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Monday, October 07, 2013


Ohhhh am I first? For my kids we love to bake and decorate the house with hand made decorations. This coming weekend we will be doing one of our other fav activities which is to go pumpkin picking which involves aunts and uncles and cousins. It's always such a fun day with family! Thanks for the awesome chance at these YUMO goodies!

Fall is my favorite time of year!! We are going apple picking this weekend :)

gardening! fall is the best time for gardening in tropical southwest Florida <3 I've been waiting all summer!

There will be a lot of baking with seasonal produce as the cooler days arrive!

Pumpkin and apple picking!! And how can I count out pumpkin spice lattes!!

Fall is my favorite season! Right now, my favorite fall activity is watching my son and his friends play in the high school marching band. Yes, there's the football game too, but lately it's been all about the music and halftime. ;)
Thanks for the chance to win! Cut and Paste is awesome!

Fall means time to visit the pumpkin farm for fresh baked goods, corn maze, hay rides, and of course pumpkin picking. It's always a fun time! Thanks for the chance at this fun collection!

I love apple picking in the fall:)

love to play in the leaves with my husband and our friends dog!

I love picking apples and jumping in piles of leaves in the fall. Gorgeous layouts today, one of my favorite collections looking forward to all the eye candy this week!

I have been wanting to go to the Pumpkin Chucking contest in Delaware every year right after Halloween! Maybe this will be the year!

My favorite fall activity is watching and especially attending football games! I love fall - the colors, the clothes, boots, food, weather - all of it! :) Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Two words...Pumpkin Farm!

My favorite fall activity is making Halloween sugar cookies. I just love the smell of them baking and all the fun colors used to decorate them with. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

A fall corn maze!.

Great pages! I love to simply enjoy fall- the cool weather, the cool weather clothes, rainy dreary days (yeah, those too), cool weather foods... all of it.

I like to bake apple pies!

I LOVE the pumpkin patch! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Here in Hawaii not to much fall changes but a local farm always puts together a pumpkin patch festival for families and schools. So every year I try to take the kids no matter how old to go because that's the only fallish thing to do beside the actual halloween. I love the new Amy Tan line and the thickers, has got to be my favorite! Tone can never have to many Amy T products! Thanks for a chance!

Walking in a park and playing with leaves!

I love going to the farmers marker Sat. and stock up on some yummy goodies.

Now that the weather is cooling down, we get to go sailing more often. There are some advantages of living in the sunshine state :)

I already have the Cut & Paste paper pad but would absolutely love more paper and all these fun embellishments, stickers, etc that are part pf this lovely collection!! Our family loves going to the local Pumpkin Patch to get our pumpkins for Halloween!!

Fall is all about football for mesince my son started playing! I love it!

Love this kit! Thanks for sharing!

MY favorite fall activity is going to the pumpkin patch! I'm trying to find a weekend to do it!

I love to walk around the Boston Commons with my husband in the fall...the trees are just lovely!

My favorite fall activity is eating pumpkin pie!

The pumpkin patch, and scarves ;)

One activity our family loves is going to a local towns Pumpkin Festival! So much fun for the whole family!

I like baking (and EATING!) apple pies!
Fantastic projects :)

Paige is the ultimate paper piecer! I am always amazed by her intricate and still cohesive layouts. We will be visiting lots of pumpkin patches this fall...we love pumpkins!

we have a favorite, of going to the cider mill for cider and donuts and picking out pumpkins...fall colors are in full bloom and the crisp air makes everyone smile.

We enjoying getting out and looking at the fall colors. I also love to bake with pumpkin this time of the year. I absolutely love the layouts. I might have to scrap lift then.

Driving around to see all the trees changing colors!

To walk in the local forest preserves to see the gorgeous colors of the leaves. Mother nature truly works her spectacular magic!! Love the autumn colors!!!

My favorite fall activity is carving pumpkins! My boyfriend and I challenge each other every year to be creative and push yourselves with our designs. This year I plan to carve Linus and The Great Pumpkin from Peanuts!

My favorite fall activity is what we did this past Saturday - go apple and pumpkin picking!!

I love to paint our pumpkin for Halloween (we don't carve...we paint!)

I love to take my girls to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins & other fun activities they do on the farm! We also love to bake & decorate Halloween cookies!

Going to the pumpkin patch!

Gorgeous layouts ladies! Elizabeth, I love how you created the word love with the sparkle! As for a fall activity, this was the third year that I've traveled about 1,000 miles to meet up with some amazing women and scrapbook ears for a scrapbook retreat! I hope to make it an annual thing!

my fave fall thing is going to the pumpkin patches!!!! and wearing hoodies...

LOVE LOVE all the work from the DTs!!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love baking and going to the apple orchard with my family.

Advertising for basic carpentry work, how to do it?

I love going apple picking! Baking apple pies is my fave!

This looks like a fun collection.
I always look forward to decorating the front porch for fall.

ooh would love to win this fab collection. I love Autumn for all the changing colours so I would choose to visit a local Arboretum to see some of the glorious trees in all their Autumnal splendour

the one true tradition that my husband and i have is to take a walk around walden pond each fall. it's such a beautiful spot to take in the foliage and a quiet refuge from the city.

I love taking my kids out to play in the leaves - and have my camera handy. Fall photos are the best with the colors and light and cute sweaters, mittens and hats :) Also, making apple sauce is nice - the smell is pure heaven.

i like walking our puppy in the woods so we can see the lovely leaves!!!! TFS!

We love apple picking and visiting our friends for the thanks giving long weekend.

My brother hosts a Halloween party every year and as a family we have so much planning,making our costumes and I make black cat cookies that everyone goes crazy for! Love this time of year!

Baking apple pie!

Oh I absolutely LOVE this Amy Tan line!! Thanks for the chance to win!
A favourite fall activity of mine is to go outside and make photos in the park with all the beautiful red, orange and yellow trees!

We like to go camping in autumn (fall)... Cooler weather means we can light a camp fire and toast marshmallows!!

Gorgeous projects! We love to go to Cider Mills and camping in the fall.

We love to go to the pumpkin patch and of course we have to stop for apple cider on the way!

we are in the middle of spring in NZ.... but during Autumn/Fall i love to keep having coffees outside at cafes...but with scraves and boots....love that the weather is still nice to be out....but with a chance to wear all those yummy layers!!!

Oh you are so generous! I would love to win the Cut & Paste collection! We always love to go to our local pumpkin farm and pick pumpkins and go through the corn maze! Thanks for the chance to win!

My husband and I
went to a corn maze
this weekend. First
time we've been in
23 years! We only
got lost once!
Carla from Utah

We live in a corn-growing area. I love to load up a group of teens from our church and enjoy taking them through a local corn maze in the dark. Spooky and fun!

I work with pre-schoolers, so by far my favorite thing is spending time outside observing the crispness and beauty.

Absolutely love everything Fall-related! Pumpkin choosing, apple picking, foliage photos, hiking, hot soups, hot chocolate, Halloween, hay rides, apple cider, Thanksgiving, sweater weather....I can't pick!!

My favorite fall activity is picking out the perfect pumpkin with the kids.

I love going to the pumpkin patch, especially if we can catch it one of the few cool days. Fall is my favorite season and I dream of one day being somewhere that looks like fall.

I love crunching leaves at the park.

I love sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and seeing the colors change. I love fall.

i like trimming my roses and putting them to bed for the winter

I love pumpkin picking. :)

I love hiking on a bright fall day walking through the leaves and looking at all the colorful trees and snow capped mountains.

I like taking walks in the beautiful, crunchy leaves!

It has to be the corn maze and hayrides :-)

Next Sunday my hubby and I will take our girls to a farm for a hay ride where we get to feed corn to the cows, there is a mini hay maze for the kiddos and we pick pumpkins... so fun! I love this tradition.

I love the fall because I can start making soups again, and then of course there are the pumpkin lattes...

Love this collection! My favorite fall activity is choosing and carving pumpkins. So many lovely traditions in the fall! Thanks!

I have the opportunity every year to drive the kindergarten students on my school bus to the pumpkin patch. I get to go on the hayride and love watching their expressions and taking pictures of the event.

Getting cider and donuts at the pumpkin patch!

how sad we don;t have fall here in indo.. but speaking of fall remind me of doing a road trip and a short walk on some parks ^^

My favorite fall activity is probably apple and pumpkin picking! i love to bake all kinds of apple and pumpkin goodies! YUM!

I love all of this. Oh, my! I thank you for this post. I really appreciate it so much. :)

I love all the kid's Halloween parties!

Does eating count? LOL! I love to eat fresh apples from the local apple farm. I also love to see the beautiful fall colors in our area. Thanks for the chance to win!

I've been thinking about making soup! It sounds just right for these chilly evenings we are starting to get.

Collecting wild hazelnuts and wild blackberries in the countryside. A lot of fun and good exercise too.

The start of the cooler weather means more comfortable camping trips, long hikes in the country and lots of baking yummy goodies. Love all of the cut and paste goodies and hope to see some of them.

Just luv luv Amy's Cut & Paste.
Fall's colors take my breath away.

To the forest with my 1 year old son. Walk together through the leaves and make beautiful pictures ... Little things can quickly fill a mother's heart with lots of love!

We have a little hard to find picnic area along a northern michigan river that has the most spectacular high overlooking view of all the beautifully colored trees. It's such an amazing spot and yet we rarely ever see other people there. So peaceful!

We love going to the pumpkin patch!

Gorgeous layouts!! I just love this collection, I think its one of my fave by Amy! Fall activity that I like, there are so many but I think that apple picking is my fave.

I love baking quick breads for my family. Today it was banana bread. This weekend, I plan to make an apple cinnamon loaf.

woohoo!!! i just love hanging around in the house !!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I always get my grandsons for a fall crafting day. They are still very young (ages 4 & 6) and love to come to Nana's to craft! We start the day with lunch at Micki D's and so they can play on the playsets, then off we go to pick out pumpkins...it takes them forever to choose the pumpkin they want to decorate..and it's so much fun watching them choose! Then we stop at the craft store so they can pick out their paints. Which again takes forever! ha ha.. Then it's back to Nana's to paint the pumpkins and once dry we proudly display them on my hay display I have set up with scarecrows and mums..They love doing this and I love getting all the great shots to scrap!

Always love our trip to the pumpkin patch :)

I hope to bake lots this fall!

My best friend an I are going to have a fall photo shoot with her 8 month old baby :) I hope we're doing it a bit "halloweeny" as well :)

Wow - those pages are gorgeous! I love this line! Every fall we decorate our front door and entry way.

I love going to the fresh food market on the weekends

We love picking and carving pumpkins for Halloween!

The pumpkin patch!

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