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Monday, August 19, 2013


I haven't had the pleasure of using any AC paper collections as of yet, but Polka Dot Party and Cut & Paste both look very exciting.

I'm in love with Amy Tan's cut & PAste and have already preordered it!

I love amy Tangerine papers!
Thanks for the chance!


that's a hard one! I love 5th & Frolic...but Polka Dot Party and Cut & Paste are right behind...I think once I get the in hand the will hit the #1 spots! Thanks for the chance!

Ever since I first saw Mayberry back in the spring, it's been my favorite. The prints remind me of the fabric I first learned to sew with. My grandmother and I would sit down at her old machine and make aprons all the time!
Mayberry brings back some wonderful memories for me!

Lucky Charm is my fave! Thanks for the chance!

I'm in love with Amy Tangerine's cut & paste!
thanks for the chance to win it

Trying to choose a favorite paper collection is like trying to choose a favorite child - I love them all! I love all the Dear Lizzy collections!

I always love Lizzy's collections and Polka Dot Party is another favorite

I am so in love with the Dear Lizzy new collection!! every single piece of paper is gorgeous! thanks for the chance to win ;)

I love what Paige can do with the products! I would say the first Amy Tan line really got me excited to scrapbook!

so far lucky charm has been my favorite but would love to see if getting my hands on one of these might change my mind

I love all the Dear Lizzy collections from the past year!:)

Lucky Charm...ok, all of the Dear Lizzy lines!!

I love everything that Amy Tan makes, and Cut & Paste is my fave of hers yet!

They're all great! I have december on the brain so right now Peppermint express stands out as a favourite.

I always love Dear Lizzy collections! Her 5th and Frolic is probably my favourite collection to date but Polka Dot Party looks like it may be even better! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm is my very beat favorite. Love the paper patterns.

Ooh that is really difficult, I have so many favourite American Crafts lines... Hm, but one of my all time favourites is Dear Lizzy's 5th & Frolic (well and Amy's Cut & Paste - see, I can't decide on only one)!
Thanks for the chance to win! :)

It is hard to pick a favorite collection, but I can try to narrow it down to three. Amy Tangerine, Yes, Pleas; Dear Lizzy, Lucky Charm; and Shoreline. I bought almost the entire collection of all 3 and I seldom do that. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

When I think of Great designs with patterned papers, I think of Paige! :). My favorite collection I think is Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm. I love the navy and the mint colors in it!

Gorgeous layouts! Especially loving the triangle one! This is hard! I think maybe Ready Set Go is my favorite collection so far, but there are so many great choices!

Oh, Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party is so cute!! love it!

Hard to pick a fave of all time because they are all so great.
Christmas is always one of my faves though

it is Dear Lizzy's Neapolitan and 5th and Frolic.. in fact im using these for my birthday party this week!!! will show you what ill be creating :))

Cut & Paste is really awesome and love Peppermint Express are really cute! I can't really pick a favorite AC collection because they are all fabulous--really! Thanks for a chance to win!

I am really excited about Amy's Cut and Paste...my all time favorite up to now has been Pebbles Seen and Noted collection.

I really love the polka dot party collection by dear lizzy and American crafts! The combinations of florals, polka dots and stripes work so beautifully together! :). I just love it!!

my all time favorite would have to be 5th and frolic! love all things Dear Lizzy! <3

Hands down it is the Mayberry papers!!!

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan!! Used it at scrapfest in the AC workshop & haven't put it down since!!

Fabulous layouts! Paige is always a wonderful source of inspiration. My favorite AC collection is Dear Lizzy Fifth and Frolic. I had read somewhere how it easily coordinated with so many collections in one bloggers stash so I immediately ordered it. And guess what? That blogger was right. It is one of the most versatile collections!

It's hard to pick one but I love the mayberry collection and also the polka dot party collection.

I love all the projects specially the second one.

The Amy Tangerine paper is super-cute!

Mayberry is way too cute.

I used the heck out of Chap--I still have a few (hoarded) pieces, but I'm loving Polka Dot Party and I'll probably be using the heck out of that one too!!!

So hard to choose an all time favorite... But I will say I a really excited to see Amy's cut and paste in the stores!!

Pick a favorite.....I love anything by Amy Tangerine and I love the Polka Dot party...it is hard to pick just one.

I absolutely love the new collection by Amy Tan....actually I love all of her products :) can't wait to get my hands on the cut and paste collection! Thanks for the chance!

AHHHHH hmm How can I decide that SUPER DUPER HARD OH MY GOSH WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME this question but its a tie between Dear Lizzy & Amy T. they know how to rock PP like nobodies biz! Thanks for the chance.

I love the Polka Dot Party! I work in a little bit of polka dot into all of my projects. They make everything a little happier!! This collection combines great design and great fun!

They are all nice but Mayberry would be my favourite.

All of the papers are amazing! My faves are cut&paste and polka dot party. Thanks for this opportunity!

My favorite collection would have to be Dear Lizzy's Neapolitan collection. I've bought most of it twice and it never leaves me uninspired. I have a feeling that her new collection Polka Dot Party will be the same way!

Amy Tangerine's Cut & Paste and Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party are my favorite!

I love Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook collection. I just loved her use of watercolor in such vibrant colors.

All your collections
are wonderful, but I'm
liking Amy Tangerine
Ready Set Go right now.
Carla from Utah

I always like Dear Lizzy's collections, especially neapolitan & 5th & Frolic. Polka dot party looks like another great one too.

Totally love Mayberry. The bright colors Are wonderful and the blue patterned papers in this collection are some of my favorite individual sheets of all time. Just bought the collection for the third time!

If I absolutely have to, my favorite collection of all time (not just AC, but any collection) is the original Amy Tangerine release. But I've loved lots and lots since then, too. :)

Of the ones above, my favorite is Mayberry. But of all time I think it's Heat Wave :)

WOW this is like a dream come true giveaway!!! I have to say 5th & Frolic has to be my favorite line so far... everytime I run out of a part of that line I have to go buy another one of it! hehehe! Thanks so much!

Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook Collection is fab so I'm super excited for the new Cut & Paste! Thanks for the chance to win!

May Berry is my favorite so far because I LOVE the fruit images!!

I really like May Berry. The pinwheels, stripes, spots, berries, it's all just my style.

seriously AWESOME!

My favourite collection (possible of all time) is Lucky Charm, but I also love using Mayberry, so bright and happy! Thanks fort he chance to win!

Amy Tan's Yes, Please collection is my all-time favourite! Swoon!

I just love Mayberry!

I love them all but I am tied between Gardenia and Mayberry!

The Letterpress collection from a few years ago is definitely my favorite, but of the new releases, Peppermint Express is definitely up there on adorableness! TFS!!!

My favourite is the one's with Dear Lizzy - they are just adorable and goes with every theme! :)

Neapolitan hands down. I love love love the colors and patterns. These new papers look fabulous! Hugs~ Christine

I haven't seen it in real life yet, but I know that Polka Dot Party is sure to be a fave!

My favorite is a toss up between 5th and Frolic and Neapolitan! I love Dear Lizzy! :)

Lucky Charm for me- thanks *so* much for the chance to win, the idea of all that patterned paper makes me *very* giddy. Love love love!

I think poka dot party. Love it!

Love them all but favorite s cut &paste!.Thanks for the chance.

How can you seriously pick a favorite?? :) I love Dear Lizzy's new Lucky Charm line <3 Can't wait to see the other new lines!!

Amy and Lizzy are the best!!! I can't choose one!

Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm is one of my favorites ever.

Amy's yes please. Omg awesome giveaway! Thanks

Fabulous layouts Paige. You do know how to rock patterned paper and my favorite would be "cut & paste!" Can't wait to get my hands on some!

I've loved every Amy Tangerine collection that you've put out. Ready, Set, Go has been my fave - I bought the whole set. But of course I haven't tried the latest - Yes, Please - yet. :)

I loved Amplified, and still have a few pieces hoarded. A close second would be Dear Lizzy Spring.

So many fabulous collections! I esp love those by Amy Tan and Dear Lizzy. I think I would have to say Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic is my favorite!

I think my all time fave is 5th & Frolic :)

Love love love Dear Lizzy and Amy Tan PP collections

I love these new collections but I made a lot of fun, fall layouts with Pumpkin Patch.

I like CHAP.

So hard to decide...there is truly something to love about each collection, especially as a paper addict like me :) But I have to say that Polka Dot Party is my current fav! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

Cut & Paste and Polka Dot Party!

I love patterned paper also! Tough to pick a favorite but I will say 5th and Frolic! Thanks for the chance to win! Love these super creative layouts today!

My all time favorite to date has to be Dear Lizzy Neopolitan, love that patterned paper collection. Thanks for a chance to win another one of AC's amazing collections:-)

My all time fav is definately 5th & Frolic! I just keep buying it over and over!!

Tough question to answer - I love so many of the AC collections. But if I have to pick a favorite at the moment it would be Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm - great colors, fun icons & lots of great everyday type patterns.

Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste or Yes, Please! I love Dear Lizzy too...so many great lines AC!!

Amy's Sketch has been my favorite for a long time but Cut & Paste is sure to replace it once I get it in my hot little hands!

Lucky Charm is my favourite, I love the use of navy in this collection.

Haven't seen it in Sunny SA yet but I would love to get my hands onto "Cut and Paste".

Kringle and Company - since I'm thinking about the holidays

I like AC collections, as I have to pick just one collection I pick amy tangerine, love the hearts, the colors and patterns.

I love Dear Lizzy's Neapolitan and Lucky Charm most! Paige did an amazing job with the patterned papers. I'm in awe!

Loved Chap and wish I could find bits of it hidden somewhere! Also Mayberry was a big fave:-)

OMG Paige, amazing work!!
That is one seriously tough question! I think it would have to be my girl. Closely followed by the amy tangerine collections.

Cut and Paste - most definitely!!!! (IF I could only pick one....)

I've been loving both the Amy tangerine and dear lizzy papers, but my favorite has been the 5th and frolic collection. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

Luv Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine. Amy's new cut and past is adorable

I'm not sure I could choose... I really love any Amy Tangerine or Dear Lizzy collection, esp. Cut & Paste and Lucky Charm.

Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm! Her colors of navy, reds, tans, and yellows blend so perfectly and I love the horses and balloons!

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