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Monday, July 15, 2013


Amy Tan's new line! AH! LOVE! Must have, no doubt! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

My heart is ALREADY racing!!! "It's the most wonderful time of the Summer" (OK that didn't rhythm but still lol) I'm ready to squeal and drool! BRING IT AC!!

Love Amy's and Lizzy's lines!! How exciting!!

Loving the colors and patterns in all of these!

I've been waiting to see these!! Love all three and can't wait to start getting some of them in my hands!!

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I don't expect anything less from American Crafts. My favorite scrapbooking product designers by far! Can't wait to get these!!

Love!!Gorgeous new lines!

Beautiful stuff!!! I am excited for this week! <3

OH my just gorgeous!

So beautiful! Loving these new lines!


<3 these :) Can't wait to create with these collections!

I love these and can't wait to see the full reveals!

I have no idea which one is my favourite!!! I love the all!

Beautiful collections!!! I am excited for this week!

yes!! i've been waiting for sneaks of amy's new line. *happy dance*


I have yet to be disappointed by an Amy line- looks like I will be buying all of this one, too!!
Dear Lizzy line is pretty- definitely seeing some pieces that I will need.

Oh my! Beautifu l collections! I canot decide if Amy Tan or Dear Lizzy is my fav!

Very exciting! Loving everything already.

LOVE the Polka Dot Party!

love love love the polka dot party!!

Love these, but Peppermint Express is adorable with wonderful colors and designs.

All of these are awesome!!!

Love these.. I can't wait see the full collections!

I really love what I have seen so far! Dear Lizzy's line is really, really pretty!

now this is why I love American Crafts oh so much... fabulous new releases... great designs...fun colors.. love it all...

I love the look of these new collections, can't wait to see the complete collections!

Love Amy Tangerine's Collection and Dear Lizzy's Polka Dots, Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

oh my gosh YEAH!!!!!!! cant wait to see more, Amy Tangerine lines never disappoint!!

Beautiful collections!! Can't wait to see the full reveals!! :)

LOVE ALL of them.

Wow such gorgeous collections!!!

OMGoodness!! <3<3<3

OH- MY - GOD!! I was so hoping for another Amy Tangerine collection and the sneaks don't disappoint!! I'll need to get it all! The Dear Lizzy looks fabulous, too!

Oew I see som lovely tags and buttons I want to see more :)

Wow love these collections....xx


Love the Amy Tan!

Cut and Paste is darling! Looking forward to owning these collections!

Love those new lines!!

These are all gorgeous as always :)Can't wait to see the full reveal

Love it all!!

oh wow so amazing American Crafts, love them all but I'm a sucker for anything Christmassy so Peppermint Express was a hit for me!!!

Oh how I love, love, love these!!!

Oh wow, these all look great!

Exciting peeks! Everything looks amazing!

Everything looks wonderful!

Gorgeous preview! Can't wait to see more!

Dear Lizzy is gorgeous! I love Amy's line too!

I love these reveals! I love Amy and Lizzy's lines!

gorgeous!!! i'm in love with this new dear lizzy's line !!! thank you so much for this reveal!!

In love with it all already....♥

Love the new collections! Awesome!

Very nice collection! I love the Christmas tree stick pins! Adorable :)

Love those Christmas papers.

I want it all!!!! What more can be said?

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