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Monday, January 27, 2014


I just love the smaller scale of patterns - really great for cardmaking!

6X6 paper pads are great for mini albums and cards. I adore them!!!

I'm a card maker so I love that the patterns are scaled down!

I do have one request, though, regarding the paper pads themselves: Please please please include two of EACH pattern! Too often my favorite patterns only have one of each and it makes me sad.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

I love 6x6 paper pads because they are perfect when you have a small piece of paper, to make cards and do not cut our favorite paper :)

DELIGHTFUL layouts Paige!!!
LOVE your triangles & circles - what a FABULOUS idea - Thank You!!!
I'm always on the lookout for more ways to use my punches :)

As for the SUPER EXCITING giveaway, I LOVE using 6x6 paper pads because they are the PERFECT size for making cards, especially my FAVOURITE sized cards ... you guessed it, 6x6 - no trimming needed for the background and they're always the perfect length for punchy border strips!!! The smaller scaled designs on the patterned papers always look great too!!!

THANK YOU for the chance to win some 6X6 CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

My favorite thing about them is that I don't want to have to cut up my 12 x 12 papers. And easy to stack!

I love that they have smaller patterns. And they are easy to store.

I love 6x6 paper pads brcause I dont feel guilty using them. From the monent I purchase them I use them for punching, die cutting, layering, cards. Some times I even prefer the smaller patterns :D

They are great for greeting card making for backgrounds. I also like using them on tags for birthday gifts. They don't take up too much room either as craft stash compared to bigger pads, although I love those too. It's not always easy to get up to date releases in the UK in the north of England. We tend to be months behind the USA, so it's a little frustrating. I love all the sister companies of AC, but, although I have many paper pads by AC and CP, there are still many more I would like. It would be fantastic to get more P and SC too. Thank you so much for the chance to win a great prize.

6X6 paper pads are perfect for mini albums. love them. esh ktana

I think the best thing is the small scale of the patterns. I'm a small-scale paper kind of girl, and so I love it!

The size is perfect for card making and mini journals

6x6 pads are absolutely wonderful!!!!! They are budget friendly, easy to use and great for traveling to crops! 6x6 pads are the only patterned paper I use. :)

I love them for layering pictures on. I also use them to create project life cards. 6x6 is a great size for creating page embellishments! I'd love to win more.

Perfect for cards and Project Life!

They are perfect for Mini Albums or cards.

Love small paper pads!! Perfect for cards and smaller scrapbook pages

I like to craft "green", so having less waste to my papercrafting projects by using the smaller 6x6 pads is a definite win/win in my book!!

i love using 6x6 pads when creating unique cards!

I love the layout, very pretty.
I love making cards, so 6x6 paper pads are perfect for me, I love the smaller designs and patterns as they are so perfect for making cards and also it is easy to store. Thanks for a chance to win. :-)

I love the smaller patterns and making cards or other smaller projects!

I love using my 6x6 paper pads for cards and embellishments on my projects (I love using my punches with the paper to make my own embellishments). :)

I love 6x6 pads. I an do excited you are featuring them this week. I'm going to love the inspiration! Thanks!!!!!!

I love them for the smaller prints!

i just love 6x6 paper pads. they are great for making cards and you can get a variety of patterned paper from one collection for a great price! :)

I love 6x6 pads because they are perfect for card making and tags!

I like the smaller patterns on 6x6 pads for cardmaking and small home decor projects.

It's perfect because the smaller patterned for pl and scrapbooking layout! Thanks for the chance!

I am a fan of mini albums and cards. Love 6x6 pads for that.

I love the smaller patterns and smaller price. Paige is so inspiring!

I like being able to use multiple pages for one single LO instead of having to cut up my 12x12 pads. Plus they take up less space than 12x12!

I love using 6x6 pads because they are perfect for card making and small projects!

I love 6x6 pads because you get to sample the whole collection and then in my case buy my favourites in 12x12!

Thanks for the chance to win!

I love getting the entire paper collection in a little 6x6 form. I am a paper hoarder, so being able to buy all of the AC papers without breakung the bank is fabulous!!

they are perfect for cards
and for making embellishments
but my very favorite way to use them is for
MATS for my photos on my layouts

I love a small scale on 6x6 paper pad . The pattern is not too bold for me. It's very useful for all project - good for card, nice for layer on the project and wonderful for project life. Furthermore I can get all the pattern in collection in a cheaper price. Super !!

I like 6x6 paper pads because of the smaller scale of design which look very nice on cards or clusters in scrapbook layouts.

I like the bright colors and designs by AC. Thank you for the chance to win these awesome pads.

I agree with Paige, I love the smaller designs. And American Crafts always has such fun, on trend patterns!

I love using the smaller prints for accents and also for cards.

Ilove that 6X6paper pads are a reduced scale, easy for lots of projects, and you get to see all of one collection, which makes it possible to by your favorite prints in 12X12 afterwards, so much FUN!

I love the smaller scale of the patterns that work perfectly for layering on my 12x12 layouts. Also great for card making :)

i love that they are full pattern, just smaller.

I love 6x6 pads!! Have to agree with Paige, getting more design in less space is a huge hit with me!!

I love 6x6 paper pads because they give me a good assortment of paper without breaking the bank. You can make cards, layouts, projects for an affordable price.

i love using 6x6 paper pads as i love minimalist look with lots of white space and the little patterns and cutouts make great embellishments ..xx

6x6 paper pads are perfect for Project Life!!!

Smaller is always cuter! It's fun to get the variety of patterns in smaller sizes. A great sampling of a collection that is easy to mix and match. No guilt in cutting them apart either!

I love the smaller sized patterns! Suits a smaller canvas but also lots of creative options! Thanks for the chance!

I love 6x6 pads and use them to mat my photos and to make my own embellishments primarily. I also use them to make inked borders and as general layering on my pages. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway. Michelle t

I love that you can makek anything with them--cards, embellies, use them on scrapbooklayouts, handmade books.e tc. Thanks!

I love to matte photos w a 6x6 piece. Just feels like it's the perfect starting point.

I love using mine with cards, that way I don't have to waste my bigger sized papers and still get to use pretty designs...♥

What a great topic for this week!! I love 6x6 paper pads because I can have all of the pretty patterned papers and not feel bad about using a piece of it on a page because you cannot see the pretty backside ;)

6x6 pads are great for smaller albums and also layering or framing pictures on 12x12 pages too! Paige always inspires me to use more colour and mix patterns on my layouts!!

I love the little pads of paper for my cardmaking and I feel like I can try a lot of different lines for less money.

I love 6x6 paper pads because they provide scrapbookers with so many options, but take up much less space than 12x12 papers. I also love that they are easy to trim down to 4x6 or 3x4 sizes when I am working on my Project Life albums, and that they can be layered to provide the perfect background for my photos! Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

6x6 pads --- what's not to like? I'm a card maker and the designs are perfectly scaled, easy to mix and match and convenient to store. Love 'em.

My favorite thing about the 6 x 6 pads is the smaller prints for cards and home decor. Thanks for a chance to win.

They work great for cards or a pop of color/pattern on 12x12 layouts. They are gorgeous!

They are the perfect size shape and easy to store. I can hide how much if it I hoard. :)

What's not to love? You get to flip through all the patterns within a line, everything mini and easy to keep your pattern paper bits organized and filed in pad-like folder.

I use them on 12x12 layouts, love using them with my punches & dies..they're also great on cards too!! :)

I love 6x6 pads, they are perfect for cards!

i Love the smaller prints that are perfect to cut up for Project life and 8.5x11 layouts. Love the variety of designs. Nothing ever goes to waste!

I love having all the papers of the same collection, so paper pads are fantastic for this...

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