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Monday, October 28, 2013


my girls are all over the board this year...my 12 yo wants to be a bunny with a top hat; one of my 10 yo twins is going to be 'slenderman' and the other an 'enderman'. so much fun making a costume when you have no idea what they are!

My daughter and her hubby are going as Captain Hook and Tinkerbell this year! Not sure how I'm going to co-ordinate that whole thing! LOL!

Love these pages! Gorgeous!
My kids will be vampires! :)

Sadly my kids won't be dressing up this year. My son is working and my daughter is too old to trick-or-treat. That doesn't mean that I don't have lots of pictures from past Halloweens to scrap. Kelly's pages are great inspiration!

My daughter (age 10) is dressing up as the Goddess Athena. My son (age 14) is dressing up as Ralphie from the Christmas Story wearing the big pink bunny suit.

My son loves penguins and his grandmother made him a penguin costume. This will be my daughter's first Halloween and she is going to be a cute spider from Pottery Barn!

Nothing this year. My fave one was Red riding hood)

ah! harry potter! i will never get tired of harry potter costumes :) this year, my sister dressed up my niece and baby nephew as dorothy as the cowardly lion. the photos nearly destroyed me.

I am so glad that Halloween has become more popular over here in the UK... I think my son will be a skeleton and my daughter (a teenager) will probably do something gory again like a run over school girl lol! I wish we had a Target they have some fantastic scrapbook items and these are no exception.

I no longer dress up on Halloween anymoore but, my best friend at work is going to dress up as a ring leader for a circus. Her costume looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

My neighbor's son will be dressing up as a pirate:-)

i'm a WITCH every year!~

Dd and I went to a Halloween party this past weekend, and we dressed up like Goonies! She was Data and I was Sloth! Everyone recognized us right off the bat. That was a great feeling!

Love the layouts. The one with the circles is just so so cute! My Grandsons plan to be Zombie's of course! Ha Ha...they are so into the Zombie trend!

Ooh...I love Halloween craft goodies! My sweet little 2 yr old nephew dressed up as a lion Saturday for a fall festival. He was adorable!!!!

Love the layouts! My granddaughter will be a mermaid.

LOVE halloween!!!! my lil on is going to be an owl, my older daughter is going to be a Day of the Dead girl and my son will be the grim reaper.

We love Halloween and this collection is awesome! My son is going as the Grim Reaper this Halloween :)

LOVE your layouts, Kelly! Such fun colors and patterns for the holiday!
My grands are going as Draculara (age 7 girl) and the 5 yo boy will be one of the Mutant ninja turtles!!

I'm going to dress up as my cat, Captain Chaos!!

Fun to be had as I am
going to be an owl! I
bought the mask but
made my costume.
Carla from Utah

My 10-year-old niece is dressing up as a jester. When her grammy asked her why she chose that one...my niece said, "Because it was the only costume left." Awwwww...

I love Kelly's work! I think my kids will be zombies this year!

My two little grandsons are going as clowns this year...can't wait to see them!

My son is going to be Harry Potter, too! My daugher is going as Merida from the movie Brave. I'm super happy about both of their choices!

Love those layouts!
My niece & newphew are going to be zombies this year.

My daughter is dressing up as Sophia the First (Disney Jr)

My son is going as a ninja. And my daughter was going as a witch but now changed it to Avril Lavigne. A little punk rocky. :)

I have a 4 mo. old grandson. He is gonna be Baby Elvis.

my 90 year old mother is dressing up as "Bonnie" from Bonnie and Clyde!
She loves Halloween always has. It is so funny! I love it too and love the items at Target. thanks.

My granddaughter Sophia is dressing up as Sofia.

I will be dressing my dog up as a little devil! Awesome giveaway!

I know some kids that are going to be superheroes. I don't think kids ever get tired of Super Man, Batman, etc. ;)

I love Halloween because we can have fun dressing up, this year my baby will be malefica and just lovely!

Super cute pages. Two of my grandkids will be a bumble bee and Spiderman!

My daughter is going as an angel and her son is going as the devil, they look so cute in their costumes! Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful Halloween goodies AC!

Wow, love the Harry theme and the stunning LO. Kelly, you oak. I am going as a pirate and my son is Pikachu.

Thanks for the inspiration! Love the Harry layout. I would live to see my son as Harry. But that's just a wish. He will be a ghost, if he dress himself up.

Lovely layout!!! My niece is dressing up as a Princess. :-)

Love those layouts! Awesome job Kelly! My middle granddaughter is going to be a unicorn. She purchased a unicorn latex head at Comic Con this summer.

Darling layouts. My husband (aged 69) will be dressing up as a chipmunk when we help hand out candy at our Church on Halloween night. In real life he is so quiet, serious and rather shy but he loves that costume.
Too funny.
isoscia at aol dot com

I don't have kids yet so I live vicariously through my sister. My niece & nephew are Rapunzel & Elmo and way too cute!!! My sister is not crafty so I have created scrapbooks for each of the kids and will gift them to them on their 18th birthdays :)

My daughter (age 14) and her girlfriend are going to a party and she is dressing as a lion and her friend as a tiger. Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

My boys are still in the throes of superhero obsession. They have both decided to be Batman. So I guess you could say they'll be the Batmen. ;-)
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome stuff!

I dressed up as Catwoman (the Dark Knight version) for a Halloween party I went to this past weekend :)

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday to scrap! There are just so many good products to use & these pages are great inspiration!

OOPS... forgot to add that we are going with a Little Mermaid theme this year. :)

I love all those goodies they are selling at Target now! Would love to win this:) my son is going to be a green ninja and my 1yr old is going to be a mouse!!! Adorable, I know:)

this is so adorable, the colors are really pop & i can't wait for halloween, and being a momma of 3 boys (2 teens) let's just say we are not doing "cute" in this house... think jigsaw from the SAW movies, a horse head mask, an FBI agent, and i've a hubby who will be suiting up in a hazmat & respirator mask just like Heisenberg in Breaking Bad and i will be the cop arresting him ;) lol

My daughter is dressing as the devil & I am the angel. I can't wait to go trick or treating!

My son is going to be a Greaser from the 50's . Think John Travolta in Grease . I love Halliween . Love these layouts , thanks for sharing .

My granddaughter is going to be Minnie Mouse. She is crazy about her.

My husband and I are dressing up as pirates, my daughter is Lagoona Blue from Monster High and my son is a Ninja. Thanks for a great giveaway.

One of my favorite costumes was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, my daughter looked adorable!

BOO-tiful layouts Kelly - thank you for the inspiration!!!

As for Halloween, my sister-in-law makes THE MOST GHOULISH ZOMBIE EVER, love her outfit and "just-like-the-movies" makeup!!! The whole family dresses up, one niece makes the prettiest little princess, the other the cutest casino candy girl and last but definitely not least, my brother and nephew the furriest pair of Wild Things :)

Thank You for the chance to win!!!

My youngest granddaughter is going to be Doc McStuffins and the older one is going as a pumpkin. They will go to only a few houses to trick or treat as they prefer to be home to help hand out the candy and see all the other costumes. Halloween is such fun!

Granddaughters as follows: Brooke 8 yrs old as Penelope from Wreck it Ralph movie, Claire 5 yrs old as Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and the youngest, Ally 3 yrs old, as the cutest little witch ever.

Myself: A pumpkin. thanks for the chance to win.

My oldest this year is embracing the "punk/gothic" look - thankfully it won't be permanent (I hope). The youngest is still undecided and I am doing "Day of the Dead" - that makeup is crazy - thanks for the inspiring layout!

I have a ninja and Hermione from Harry Potter ;) Thanks for the chance!

My son is going as a fox (What does the fox say?) Love the Target line!

We haven't think about it yet ! And Halloween is coming in two days !

My nephew and his wife are having a Halloween party and dressing up as zombies.

My daughter is going to be a friendly zombie.

My son wants to be a mean robot with a black cape. Love his imagaination.

My grandson plans to be a gladiator. He's quite excited :)

My son-in-law, a high school teacher, made a unicorn head with glittered horn to wear on Halloween!

my daughter is going as rowen hood the female version of robin hood

This year I'm going as a wicked witch... potions and all. I'd love to win this awesome set of stuff!

My Mom made us the most awesome costumes growing up. One year I was a Cabbage Patch Kid!

I can't get enough of the the Halloween paper's ect. either. This would be a great addition to my stash.

Forgot to mention my grandaughter is going to be a racoon this year.

These are amazing, Kelly!

I'll be going as myself with my daughter dressed as a pumpkin - if it doesn't storm!

My grandkids are going as 1. Hermione (from Harry Potter);2. Alice in Wonderland 3. A pirate 4. Max Steel ( some new super hero type) Such fun !!

Dressing up Miss Pixie, our furry little one, as a fox...So cute!

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We are dressing up to pass out candy but its going to be cold & rainy here in Ohio. I'm dressing up as a nerd and my husband is going as a giant sumo wrestler! Love the giveaway!

My toddler is going to be a little duck! I look forward to scrapbooking about this - his 2nd Halloween!

Such a great layout! My daughter was a very traditional jack o lantern!

I LOVE these layouts so much! Gorgeous!

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