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Friday, December 20, 2013


Daydreamer - because of the colors and design.One more thing - I would like to show you how you can use this collection in a very different way :)

Oh I love every single collection but if I have to choose I will go with plus one, it's so bold and trendy. Love the bright colors. Thank you for a chance to win:-)!!!

Day dreamer :) Thanks so much!!!

Plus One! I'm a big Amy fan + Kal fan!!

I really like #Summer for it bright colors and know it will end up in my summer layouts BUT...right now I am so into chalkboard anything that I would love to get my hands on some of the DIY Shop embellishments. And did I hear that there are 6 colors of chalkboard paint?!

Wonderful collections,
like them all. But I'd
like the Summer one as
I'm a summer type of
gal and I love the
clothespins in it!
Carla from Utah

Plus One would be perfect for layouts of my 14 year old daughter!
Thank you for the chance to win!

Lisa Elliot

I love the wood collection (diy shop). marta

I love the DIY collection! Love the colors and tapes and how there is a mix of cork and kraft and chalkboard. What is not to love?!

They are all so nice! But I'm loving the colors of Plus 1. Thanks so much for the chance!

Looking forward to another awesome year of inspiration and awesomeness from AC already having us swooning w/what is to come I must say of what I have seen so far is Amy T's - Plus One knocking out the park once again! OH the fun to be hand with that collection. Thank you for the chance to get giddy!

I love the Plus One the most!! Such a neat collection with awesome colors! I love the other three as well. I love that DIY shop has the fun embellies! Great Job AC!

As always I love every single AC collection but if I have to choose one I will go with Daydreamer. It would be just perfect for Spring layouts and to make layouts about my niece's first birthday! Thank you for a chance to win this :)

Tought choice but maybe DIY shop - so many versatile pieces to add to my stash.

Hard to pick between #Summer and Plus One. They are both so incredibly eye catching. I think Plus One may win out for me though.

Oh my goodness I LOVE the Plus One collection from Amy Tan! The hand painted accents are so cute!!

I love them all of course, but Daydreamer would be at the top of my list! I love the beautiful papers, and all the fun embellishments...and those Thickers are so cute!!!

OMG it's so difficult to choose. I like to travel (Amy Tangerine Plus One collection), I love chalkboard ( DIY Shop),… I think I love the Dear Lizzy Daydreamer collection the most, just because I freaking love the little girl stamp :)

Thank you for the chance to win!
Ellen H

How do you pick just one? Well...if I HAD to it would be Daydreamer. Probably because that is what I hope to become in 2014. Time for me to slow down and daydream.

Plus One please :-) it is bold, happy and fun. Love the colors for my daughter.

They are all great - but my fave is the DIY Shop. Love all the neutral colors.

DIY shop is my fave

Wow it would be hard to choose just one :) but if I had to it would be DIY cause it is so versatile.

Amy T.'s Plus One! The colors are great and the eclectic nature inspires my creativity.

All of the collections are great, but I love the DIY shop. It is so versatile. Thanks for the chance to win

Plus One!
Love Amy and her hip and inspiring style!

The collection I'd most like to win is DIY Shop because I just love neutrals.

oh boy - tough decision. I love the plus one collection because it is sooooo fun and fresh. I love the DIY collection because it is a fabulous collection of neutrals. hmmmmmm...... so hard. I think plus one would win out for me.

I love the colors in Daydreamer but the flexibility of DIY. Both are great for boys.

Oh my gosh, just one! Daydreamer for sure. It does look like a great collection for summer pages as well as layouts featuring boys! Loved all the eye candy this week! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the Plus One its edgy and modern the pop of colors are amazing!

I'd love to win DIY shop - I love to layer neutrals, can't get enough of the chalkboard look, and will add little natural elements and pops of my favorite colors.

I want all of everything!! But I love Dear Lizzy Daydreamer the best. The colors speak to me!

I would love to win Dear Lizzy's Daydreamer collection! I love the soft colors and I'm always in love with her floral prints! I have bought every Dear Lizzy collection since I started scrapbooking and it would be amazing to win one!

DIY Love the corkboard look.

Summer!!!! I could definitely do with the bright colors of this collection and look forward to scrapping my summer photos!!

Plus one- the colours are fabulous, and I love script by kal .

Daydreamer! <3

DIY Shop is just my style, so that would be my go-to line-- but I also love Plus One (because we're going to have a little plus one this summer!!). It's a little different from my normal style, but I just love the colors!

Well, you don't make it easy but I'd choose Daydreamer... thanks kmassman gmail

I would love the Summer collection! It is fabulous!

I would Love Daydreamer! Thnaks

I'd love the Daydreamer collection. I'm always biased to Lizzy.

Picking one....DIY! I love the neutral colors that would go with anything!

Daydreamer - I like it most. Nice soft colors and patterns!

Daydreamer (soft colors!) or DIY shop (loving the texture look)

It would be a tossup between Summer and Plus One, love to win either. They would work great with the pics I have of my teenager

I'd love to win the Plus One because it's super playful and bold colors!!! I have some pre teens at the house and this line is perfect for their photos to get scrapped!!!

I would love to win Daydreamer, it would be perfect for scrapbooking my little girl. The pastel colors and florals are so pretty.

I truly love them all. Forced to choose I would say Day Dreamer & DYI Shop. I really like Plus One too ;)

They are all wonderful but if I have to choose only one it would be Plus one :-) Thanks for the cance to win:-))))

Daydreamer or Plus One, I love them both!!! You can't go wrong with anything Dear Lizzy or Amy Tan. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

I'd definitely choose for DIY shop. That's such an amazing and very versatile collection!

i am a summer girl for sure - i have more flip flops than sneakers!, and bright colors in the summer collection really make me happy

I love the Plus One with its fun colors and interesting script and width. Very slick.

Would love to win Plus One. I love everything Amy Tan does!!

I am so torn between #summer and the DIY Shop collections they are both so fabulous and would be so much fun. I think since I have to pick one I will pick #summer but would be so happy with either one.

Aghhhh!!It would have to be daydreamer-mainly because I am one ;)
(And I love the papers!)

I love the most Plus one!

Plus One, for sure!!

daydreamer, bc dear lizzy is my fave <3 so excited for winter CHA!

I'm a total sucker for the Daydreamer collection. I love the colors!

loving plus one!

I love love love the daydreamer collection!

I'm most drawn to the bold colors of plus one!

Awesome recap. I would love to win Summer. I think it would make the most awesome layouts, with its fun vibrant colors.

I would love to win the summer collection! So bright and fun!!!

I love Dear Lizzy's collections 🔖

I love Daydreamer as the colours are perfect for so many memories I want to keep. Thank you

Plus one is the one for me
i love it..its so pretty
the colours the look ii love it all
id happily purchase it at the mall
thanks for some goodies and a fun giveaway
if you sent it to me you would make my DAY!!
merry christmas

eeeekkkk how do I choose one?! I am between plus one (the beautiful boldness of this line just makes me want to shout!), and the other choice would be day dreamer ( so perfect for so many of my projects!). Thanks so much!

I LOVE Plus One! The colors are so fun and bright and the dies! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


Plus one is pretty. Love the flowers.

DIY is so pretty!

Plus One is so fab! Love the bright watercolors with the black!

Plus one: I love the colors and the fonts that go with!

I wan't to win the line DAYDREAMER, cause I can't stop dreaming this incredible line with the fantastic photodie!!!

They are all awesome, how am I supposed to choose??? I love the Summer one, the colors are so bright and fun!

The DYI Shop is perfect for so many projects! I would definitely pick that one!

I'm a suckered for Dear Lizzy collections, the Daydreamer collection is no exception. Love, love, love the dies!!!

DYI Shop because its basic and can be used in so many ways. But I LOVE Dear Lizzy new collection too!!!

Loving the new releases but I really want to win DIY SHOP because the possiblities with this collection are endless!

I just love plus one! I totally dig all the bright bold colors and we recently had a little addition to our own family so I'm extra drawn to it!

Decisions, decisions, but I think I like the DIY Shop the most!

That's a tough question, all the new collections look great. I think I like Plus One best, the vibrant colors contrasting with black & white are super fun & stylish.

I'm a huge Amy Tan fan so my favorite new collection is "Plus One"!

How is it possible to choose?? I love Plus One for the brightness, and Amy Tan is a proven winner with me...but I also love DIY Shop - SO many possibilities with these wood pieces and chalkboard!
Thanks for all the peeks these week - it's gonna be fun shopping season next spring!

DIY! I love how neutral it is and how it can be incorporated into every new collection, as well as favorite things I still have in my stash.

Daydreamer or DIY - I can't decide!

Love Daydreamer! Love dear lizzy and balloons and clouds!

would definitely love to win the summer collection.. since it;s summer for the whole year here in my place ^^ so massive pictures to work with

I would have to choose # Summer because of the bright colors and the motifs! A close second would be Daydreamer because i have liked and used other Dear Lizzy collections.

Daydreamer please! Thank you for all the awesome new collections!

I love the DIY shop! Love the kraft and chalkboard look!

What a tough choice! I think probably daydreamer, love the soft colors and the sweet little girl stamp as well as those great dies!

Summer or DAydreamer!.

DIY Shop, Day Dreamer and Plus One. I love them all.

i love both elizabeth kartchner and amy tan, but i gotta say Daydreamer. i'm a sucker for pretty pastel colors!!

Love the graphics and colors in Plus One. Love the other collections too, but this one stands out.

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