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Monday, November 11, 2013


We actually celebrate with family the day before Thanksgiving (we always go see a holiday movie and then have a big dinner out), so Thanksgiving day is a RELAXING, lovely day off, with my little family. It's pretty amazing :)

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but I am still thankful for a lot of things this year! Mainly my family and friends...they're amazing.

We're having a small quiet Thanksgiving at home this year, no relatives in town, but I'm planning to have the girls make decorations for the table and to do some other things to make it special.

We are planning on having Thanksgiving dinner at home since we don't have any extended family near us and then shopping:)

This year will be at home for the 1st time as we have to stay in for our sweet preemie. It will be my 1st time making s full Thanksgiving for my family of 6 I actually am excited. We will be face timing with the rest of the family so we can be there in a way!

we dine with a large group of non-related family and spend the weekend setting up the tree and decorating!

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Spain, but I love autumn and this collection!!!!
Thanks for the chance!


It looks like we will be alone for thanksgiving this year but that is ok....my husband and will cook up a wonderful and healthy spread and maybe even a pecan pie to splurge on!! this collection is gorgeous with the warm rich colors and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win it.

I'm so excited my son will be home from college so we will just have a lovely family gathering and I would have just come back from my holiday in the south of France. Feeling blessed and thankful!!!

My husband and I have no relatives in town, but we spend the day in the traditional way even so. We take our time cooking the whole feast, set the table for the special meal, talk about what we're thankful for and photograph the whole thing! :-) Thanks for having this giveaway; I love the Autumn Crisp collection.

I am Canadian so we celebrated thanksgiving a month ago. We enjoyed the weekend with family and friends, took family photos, and ate not one but two full turkey dinners. Happy thanksgiving.

Being as how I'm in Canada, we've already celebrated Thanksgiving, but it was actually a 2 day affair celebrating with both sides of the family!

This collection is one of my new favorites!! Thanksgiving week is busy for us because we have 3 birthdays back to back but I am really excited because this year we are hosting dinner at our house. All our family will be there to give thanks and celebrate! And we are frying a turkey which is sooo yummy! :)

spending time with family!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I love the autumn crisp! This would be lovely to own

I love driving to my families house for thanksgiving. I live out of state from them so it's a six hour drive. I love the scenery that time of year. I have a large family too so it gets hectic during get together's. I see my drive as the peaceful calm before the storm lol.

Love the colors in this collection...& those projects are fantastic!

We aren't completely sure what we are doing on Thanksgiving yet! We just moved away from family & friends, so our first thoughts were to make a Thanksgiving dinner with only the dishes that we love & then go to the movies. But now some new friends have invited us to spend the day with their family in Bismark....so we shall see what we decide to do!!

We are hosting again at our house. So excited to celebrate with family soon. Thanks fr the giveaway!

We'll be at my parents'-- surrounded by family and friends :)

I'll be with my family (like always)!!! Love those little wooden paper clips... they'd be lovely on cards! TFS!

Wed night we celebrate w/ my family and Thursday we do it again w/ my husband's extended family.

How fun! We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. We had newly moved in last year and had it here for the first time and we're liking the thought of making it a tradition. ;)
- April W

Thanksgiving was about a month ago for me here in Canada. We celebrated not once, but twice, enjoying time with both my family and my husband's. So very thankful that we get to spend so much time with our families.

My plans for Thanksgiving are to eat TWICE! Once at my folk's house and once at my in-law's!

We will be at my parents with all our closet friends and family!

Hmm... we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany, but we will probably be out and about and enjoy the weather!

Gorgeous thanksgiving and fall creations! Unfortunately we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland, so for me it will be just a regular day of studying ;)

We go to my sister in laws and everyone brings a dish!
Then I work off my big meal by putting up my Christmas tree!

My family and I will be going to my parents and inlaw's houses.

We'll be heading to Grandma's where it'll be noisy, crazy and Grandma will cook too much food as usual.

In Sweden, we don't celebrate thanksgiving. So, it's just an ordinary day, but I will spend it with my family.

Great to see the collection and the lovely projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

My parents host Turkey day every year for the whole family, yup that is about 70 people. Could not ask for a better family tradition to share with my daughter :)

I plan to cook dinner for my family!

Wow. Amazing collection and Wonderful projects. So inspiring. This year, we plan to have a small Thanksgiving meal. Just My hubby me and my two kiddos. Nothing big like years before. We just moved so we decided to just go casual this year.

Thanksgiving day plans: family, food, football, and most likely a nap. The best kind of day!

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. But I go on a little trip next week and see Christmas fair there)

Woo hoo!!! Love this whole collection ;))

I don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the uk but I can imagine I'll be working all day and then coming home and making cards! I'd love to make cards with this collection, so beautiful.

My family will go to my parents' for the holiday! TFS!

Heading north to my inlaws!

This year is the first time Thanksgiving will be at my son's house.

I am going to be staying at home so I can work black friday while my family goes out of town for Thanksgiving. :( So I'll be having a solo Thanksgiving, I guess. I LOVE this line though! The pink and aqua in this collection are such fresh colors for a fall line!

We spend Thanksgiving Day with my family and having the traditional dinner and then in the evening we go to my Mother in Laws and have dessert and coffee, the late evening to my sister's house for family game night(mostly card playing). Love this time of year and thanks for the chance to win!

I'm Italian, we don't have Thanksgiving, but I think it's a great day, to share with friends and family, I'd like to celebrate something like that.
This collection is beautiful, I love the colors and all the embellishments

We're an "every other year" kind of family. This year, my sister will be with her in-laws so it'll be just me and my Mom. We'll probably have pizza for Thanksgiving--that has become our "every other year" tradition! =D

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! My mom and step dad will actually be here as well as my brother who has been living overseas for the last year. I cannot wait!

We'll be visiting both sides of the family and then enjoying the black friday fun!

We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Peru, but this month I'm documenting through my instagram what I'm grateful each day.

We'll be celebrating at my mom's house! I love this collection!!

Unfortunately I am working. So, at our fire station, we each make a dish which amounts to tons of good food! We are thankful for our second family:)

We are having a small thanksgiving with just me and my husband. It will be a great day to spend together.

Great collection! My husband
and I will be eating at Mimi's
for Thanksgiving.
Carla from Utah

I plan to go to my daughter's house, then come home and pack for Disney.

Like Gina, our family tradition is to head to Apple Hill. I'm wondering if there is more than one in America (probably) or if she is from the Sacramento area as well.

My parents and my sister and her gang will come to Virginia for Thanksgiving this year! Can't wait! It's been a while since we've all been together!

Pretty traditional plans here - going to my parents house with my family! Can't wait! :)

Cooking my first turkey this year! A bunch of us twenty-something- year-olds with no family in town will be spending the day together, being grateful for friendship and thinking of our far away families :)

On Thanksgiving, it will just be me & my Dad as we are the only family in town. I love spending time with my Dad watching football that he enjoys (yuck!) and cooking that I enjoy. My sister will be in town with us on that Saturday and I can't wait to spend time with them. My 3 yr old niece and I are planning on coloring and making cookies. I can't wait!

Going to my Mom's house. We have a small family and only two little one's so it is fun to see the 3 & 4yr old cousins playing together!

We already had our thanksgiving here in Canada, which I spent with my family in a traditional turkey day!

I love Thanksgiving--some years it even falls on my birthday. We are getting together with family for dinner.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

I'm making dinner for extended family at our home. It will be the first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

I am staying HOME! I am so excited. It's been a big traveling year and I am just thrilled to be grounded due to the impending arrival of our next baby girl! :) Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Thanksgiving isn't a holiday in Singapore but I hope to at least have dinner with family then!

I love all of the wonderful colors of Fall and your new collection is ideal for all of those wonderful Fall projects we love to make.

We are planning to have Turkey. :) I am actually hosting this year...a small group of immediate family! This is different for us because most years we have more than 35 at my Uncles! Looking forward to a more quite time...

We're going to catch some of those fishes from daddy's little pond then grill it for dinner.. yay.. it's going to be simple family dinner representing how gratefull we are to have each other as family ^^

I'm going to my 90 yr old grandma's house with my sister, her bf, my mother, aunt, and cousin. It should be a lot of laughs and good food!

Making my first holiday dinner. It's just DH and I this year, so it'll be a small turkey with lots of leftovers!

Good morning! Absolutely adore this autumn crisp line. The colors are perfect for fall. I will be going over to my sister in-law's house and then to a close friends afterwards. Looking forward to eating and not having to cook!

We don't celebrate Thanks Giving day here but everyday I am thankful for the love showered upon me.

I will likely have to work at the aquarium but then I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family. :-)

Love these projects and this beautiful fall collection! I'll be spending the day with both my family and my boyfriend's family. Looking forward to it!

Just our family and a great big turkey with all the fixin'. Hope your guys have a happy Thanksgiving too!

I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year . We'll i do that every year but this year we are having a couple special guests . My dad will be here , he just moved back to the states after being in Puerto Rico for the last ten years . So I am super excited to have my family all together . Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and a chance to win .

Pretty collection! ... I will be heading to my sister's house and spending the long weekend with family ;)

Slowing down and enjoying time with family!.

We are having a 4 generation dinner at my dad's and step-mom's with my kids and grandkids.

We are planning to have a nice dinner and watch a movie. Just having some great family time.

this will be the first thanksgiving with just me and my husband. we usually travel around the country to see family but it will be nice to have some time together at home! plus boston usually clears out during the holidays so we'll have the city to ourselves!

I plan to spend the day with my family. I always look forward to this time.

I will spend the day with my family.

What a fantastic collection! I love the crisp fall colors and the wonderful inspiration!

I live in Canada so we had Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. We spent the day with family and had a wonderful turkey dinner :)

We normally go to another family members house but this year were staying home having our own meal and watch a movie.

Wow..loving the inspiration! This Thanksgiving is going to be a very lonely one. We had planned on going out of state to my Husbands family so I told my girls we wouldn't be here this year to cook...Then he couldn't get off and the girls had already made plans to spend it with their father...so so sad :o(..It will be my first Thanksgiving without my girls :o(..but..on the brighter note..My husband and I decided that since the girls couldn't come we would go out somewhere really nice and eat. No cooking could be a plus in an otherwise crappy Holiday :o)

We are having dinner with our extended family, meeting up with friends, and starting the shopping season!

We will be having our kids, our parents and some friends over for thanksgiving dinner during the day. Then I will begin digging around in the storage area for Christmas decorations and begin putting my favorite things out. Probably will end the day with a family favorite Christmas movie.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Slovenia. I will probably go to see my friends.

We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain but it is a lovely celebration!

We celebrate "thanksmas" a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of our fall flung family members! I can't wait to get everyone together!

I am Canadian so we celebrated Thanksgiving in October with family but I'll be thinking of all my American scrappy friends at American thanksgiving.

We will be spending the day/weekend with our families!! the last three years though we have brought home more than just leftovers--the FLU!! So I'm hoping this year we will be enjoying the Holiday without the FLU!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! ;)

In Mexico we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but if we did I'm sure they would reunited with family;)

We don't celebrat thanksgiving in Belgium. But if we would, I would like to spend Thanksgiving with my family and having the traditional dinner :)

First thanksgiving with a new baby! Spending it with her and the in-laws.

We are joining my husband's cousins and their families for a fun Thanksgiving eve at the family barn in the mountains of TN. Then a traditional family feast for Thanksgiving at my MIL's and FOOTBALL!

My in-laws will be in town this Thanksgiving so we will be hanging at home with family.

Thanksgiving dinner is at my house. My daughter and I will make the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. The rest of the family will bring side dishes and we will enjoy each other and a great meal, giving thanks to the Lord.

We will be spending time with family and Friends eating too much turkey and watching football. :)

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