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Monday, November 18, 2013


I love the big family gatherings with yummy food!

I love buying gifts for my kids and seeing the joy on their faces Christmas morning.

It's just a *cozy* time of year! Everyone slows down a bit (yes, even with the mad holiday rush) and there's lots of love and sparkle and joy around.

What I love most about the holidays is the opportunities to gather with family to celebrate and enjoy each others company!

Great collection!. I love Christmas food!!!jajaja
Thanks for the chance!


family gathering and tons of food :p it;s always to busy to meet during normal time so gathering can only be held during holidayy,,,

I love all the time spent with family and friends. We make more time for that during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

I love getting together with family... TFS!

There's so much to love about the holiday season! I think my favorite part is that we have so many traditions. There are more foods we make, places we go, and things we do that we don't do any other time of year.

I love seeing all my family together in one day!

I love time spent with family, the colorful lights, the decorations, and the joy and warmth of the season!

I love time with family and friends and just how much nicer everyone seems to be to one another during this season.

I love the time with family and celebrating traditions, and also remembering the reason for the season! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love all the family time and seeing the Joy all around:)

I love all of the traditions that come along with holiday season. Especially those which involve family.

Love the traditions :the tree ,the songs,the family all together...

I love all the beautiful decorations, colorful lights, Christmas carols and spending time with family. :-)

What don't I love?! I love hot chocolate and sweaters and decorating the tree. I love wrapping presents and having family parties, and seeing the lights. I also love the pretty scrapbook lines and this is no exception! Thanks for a chance to win!

Cooking, baking and family time. And lots of photo ops for scrapbooking!

I love the time spent with family and friends.

I like the family gatherings and decorations but since my son is now almost five, he has brought a new excitement to the Holidays that I have honestly not had for quite a few years. It's really fun to see it through his eyes!

i like how people seem to be kinder and more considerate

spending it with my gorgeous husband that is truly all I need.

oh wow what a fun line!!!!

My fave thing is just spending more time with the family. Esp when the kids have the time of school and hubby usually gets a few days off and we just hang out together.

The excitement of my kids & the giggles and the memories made each year. Reminds me of how blessed I am

I love being with my family and eating lots of yummy meals together. We play games, do puzzles, and watch movies together.

I love the holidays ;) this collection is perfect!

I enjoy the happy
feelings going on
all around us during
the holidays! Everyone
is nicer and smiles more.
Carla from Utah

I love cold winter nights spend indoors watching Christmas movies curled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate!

I love being with family!

I love watching my kids get so excited about the holiday season itself. We love putting up our nativity set, watching Christmas movies--that I watched as a kid, making Christmas cards for everyone, and keeping an eye out for snow. So much fun!

My favorite part about the holidays is seeing the little ones eyes light up when they see the tree on Christmas morning. The big meal where we all sit for hours and stuff ourselves and catch up with each others lives! Meme's tourtiere stuffing in my mouth, my neighbor's homemade candies, mom's bread stuffing, fresh baked homemade rolls with lots of butter, a big juicy slice of turkey and the desserts! Opening the door to find a surprise guest show up! The firemen's eyes when we show up the day AFTER Christmas with a whole holiday meal just for them. Those are the things that make the holidays merry for me and my family!

What I love the most about the Holiday season is taking the time to see family and just have fun and sit around and visit without feeling like I have to rush off to do something. I also LOVE having my kids home for two weeks were we can just hang out and have fun!

I love the time off of school and work to just be. To sleep in, to be lazy. To enjoy my family without all the hustle and bustle of our normal routine.

I love spending time with family and friends and, of course, the food! TFS!!

Family coming into town. We have so much fun together.

I love the togetherness with friends and family!

Great collection and fab projects with it! I love all the extra family and friend time I get throughout the holiday season :)

I love the time with family and the general feeling of goodwill that seems to take over people if only for a short time.

I love the colors, the smells, the festivities, and the family time. I am especially looking forward to Christmas this year because it will be my daughters first Christmas.

I love stay with family, Christmas lights, make the tree :)

Mmm ... peppermint. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I love baking. It's the one time of year I let myself indulge in making treats I normally consider too decadent

I love performing in holiday concerts with my band and flute choir as well as spending time with my family!

I love that my family is together and feel blessed for the celebration of a renewed life:-)

Seeing all the little ones excitemnt during the season but most of all seeing their faces light up the most when we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

I love to be with my family and blessing them over the Christmas season.

I love buying/making presents for people - it's so fun to think up something that will bring them joy & anticipating their reaction.

i work at UPS, so the holiday season is always CRAZY, but i always enjoy spending the holidays with my family :)

My daughter's birthday is December 20th, so we have lots to celebrate every holiday season. I love all of the family gatherings and cookies!

What I love most about the holiday season is how happy my husband gets....he loves to decorate the inside and outside of our home. I really LOVE all the embellishments that now come out with your new collections. A gal can never have too many embellishments.

This looks like such a sweet collection!
What I love most about the season is driviang around & seeing all the houses lit up as well as having extra family time.

I absolutely adore peppermint lane! It's so hard for me to decide which thing I love most about the holiday season but I would have to say that it's getting together and spending time with our family. :)

Family and Moravian ginger cookies. With coffee and friends. Love the new collection.

Love this collection! My favorite thing about the holidays is the Christmas music I love it :)

great projects!

I love this collection and these projects are so beautiful! I enjoy spending time with family, eating good food and buying gifts for everyone!

Beautiful collection, I love the bright, festive colors! I love decorating, baking Christmas cookies, sledding and spending time with family :)

This is such a fun bright collection.
I love visiting homes and places for the
christmas lights, and making a gingerbread house.

I love all the Christmas decorations in stores and I LOVE Christmas music! However I could do without the long holiday lines.... LOL I love this fun Christmas line!

I love decorating the tree and house and doing lots of baking! Thanks for the chance. This is a great collection.

I love taking out the holiday decorations and remembering the many years past.

Wow! I love your lines and now this is another one I must have!

I love it when it is late on Christmas Eve and it is so peaceful and quiet. It reminds me of the song verse "all is calm, all is bright". It feels to me like for a little while the whole world is peaceful with each other.

I love all the traditions that go with Christmas, Christmas cards, the baking and the shopping and wrapping for loved ones. Great collection, love the traditional colors.

I love all of the memories and traditions!

I love to drive through neighborhoods to see all of the beautiful lights and Christmas displays. It makes me feel like a young child again.

Wow, great projects! So creative! Love this line! I love all of our family traditions and spending time with family during the holidays!

I love that everyone in my family comes home for Christmas and we just enjoy each others company!!

I love remembering the true meaning of Christmas during the holiday season!

I love Christmas music, both Christian and secular, and old Christmas movies! I also love all the decorations.

The lights! Living in the north makes the winters daaaaark, but all the Christmas lights makes this time of the year a little easier to come through. :)

Oh my God they look so cute:X:X

Christmas morning!

I love having a Christmas tree in the house.

I love the joy of the season that pervades all the celebrations.

First of all I looove this collection... well I enjoy decorating the house and specially the christmas tree with my family, it's a beautiful family tradition.

I really love the atmosphere in December: it’s starting to get darker and become colder, the Christmas lights on the streets and in the houses makes it so cozy, likewise I love to wear scarfs and snowshoes and drink Choco milk in the evening. I love December :)

Thanks for the chance to win this Christmas collection!

I love holiday decorations! They always make me smile and I look forward to seeing them around the neighborhood!

I love all of the food, driving at night to see the bright lights, taking time to be with family - and celebrating my son's birthday (on the 29th!).

Great projects--love the ribbon Christmas tree.
I love the time with family and the special church services.

I love bringing joy to others by finding the perfect present for everyone on my list!

Love the collection! My favourite part of the holiday season is the time I get to spend with my family!

I love walking outside and feel the cold breeze, I love the chritsmas decoration; Love making cards for family and friends, drink hot cocoa at nights, the time I spent when all my family get together on dec. 25th..
Love it all!

Thanks for the chance to win!

What I love most about the holiday season.. choosing and wrapping presents, spending time with my family, baking together.

I love catching up with family and friends!

Fabulous collection!!!
Thank you for sharing your lovely layouts and card to showcase the crafty pretties included Janna and Madeline!!!
As for the holiday season, apart for making the extra effort to visit with family and friends, there is more of a "happy vibe" around everywhere you go, cheery smiles are shared more often and are even more welcome when they come with a friendly word or two too :)

I love the holiday season because I get to spend time with family that I do not see often and just the overall happy sparkly feel around me! Those are some beautiful projects and I love this whole collection! Thank you for a chance to win!

To me the Holiday's mean family. I am very lucky that we have a family were we all honestly like each other. I live out of town from all of my girls so the Holiday's have an extra special meaning to me. It is the time I get to eat with my girls, their husbands, and of course my beloved 6 grandsons...yes I have all grandsons...no grand daughters! he he he..but back to the point. I love the family time the most. Nothing is better than eating a good meal and laughing with your family. And believe me..around my girls and husband..you will always be laughing! :o) Thanks for the chance to win! I adore the designs in this collection!

I love seeing family members and spending special time together!

Mostly I love the decorations, food and time spent together.

Being out of school

I love the hustle and bustle and sharing a good time.

I love seeing the holidays through the eyes of my cute grandkids.

Absolutely love the ribbon on the tree! My favorite thing about the holiday season is watching how others open their hearts to those who need it most.

the lights inside and outside make me happy especially since the days are so short this time of year in Canada.

Best thing from holiday season is the family gathering where everyone could meet, talk and eat together warmly... coz that's the only time of the year when everyone is not busy with their own thing ^^

Just a note to say how much I like Madeline's Christmas card. I'm going to try it!

Beautiful projects!

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