them! Beautiful collection as always!!

Oh, i love it -especially the cute embellishments!
My favorite celebration is when i've the chance to go to a wedding -loooove is in the air :)


My favorite kind of party when we have a summer dinner party with friends "just because"!

Love the cute clothes pegs and the heart pins. My favorite type of party is a bridal shower.

I love baby showers!!! Celebrating new life is just awesome, that and fighting over who gets to hold the baby next :) Amazing line Liz!!!

I love Christmas! Parties, events, shopping, crafting, baking...I love it all! :)

Love the blues!! Nice change from her amazing pinks, but still girly in essence.
I love random parties. Like friends getting together "just because" and having a great time.

I love celebrating other people's birthdays!

love love this collection! Birthdays are the best celebrations :)

Summertime family get-togethers are the best! I don't see my family as often as I like so when we get together we always celebrate! Beautiful new line!!!

Children's birthdays are definitely the best! Fun activities, big wishes and smiles, cake, presents and time with family. All around a very great time!

We always celebrate birthdays as a family at Grama's house! Loads of fun! Great collection. The colors and patterns are great!

Oohh, so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!

the wood veneer words are catching my eye!

Beautiful! I love everything!

My favorite celebration is Christmas! This is an absolute adorable collection!

Birthdays are my favorite celebration.

This collection rocks! I love the veneer I can't wait to play.

I love Family Party's !

Love the colors!!! Ideas are poppin' up!

I love Thanksgiving!

I love costume parties. So much fun!

But now I'm starting to think that a polka dot party would be even more fun. ;)

My favorite party is a big Halloween party that a friend has every year....costumes, decorations, and plenty of wonderful food!

Love a summer barbeque and / or swim party! I really love any excuse to get together with friends.

fabulous collection, love all of it especially the clothes pegs, fun!

Birthday parties are definitely the best!

My favorite type of party is any type of shower - baby, wedding, & of course bacherlorette!

My favorite celebration is Valentine's day, because it is my love's birthday! :]

I love celebrations that are not typical like birthdays or anniversaries! My favorite is when I have my kids alone on a weekend; we have movie parties with movies, popcorn, candy and pizza!

I love birthdays!
especially when they are for the kiddos!

Birthdays are my favorite. In this house we have Birthday Week. A whole week dedicated to the special person!

Ooooh love those big wooden veneer pieces and the cute bows and frames. Lovely collection! My favorite party is my little one's birthday. I just love to the excitement from a little child. :)

I love a birthday party and christmas party.

I love birthday parties! And this collection is amazing!!!!!

Block parties!! BBQ, friends and kids running around having a blast. Love ALL the goodies!!!

My favorite type of party is a craft party..... but it has to be with people I love ♥

Another awesome Dear Lizzy Collection!!! I love everything and I'm so excited about the variety of embellishments:)
My favorite celebrations are my kids birthday parties. I love themes and tend to go a little over the top:) They also give me an excuse for some extra crafting time. I love making the banners and the decorations! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

I love love love it all!!!!!! amazing!

Birthdays of course!! I love this beautiful line!!

Your Dear Lizzy lines win me every time!!! Love the colors! I love Christmas celebrations and Birthdays... it's so fun to give and see people's reactions!!! (especially young kids!)


I love celebrating Christmas because I like getting fancy and creative with gift wrapping!

oh my goodness.. my favorite celebration??! I can't pick just one because each year since my daughter has been two we have a big valentine's party and then we ALWAYS have bday parties! .. it's a TIE. LOL! The collection looks AWESOME!!


Another Dear Lizzy home run. I love the die cuts and stickers as I have in the other Dear Lizzy collections . The addition of the photo frames and wood veneers is going to be fun.

Once again, a fantastic collection !!! I love all of them. I love organising birthday parties for my two lovely girls, and Dear Lizzy's collections are always great for creating decorations for it. Can't wait to get this new collection !!!

just sweet and lovely!

I love crafting parties! And any kind of party with cupcakes. ADORE this new collection!

My favorite type of celebration is the ones with a lot of family and friends, whether it be birthdays or holidays!

Having a family celebration this weekend. Family visiting!!!! Family is my inspiration. I love Dear Lizzy products.

love this collection! love a good party! ;)

I actually love celebrating Thanksgiving- it's the quiet before the holiday rush, and I love having the four day weekend to start the holiday celebration off right!

Ahh love love love this collection! I really enjoy Thanksgiving parties because I can get as stuffed as the turkey ;)!

I love birthday parties! This collection would be perfect for documenting my little girls!

I'm in love!! Of course I love all of Lizzy's things! My favorite celebration for myself is anniversary or birthdays (not counting holidays).

Love, love, LOVE this!

I love summer backyard impromptu get togethers with yummy finger food, fun friends, good memories, and great conversation with lots of relaxing!

Just a party on the patio for no particular reason!

My favorite kind of party is a birthday party! I love everything about birthdays, the cake, the friends, the party favors..and of course, the gifts!
Super adorable collection!

I just adore everything about this collection.
My favorite celebrations/party is birthday's.
We will be celebrating Ellis's FIRST and Moxie's THIRD come August. Amazed how the time fly's.

Can NOT wait to get my hands on every single piece of this. I love all things Dear Lizzy.

I love to celebrate and decorate birthday parties. Love the new collection.

OMG! I love the colors of this line. So many great embellishments. I can't wait for the release!!!!!!!

My favourite type of celebration is birthday - you get to feel special for one day and can buy scrapbook supplies without feeling guilty ;)
I love this whole collection! I want it all :)
Thanks for a great giveaway.

Love outdoor summer parties. LOVE this collection...wish I had an iPhone and instagram for another entry!

My favourite parties were the gingerbread-house decorating parties I had for my kids and their friends when they were younger; I look forward to having them for grandchildren someday too!

I love BBQ + pool parties!

So excited for this, it has everything awesome and great that is out there today!

Great collection again! Are those frames canvas? Love them and the PL kit too.

Love the new collection, hope to find it in Alberta :) my favourite parties are themed kids parties :)

Ok, this collection is gorgeous. My favorite type of party celebration is a birthday party! I'm a balloon fanatic :)

Love it. Gotta have this one!

My fave celebration or PArty is ANY that is thoughtfully put together and WITH the people that you care about most. That way there isn't any need to have the "perfect" party.

I love birthday parties - especially for little children

That would be perfect for some layouts with birthday pictures of a 6th birthday party. Or perhaps starting PL? Thanks for a chance to win.

I love all celebrations, small and large, that celebrate family.

I love all types of parties! But who doesn't love a party with a theme :) those clothes pins are so cute!

Another superb collection, loving all the little elements that go with it too...

I love backyard get togethers with family, friends, food, games and fun. Can celebrate almost anything that way.

Love it!! Very fun patterned paper and I love all the embellishments:) Especially the wooden words! Thanks for the chance to win:)

I love birthdays! I have 6 kids, so I get to plan a lot of them. :)

This collection is adorable! My favorite celebration is a "Family/Friends Get-together" that we have every other year when I travel back to where I grew up. Still lots of family and friends there so I could scrapbook it all with Polka Dot Party!

I love homecoming parties! Whenever a loved one is gone for quite some time it's always fun to have all their closest friends in one place. They're the best!

ty for the awesome chance to win! love love the mini album ;) have a great day!

My favorite parties are for my kids. Especially our Christmas cookie decorating party!

tea party!! I miss those days when my daughter was little and we played tea party with real tea and sweets :) loving the new chip, glitters and papers!

I love theme dinner parties!

Love, love, young girl's birthday parties - all the pink, tulle, etc. LOVE!

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