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Monday, January 27, 2014


I love the 6x6 paper pads! I love to mix the big prints with the matching little prints too, and they are awesome for cards!

I LOVE 6x6 paper pads! They are just the right size to punch with and make cards with! Plus they are much easier to store than big paper. :)

For me it actually is the size of the pads. I love being able to have all the amazing patterns in a smaller range. I usually use up my 6x6 pads way faster. Especially with card making. Thanks so much for the chance.

Love 6x6 paper pads, they are perfect for cards too!
Love those pages, very detailed background but does not take precedence over the pictures!

I love that they are perfect for cards and easy to store!!

I love what Paige does with patterned paper - it's amazing!

I use 6x6 paper pads for my cards. I love to mix 6x6 with 12x12 in my mini albums..I think it's great to have patterns in both range.

I love to make cards with them and to use them in my pocket pages for scrapbooking.

6x6 pads are some of my favorite things to use !! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and for the giveaway!

I love that they are so cute, the price is good for me, I can buy more of them than 12x12 pads and then I will punch them and tear them etc!

I love the smaller scale patterns!

I also love to use them for punching and card making as well.

I love the small scale patterns for use on cards!

I love to layer, so 6x6 pads are perfect for that. Using 12x12 patterns you sometimes lose the details when you layer in small pieces, 6x6 pads let the patterns still stand out. They are also perfect for die cutting! Thanks for the chance!

I love that they are a budget friendly way to get a whole collection of pattern paper!

6X6 pads are great for card making because the patterns are on a smaller scale. Great for layering on backgrounds too. I also use them when cutting with my Silhouette.

I love the 6x6 pack because you have a lot of beautiful papers for less money and are great for small jobs. I love the work of Paige Evans are amazing.

Love the fact that they are absolutely perfect for making cards, there isn't much scrap left over and they take up so much less space to store:-)!!!

I love 6x6 paper pads!!!. They are perfect for cards and minialbums!
thanks for the chance!


great layouts Paige! i love those pads, I love to make cards and mini albums with them.

Mt favorite thing about 6*6 pads is that I don't have to choose which papers to get from a collection. I get 'em all!

My favorite thing about 6x6 paper pads is the smaller scale pattern makes for great card fronts.

I love 6x6 pads, they are nice and compact and I love that the size of the print is shrunk down, I tend to be a smaller print kind of girl, so while I love to use the 6x6 pads for cards, I will use them for layouts too. Also love that they are compact, less expensive, and easier to store.

6X6 is perfect size to use for Project Life, you don't have all the left over from a 12X12 sheet~ and they are just so cute and little :)

Love those 6x6! They are easy to store, to use, and...less expensive! Love what Paige did with those! Thank you for the chance to win!

I love that I don't feel so guilty about cutting into a 12x12 for just a small section of paper!

I love 6x6 paper pads! I love that the print is scaled down, because I gravitate more toward smaller prints and that way I can still have the beautiful papers that I love and also know that I'll use them!

First of all, they are sort of like pocket-sized scrapbook papers, which really appeals to me in some strange way. I love that they are easy to store and use- easy to flip through - easy to grab and just start *making* something. They inspire so much creativity in me- all I had to do is take one from my little storage bin and go through it and see all the colors and textures and patterns in that one 6x6 package and I'm ready to start making something. They are like an instant kick of amazing creativity and inspiration in a little package.

I like that I can purchase several at a time without being overwhelmed with supplies. I get all these new options for papercrafting in a compact package. An entire collection in a little square.

And now that I'm doing Project Life... well, it's a match made in heaven.

What is there NOT to love about 6x6 pads?! :)

6x6 pads are a great way to get a whole collection of papers at a great price.

great layouts! My fave thing about them is how versatile they are! They can be used for so many different things and they coordinate so well with the entire collection. You usually get most of the papers in the collection as well! Thanks for the chance!

I love Paige's pages....lol. I really like 6x6 pads because they are so easy to store and use and if you do use them with punches there isn't a lot of waste. Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

First, I love to mix and match papers and 6x6 pads are great for this use, because they have a smaler scale. I want the pattern to show. When I use a big scale I feel that a can not see the pattern. Secondly, they have a good size to use on a layout and are great for PL. Third, I get a hole collection with one affordable pad.

I love that I can easily make cards with a 6x6 paper pad and there aren't a lot of scraps left over!

What is not to love about 6x6 paper pads? They are easier to store, less expensive (so you can buy more), they are perfect for mini albums, cards, and altered items, they are the perfect size for layering...but the thing I probably love the best is that the prints are smaller!

I'm a card maker so I like that the patterns are scaled down and are a better size for making cards.

I've become obsessed with 6X6 pads - they are perfect for card making!

I think that they are perfect for photo albums and little card. marta

First off....those layouts by Paige are amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Since I am primarily a card maker...6x6 papers are a MUST HAVE in my stash of product. I love that they make the paper designs smaller as well, so you get the full feel of the design on your card! No sacrifices have to be made...& that makes me happy!!

Holy moly, that is an awesome giveaway! I LOVE using 6x6 pads with my project life. So easy to cut out a piece of 4x6 paper.....much easier to store than big pads. I only buy 6x6 pads if I can help it!

I love 6x6 paper pads! Love them for so many things - making frames, creating backgrounds, making mini albums, and creating home decor. They are versatile and much easier to store than 12x12 paper. They are perfect for having a lot of choices at an affordable price.

Lovely layouts! 6x6 pads are so versatile - 12x12 layouts, cards, PL... so many fun ideas.

I love 6x6 pads for making pretty cards--perfect size and scale for all sorts of smaller projects! TFS!!!

I love to use the 6x6 paper pads for cards and then I use my scraps for my scrapbook layouts, mini books, and other creations. What a generous giveaway, would love to win.

I love 6x6 pads for the smaller patterns. Perfect for making your own embellishments or cards. Not to mention, you get a taste of a whole collection at a fraction of the price!

I like the smaller scale of the patterns on 6x6. I'd love to be able to have the scale of 6x6 on 12x12.

This is a great giveaway!

I love 6x6 pads for layering! And for matting photos. It's much easier to use a 6x6 page then cut down a 12x12 one.

What beautiful layouts and what a terrific giveaway. I use 6x6 pads as background papers and layering within my Project Life spreads, the scaled down designs and versatily make them the perfect accompaniment to my photographs and journalling.

Thank you so much for the chance to win such an amazing prize.

My favorite thing about the 6x6's is that the pattern tends to be smaller so they work well for cards.

I love the smaller scale patterns - they work great for when I want patterns for something other than a background. Love the AC 6x6 pads! Thanks for the chance to win!

the smaller scale designs work great for card making!!!

I love the size. They are so portable for grabbing and getting plenty of color and pattern options. They are great for scrapbooking and cards.

i like the smaller sizes for my card making and can't complain about storage :) plus they are cuter, :)

My favorite thing about 6x6's is they are not that expensive and I get all my favorite patterns in a collection. They are perfect for layering and creating your own embellishments!

I love 6x6 paper pads - they're perfect for cards or embellishments on my layouts! The smaller patterns are so cute and a bit easier for me to use if the pattern is really busy.

The 6x6 paper pads
are fun to use as
the images on them
are sized to that
Carla from Utah

My favorite thing about 6x6 pads is that they are great for cards! I am primarily a card maker, and the 6x6 size make the patterns a perfect fit!

I love 6x6 because creating with them keeps you thinking outside the box. I love the smaller patterns and how well the pads work with mini books and project life.

As a card-maker I love the scaled down patterns in 6x6 pads, as well as the fact you get so many different patterns for a relatively low price.

I'm an avid card-maker, so these papers with the smaller sized patterns are just perfect for me. I love them all!

How generous! I have been loving using them in my Pocket Life album. I just love the smaller patterns!

I like 6x6's because I don't feel like I'm "wasting" a big sheet just for a small project

My favorite thing is that the scale of the patterns is smaller than on the 12x12 papers. The 6x6 size & scale is perfect for Project Life and cards, while still being very usable on 12x12 layouts. Also, you get to experience every single pattern in a collection at a great price point!

I love to make cards and the patterns on the 6x6 pads are the perfect scale.

Fabulous use of 6x6 on LO's! I find myself reaching for them sometimes when I want just a small piece of a pattern paper, but the pattern on the 12x12 is too large to get the detail when it is cut smaller. If that makes any sense!

There are a few things I love about 6x6 paper pads. The first is that the print is scaled down small, which is awesome in card making and pocket pages. The second is that it is not as intimidating working with that size of paper. I don't feel guilty cutting into it like I do with 12x12. They are great to punch, die cut and do fun techniques with! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love 6x6 paper pads because they are perfect for cards and pocket page scrapping.

I mostly use 6x6 for layering. I love getting the entire collection in the smaller format. I've found that it use papers that I'm not initially drawn to because they are less intimidating when they are smaller.

I love the small size that matches the big ones! Hugs & Aloha!

I love the scale of the patterns when they're smaller and also that 6x6 pads are so affordable :) I can sort of "try" a set (if I like the style, colors and so on) before I commit to a full size pack.

I love using my 6x6 AC paper pads for Project Life. The patterns are just the right size, and it's fun to get such a wide variety of prints in one pack.

Paige your layouts are always amazing! I love the 6x6 paper pads for making mini albums they are the perfect size!!

i like that the prints are smaller & they are perfect for adding small amounts of layers behind photos. i also love that you can get all the papers in a set for way less than the 12x12 set & not have a bajillion leftovers!

Oh my goodness! 6x6 paper pads are the bomb dot com!!!! I LOVE doing just what Paige does on her layouts... featuring a lot of different patterns on one page! I love using 6x6 pads for cards too! Perfect size to get all the patterns from one collection!

The best thing about most 6x6 pads is that the designs are scaled down so you still have the same feeling as you would with a 12x12 sheet of paper.

I love 6x6 pads. They are my favorites... Can't resist

I love 6x6 pads because of how versatile they are. They add the perfect punch to a card or envelope. I love the variety I can get out of smaller paper sizes for little money.

What an incredible give away! I love 6x6 paper pads because o can get all the patterns for a fraction of the cost and create both cards and layouts! Thanks for the chance and beautiful layouts, Paige.

I love 6x6 pads since they work great both for my card making and scrapbooking layouts

The 6x6 pad size is perfect for cutting triangles to make a banner...I just made one for a bridal shower and it was so easy with a 6x6 paper pad. The bride-to-be loved it so much she asked me to make another for her wedding reception :)

I love making cards with my 6X6 pads - the scale of the patterns are perfect and all the paper is already coordinated. Makes it super easy!

They are the perfect size for project life style scrapping and for card making.

Omg this giveaway rocks! I can't wait to see other suggestions to use 6x6 paper pads. :)

Love 6x6 for cards, as well as layering!

Besides the smaller patterns, I love that you don't have to waste a 12 x 12 sheet for some small paper.

Thank you for the chance!!! My fav is using them for cards, project life, layouts with little or no waste. I find I waste less with a smaller stack. I guess I get lost in a 12x12 paper lol

Love 6 x 6 papers for card making. Its easy to see how they layer and motivates me to use many different patterns on one project. Coordinating papers makes decision making easier

I love that it's a more economical way to get a sample of all of the papers in a collection. Then you can buy 12x12s of your favorites, but still have plenty of extra to play around with!

I love the value of the 6x6 pads - great prices for the smaller-scale range of papers!

I love the easy use of the 6x6 pads. They are so versatile and can by used on any project from scrapbooking to card making to home décor and lots more.

I absolutely love using the 6 x 6 size papers because the prints are usually smaller, there is less waste when making a card and they are still large enough to use as accents or mats on a scrapbook page. And they take up less room. Winwin all the way!

I love that I get all the patterns in one pack in a miniature size!

i'm addicted to 6x6 paper pads! i love having so many coordinating papers in one pack. makes for fast and easy scrapping!

I love using 6x6 pads for punching and die cutting, too! Paige's work is amazing!

I love getting the entire collection at my fingertips. And I love the smaller scale patterns that work on both cards and layouts! Thanks for the chance!

I love the smaller patterns and they are so fantastic for using with the Silhouette!

I, am obsessed with using 6x6 paper pads to make cards and mini albums!

I love 6x6 pads because I make so many cards and you don't have as much waste as you do with 12x12 pads. I also like to use them as backgrounds for my mixed media art projects.

I LOVE 6x6 paper pads!!! They have so many uses, I've been using them on my Project Life spreads lately!!

I love the smaller scale of the patterns on 6x6 pads... perfect for cards and other smaller projects!

6x6 paper pads are my FAVOURITE!! They are a perfectly affordable way to try out a range of papers and are the perfect size for cardmaking and pocket-style scrapbooking. Here in NZ we don't have as wide a range available - I would LOVE the chance to win some gorgeous American Craft paper pads!

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