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Monday, December 23, 2013


Love all the patchwork like stars!! Great layout! I think the date might be wrong on the post though...since it's already past the 20th. :)

Love the ribbon Christmas tree!
What I want for Christmas : a nice family gathering with everybody in good shape and happy to be there...

Lovely layouts. I want for Christmas is healthy dog. Buster is gave me a fright last week and the vet couldn't find anything wrong so i hope nothing is.

I would like this Christmas and 2014 to be a healthy and peaceful year for my immediate family.

All I want for Christmas is for all to be well for the next year, lots of peace and happiness!!!

I just want my family to stay happy and healthy.

All I want for Christmas is to sleep in. Just kidding! :) Time with my hubby and family. Merry Christmas!

For Christmas this year all I want is more time with those I love.

Just some playful, relaxing, blissful down time with my family. That would be lovely. (And crafting supplies, of course!)

Happy Christmas to all!

A healthy new baby!

happy family time, good health and relaxation! merry christmas!

Both these layouts are gorgeous. I have so many scraps of ribbon that would work great for the tree.
What I want for Christmas.....peace, joy, calm..

Beautiful inspiration.
For Christmas I want to be together with my family.

I'd love to get some new boots for Christmas! (sorry that I think I am the only person to mention a material good...of course I also want health, happiness, etc...lol!)

I would love to have a white Christmas this year!

For this Christmas, I wish I could spend it with my boyfriend... and celebrate it with all the people I love, and be happy!!! :)

I would love to have a quiet, relaxing day. I also would like for my family to be healthy in the coming year. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Paige's layout.

Love the star page! Can't wait to try that one. I want to travel more with my husband and kids :) Merry Christmas!

For this Christmas, I hope that all my family can gather together and spend a wonderful time, just having fun and takind advantage of this rare time we all have to gather together..!
Happy holidays to you all! <3

All I'm wishing for is a happy and healthy holidays and new year!

For this Christmas, I wish health for my family members, and that we can have a wonderful time together!

For Christmas I am wishing for a happy and health new year!

I have my Christmas wish for this year. All of my family are at my house and will get to spend the holiday and some quality time together.

I pray that I have a much better year than the last. I pray that we will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Thanks for the chance to win!

Such pretty layouts! I'm wishing for a peaceful and happy time with family this Christmas!

I just want to get over this sickness and enjoy time with my family.

absolutely wonderful and unique Christmas lay-outs! My wish for this Christmas is that everyone around the world will be able to celebrate it in peace and happiness.

I hope Santa brings me a cameo - after all I've been very good this year.

I already got what I wanted for Christmas.

Such unique Christmas layouts! My wish for Christmas is a very happy 2014!

I would love a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas this year!

I just want to spend time with my husband and kids this year, seeing them happy is a fabulous gift:) I wouldn't complain if I got a few new crafty items though;)

I have many wishes for Christmas but as far as physical gifts go I would love a good book and some new running shoes!

I am in love with that ribbon tree-and am hoping for a new iphone for Christmas!

I love that second layout. What a great way to use ribbon strips! And I also got what I wanted: my brothed came home on leave after his deployment. Best present ever!!!

For Christmas I want .. something magical. Something great I don't expect.

Gorgeous layouts! Love how you created that tree! I want a Canon Selphy for Christmas :)

I want my mum and dad to love each other this Christmas .

Beautiful layouts! All I want for Christmas is for my sister to recover from her brain tumor surgery and to be cancer free!

I just want to be together with my kids and grandkids on Christmas and enjoy their company.

Love the ribbons! Have already celebrated 2 Christmases, one more to go with just the hubby and baby. Would love for Santa to pay off my student loans!

What I really want is for time to stand still for a while.

I'm hoping for a cutting mat and magnetic ruler!

What I want for Christmas is to have my whole family together (and getting along!), some extra time would just be a bonus. :)

cool christmas pages!!! WOW!!!!

all I want is.. to watch the kids open their presents and be happy... I kinda just want a lil wristlet holder for my phone and that's about it.

What I want? Time with my family, no stress under the tree - I think all the things a mother want to have after a lot of preparations ....Thanks for the chance to win and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Dear Lizzy's Polka Dot Party line is at the top on my Christmas List. I finally finished up all of her Lucky Charm line so new supplies are needed lol

I WANT A CAMEO (the die cutting kind! :) )

Merry Christmas AC!!!!

Would you believe that I already got my wish?! I didn't even think it was a possibility this year, because I was saving up to buy one on my own-- and my parents surprised me with a DSLR. Amazing. I am still kind of speechless about the whole thing!

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan please :)

Love that tree! Such a cute idea! Love Close Knit by Crate Paper! Happy holidays!

I am wishing for snow this Christmas! I love the new Summer collection - those colors are the exact opposite of a winter landscape.

All I want for Christmas is a peaceful year at work. The chaos has been too much this year. Health for my family is the other wish on my list. Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

A canon selphy portable wireless photo printer!!! And world peace!

Awesome projects love the star pattern on the first one :)

My first wish is for my whole family to be together and that will happen! So my next wish is for a scrapbooking gift certificate to buy some of these new beautiful collections!! Thanks for the chance, AC!!
Merry Christmas!

Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sorry, I should have added what I want for Christmas. I would like to be able to have the fortitude to bypass the goodies and stick to the healthy foods.

Great layouts and the
tree is a wonderful idea.
For Christmas, I'd like
a class or two to learn
how to use my silhouette
Carla from Utah

Gorgeous! Would love a nice peaceful relaxing day with the family!

I want an instax

Love, love, love the ribbon tree! I have a new Portrait under the tree waiting for me, so I would love a gift card for some images, or a class to learn how to use it :)

All I want is to be able to enjoy some trips like we did this year.

Love that ribbon tree on that layout!
For Christmas I would like a trip to go see my grandson.

Merry Christmas!! All I want is a peaceful and happy 2014 with no dramas! Goodness knows, I've had enough to last a lifetime.. lol..

For Christmas, I want my husband and children to be happy and to know how loved they are.

Great pages Paige!! love the star one! for christmas, I would like to sleep in! lol that won't happen :)

Merry Christmas....such beautiful layouts by Paige! LOVE that one with the Christmas tree made of trim!

What do I want for Christmas? Well...I really want some cute sparkly boot slippers that I saw at Target. But mostly I just want to get pregnant in 2014. Guess we will see!! :)

I love the ribbon tree, very creative! I would love to get a puppy for Christmas :)

gorgeous layout. Always love your creations, Paige. For christmas, I want Cameo, more craft ing time and crafting supplies.

I am hoping to get anything that surrounds my love for papercrafting.

Love the layouts Paige, beautiful. I'm not saying what I want for Christmas. Last year I talked about it too much and it didn't happen. This year I'm just wishing and maybe it'll come true.

Both of the layouts are amazing Paige! All I want for Christmas is 2014 to be a better year financially and health wise. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome products!!!

I want more time!! Feels like it always gets away from me and don't get to do everything and spend enough time with everyone.
Oh and a silhouette cameo...

Love your unique layout designs Paige! All I want for Christmas is for my family and all to have good health and for the whole world to be kind to each other!

Time with my hubby, family, friends and Season 3 of Downton Abbey.

Wow!! LOVING your BEAUTIFUL and Festive Layouts shared today!! I would really like to have a Healthy and Memory Filled year for 2014!! I'd LOVE to have my MIL beat her battle with cancer and be with us for MANY more years to come!! THANKS so much for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a BLESSED and FABULOUS HOLIDAY WEEK!! ;)

Always love Paige's layouts, they make me want to buy every pattern paper collection! All I want for christmas is an Instax Camera to make documenting easier!

I'd most like good health for Christmas! That would be the best gift of all.

For Christmas, I would like a peaceful and joyous celebration with my family!

So far the hustle and bustle this year has been positive and fun and low stress!! I would love to have Christmas be just as joyful and stress free! I am very blessed!

A new camera to document all of my adventures! Merry Christmas. Thanks for all of your lovely collections that bring my memories to life.

I love Paige's work! For Christmas I want a big dinning table to have family dinners where everyone can sit together and a Canon Selphy printer If somehow I was very very nice! :)

Peace and good health for everyone. I love the triangle stars in the layout. Really creative. I have to check out that punch. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t.

This year I want the turducken I got for Christmas dinner to come out perfect! Happy Holidays!

Thank you American Crafts!!
The best Christmas gift is being with my family. On the crafty side would luv a silhouette cameo.
Thank you,

I want a NAP for Christmas! LOL! I would also rather like a Selphy. :)

I want my 4 munchkins to have a magical Christmas!

For this Christmas I want to gather with all my family and have a wonderful time <3

My ideal Christmas present would be a Cameo!

Loving what American Crafta is coming out with this season!

What I want for Christmas is a happy and healthy 2014 for my growing family :) Merry Christmas, American Crafts!!!

i would love a uncluttered study!

I wanted my brother to come home for Christmas. He surprised me at the last minute!

What fabulous projects! Our Christmas is going to be arriving a bit late this year; our new-to-us house should be finished in February and we're welcoming bundle number three in May! I'd say this is the best Christmas yet!

FUN & FABULOUS layouts - LOVE your festive stars and ribbon tree Paige!!!
I never thought that I would have the need for a triangle punch
... I could not have been more wrong!!!

All I want for Christmas is extra family time together, especially with those that live so far away AND of course, I'm always happy to get something scrappy :)

I want no more funerals for a long time...

I had a beautiful Christmas with my family! But, the bag I wanted wasn't under the tree, so I ordered it online today! I'm wishing for continued health and happiness, along with more time with family for 2014!

I want to meet the man of my dreams...

I was bed-ridden with the flu and wish I could start Christmas morning all over again in a better form. Feeling inspired to celebrate again on New Year's Eve!

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