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Thursday, July 18, 2013


fave type of party is for "no reason at all" just a spur of the moment gathering of friends.

Super cute and can't wait to get a hold of all of the Polka Dot Party collection. Love Dear Lizzie style.

I love hosting dinner parties and anything Halloween themed.

Our town has a hot air balloon festival in the field that backs up to my yard! It's my favorite party to throw every year. :)

My husband and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage. So I would have to say anniversaries!!!

Love this new collection - looking forward to getting my hand on the mini PL kit cards - love them.

Wow this is amzaing, I want every single piece of this!!!!!

My favourite parties are surprise themed parties! We once did a smurf themed party and all my cousins and aunts got together to help. A great family gathering! And love the new Dear Lizzy collection!!!

First of all, how cute is this collection?! Totally adorable!

My favorite type of celebrations are birthdays, i love shopping for the perfect gift and birthday cake is never wrong! :)

My favorite is july 4th celebration. I love fireworks!

Wedding celebrations are my favorite!!

Great collection! My favorite celebration is the Birthday party!

I am in love with this collection! Dear Lizzy is always one of my favorite collections from AC! My favorite type of celebrations would have to be birthdays!

I love any celebration that gives me a chance to decorate!!! Playing with paper and embellishments is my idea of a party!!!!

Birthday parties are the best! Especially with my 2 1/2 year old niece!

Championship celebrations are the best!

Definitely birthdays :). Fabulous collection!

I love throwing baby and bridal showers. Simple little parties with great friends or family celebrating life changing moments!

I like going to a restaurant
and having a birthday party
where they give you a hat or
something to wear while the
whole place sings happy
birthday to you!
Carla from Utah

I love the random celebrations. It could be a weekend away, a night out with the girls, drinks with friends or even a lunch date,
Love this collection!

I love all of the Dear Lizzy products but I am really smitten with the new Polka Dot Party theme !! The papers, embellishments..the PL mini kit ... LOVE!! The RV image .. seriously ??! ♥

my fav party would have to be a Super Bowl party with the girls in my dorm :) lots of food and football! (even though I think I'm the only one who watches the game!) good luck everyone!

The collection is wonderful. My favorite type of celebration is any Sunday when I get to spend it with my family.

Super cute but what else have we come to expect?? Love it!

Probably wedding showers? I love thinking up ideas for pretty decor!

I love birthdays!

My favorite scrappy celebration is the Halloween parties. I love the decorations and colors!

Did I tell you that polka dots are my fav? Yep! And we love to celebrate birthdays!

My favorite is birthday parties! There always fun.

Love this collection! It is a must have. Favorite celebrations are my kids Birthday's.

Can't wait to use this in my Project Life! My favorite party is my kid's birthday party.

I absolutely love this collection! My favorite type of party or celebration is a wedding or anniversary celebration!

I love birthday party and fun no reason parties

My favourite type of Party is a session of Pot Luck Session with great company (loved ones) , board games. I've especially loves Christmas Parties as the gifting part is my fab time of presenting the gifts to the little ones!

Love all the different textures!

I love Christmas. And little kid birthdays;).

Birthdays, of course! Beautiful collection...I love the frames, wood pieces, pattern papers, and the brayer sets!

I LOVE birthday parties, probably because I'm a ridiculously huge fan of cake ;)

Such a beautiful collection, would love to win.

My favorite celebration is Christmas, but who can pass up a birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, it rained today... whatever the reason I like to celebrate.

This just makes me smile. I love everything. :)

Does Tuesday count? I'm up for any kind of celebration!

I would love to go to a polka dot party! How fun

Beautiful collection! I love Halloween parties! Getting to dress up for a night is such fun!

The collection is great! I like to host parties for my kids birthdays and friends baby showers.

Children's Birthday Parties, I'm attending one this weekend, yay! Love this collection by the way! :)

I love our New Years Eve party!! Lot's of dancing in the kitchen!!

Each year we celebrate Thanksmas - my parents fly all of us to Florida from around the US, celebrate Thanksgiving one day, Christmas eve the next, and Christmas the third. It is chaos, but amazing!

My favorite parties are surprise parties. I like to be surprised and like to surprise others... have a party a little early or a teeny bit late and have it be a surprise. It makes it more fun for everyone !!!

I love any celebration that brings the whole family together to hang out and enjoy each other's company. Also loving the sweet floral prints from this collection.

My favorite celebration is a birthday party. Who doesn't like having a special day just for them!

Love stripes and polka dots...and birthday parties!

I like birthday parties and family reunions.

Birthday parties are my favorite.

Such a cute collection and love the mini kit too!

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving or any event when family & good friends get together. Less pressure, no presents, it's all about being together, sharing a meal, and having a good time.

Currently I am loving celebrating the weddings of some of my best friends! But now I am plotting some kind of party I can host so I can make decorations with this incredible collection! :)

I love birthdays because my family gets together! This line is so pretty!

what a CUTE CUTE line!!!! my fave type of celebration is bday partys!!!

Exactly what I expect from a Lizzy release, fabulous colors, fun details, so much goodness!!

whoops, i love just for fun bc i want to make something pretty parties :)

I love birthday party!

I love birthday parties.

any type of celebration is worth a party - but my favorite is celebrating someone's birthday. Its a day that belongs t them and should always be recogonized.

Love this collection, adorable scottie icon! Birthdays are probably my favourite celebration, especially theme party birthdays.

The best kind of party are small intimate parties with close friends and family. The kind where you laugh and sing songs and reminisce.

Loving the project life mini kit and the new collection. Even the name polka dot party rocks!

Another fantastic collection! The embellishments are always my favorite!

Isn't this a fun new collection to compliment the other ones?

i love the frames!! cant wait to use it for my project! This collection is beautiful!:)

I love holiday parties!!

Honestly Elizabeth, I love all of your lines. Polka Dot Party is light and cheery to me in colour palette. Love it!

Love this so much!

My favorite part of any celebration is all in the decorating for it!!! It sets the tone for the whole thing...love getting lost in the details from food presentation to the invitations. It wouldn't be a party without some type of decorations.

I love this collection!! Dear Lizzy has done it again. The colors and patterns are absolutely gorgeous. I love birthday parties and small get-togethers. Thanks for sharing.

love to celebrate my daughter's birthday with fun parties!!

Favorite celebration of the year: End of the school year

Cute collection! My favorite celebrations are my kids' birthdays. Now that they are older, the themes/parties are not as extravagant but still special nonetheless.

Birthday parties, ones that are themed are always fun too!!!

Polka Dot Party is adorable! My favorite kind of party is a surprise birthday party - for either a child or an elderly family member who's is a child at heart! Next up would be a New Years Eve Party.

My favorite type of party is anything in the summer with a cookout and a bonfire and everyone having a good time hanging out together.

My favourite celebration is what we call "Family Day". It's the anniversary of when we adopted our six year old daughter. This year it will be three years!

Love this!

Love everything or usual with a dear lizzy collection!

Summer parties. Thanks for the giveaway

Great collection, love the soft, cool colors & all of the new Thickers!

Party wise, I love most parties, but every year, my husband and I have a friends thanksgiving with lots of food, board games, and multiple pies, and it is an awesome & fun time!

I love Scottie dogs!

My favourite celebration/party are my kids birthdays. I love watching how excited they get! Makes me happy!

I absolutely love birthdays and birthday parties. There's nothing better!

A birthday party!

The best celebration is your "birthday". Christmas and all the other holidays are for everyone, but your BIRTHDAY is your one special day out of 365 days. And what a better way to celebrate and to document the day with PL Dear Lizzy! Thanks for the chance to win.

Favorite party=girls night craft party. When I first started scrapping in 2006 I attended and hosted a lot of girls nights where we scrapped together, shared ideas and supplies, listened to awesome music and had great snacks. When I scrap today I channel the energy of my friends from that time, whom I don't get to see anymore (we are military so we move a lot). Best times ever.

I love random hang-out-with-the-neighbors parties. Someone will be talking to another, and then the conversation grows & grows until five families are all hanging out & chatting. It's awesome.

This would be awesome to win! Thank you for the chance!

I don't have one favorite thing! I love it all!

My fave party is a surprise party!

I heart birthday parties!!

We always have a neighbourhood potluck block party in the summer every year and it is definitely a favourite. We bring our lawn chairs and enjoy supper and a wonderful summer evening together.

i love to celebrated my girl's birthday!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

I always love a great birthday celebration!!

i love birthday parties! and I love this collection!

love the bow ties!

I actually love celebrating others birthdays and family reunions are a blast

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