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Monday, February 24, 2014


Well, today I just have to mention hockey:-) from Olympic gold to my son's games, hockey makes me happy!

The thought of winning bits from American Crafts makes me happy! These always make perfect embellishments for my project life album and cards!

Thinking of sunsets makes me happy!

Oh my, such scrappy goodness.

Many fun bits to use in different situations! Love the dog silhouette...

I feel happy when I have completed something that I planned out earlier. I am a great procrastinator and being able to complete certain thing really gives me a great sense of achievement and happiness.

A bright, sunshiny day and spring-like temperatures after having 18" of snow makes me happy! I can't wait for warm, summer days!

Sunshine and a happy family make me happy. Oh, and having lots of bits and pieces to play with. Haha.

Sunshine is making me happy... Even with the snow flakes that are falling right now ;)

Loving all these new products!

What makes me happy us spending time with my kids and being silly with them!

Waking up with the sun makes me feel happy. Another thing that makes me happy is going to Justin Timberlake's concert on Thursday with my husband!

New CHA releases make me very happy!!!!

Those layouts are really fun! Love that first one lots.
Playing softball makes me extremely happy!!

waking up to sunshine and a refreshing breeze coming through my window

These are so cute!!! What makes me happy is the snow is gone and the kids are back in school.....lol!!!

Love all this sweet collection of bits. What makes me happy is that in approx 2 weeks I will see my son come home from college for spring break. I can't wait and that thought puts a huge smile on my face:-)

I love listening g to my two year old granddaughter having fun with words.

Lemon cake makes me very happy :)

I'm cleaning and organizing my craft room. Surprisingly, organizing (anything) makes me happy!!

My puppy makes me happy!!! and, of course, scrapbooking! Thanks!

Lots of things make me happy. :) My daughter, my husband, and scrapbooking top the list, though!

Super fun layouts and love the bits. Spending time with my son makes me happy.

These are so cute!
Spending time with Pancakes, my little dog, makes me so happy :).

My 2 year old daughter makes me happy when she gives me "strawberry" kisses

Thanks for the fab giveaway! I love seeing my daughter (1 year old) grow and experience new things. She makes me SO HAPPY!!!

My children make me so happy. Thanks very much for a chance
to win.

Fabulous layouts! I love the bits...they are so great for accenting/embellishing a page! My 3 boys bring smiles to my face everyday...I am so very blessed and happy to have them!

The birds chirping outside my window make me happy! means Spring is coming soon!

Receiving a phone call from my kids who are away at college - their voices always bring a smile to my face!

Today the beautiful sunshine is making me. I can't wait for spring to start arriving.

My 2 sweet boys make me happy!

Thinking about scheduling some dates with my husband is making me happy. :-)

This morning I'm still reeling with happiness from seeing the excitement on my kids faces when we went on our very first nature walk (and picnic) yesterday! Spending days with my family makes me incredibly happy!!!

Chocolate ALWAYS makes me happy :)

THINKING of all the FUN FILLED days ahead with the coming of SPRING makes me HAPPY!! =) THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! YIPPEE!! =) Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

Nice layouts! Love those little bits and pieces! Thanks for the chance to win!

Right now any temperature above freezing makes me happy :)

My daughters smile makes me very happy!!!

Spending time with my grandchildren in nature makes me very happy. And scrapbooking about it is in 2nd place! Thanks for the chance to win!

Loving these bright and cheery goodies. What makes me happy is more crafting time.

1. Having 70 degree weather makes me happy!
2. Seeing all the gorgeous spring colors in the new scrapbooking lines makes me happy!
3. My new windows that are so shiny and sparkling make me happy!
4. Learning new techniques makes me happy!
5. Mocha's make me happy!
6. A clean house makes me happy!
7. Redoing my craft room makes me happy!
8. Getting new scrapping products makes me happy
9. Creating with those new scrapping products makes me happy
10. And last but not least..my family makes me Super Doorper Happy! :o)

Love these Bits - but my husband and daisies definitely make me happy!!!

love these bits - My nephews make me happy. No matter what - they always put a smile on my face.

I just love these bits! Photography is what makes me happy :)

The happy smiles & big HI MOM I get each time my kids get off the bus after school and hearing about their day. Thanks for the chance!

reading a book while my dog lies beside me makes me happy

Sunshine! Which we are a bit short on right now. Lol. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

My grandchildren make me happy.....wish I could see them more but they are 1000 miles away. I scrap there pictures and activites to feel closer to them. Thanks for the chance to win these --- I would put them to good use.

Mornings make me happy now - when I go out and hear birds singing. Spring is near!

Lots of things: my turttle, my friends, my family...my little niece, the scrap!!jajajaja
Thanks for the chance!


Another great theme for the week - your "bits" are one of my favorite products to use for card-making.
My husband makes me happy - he is so smart but silly he always makes me laugh & smile.

My daughter makes me smile every. single. day.

fun fun pages!!!!! love how the bits were used

my hubby and kids make me happy and smile every day!!!

a kiss and hug from my son makes me happy!

my puppies never fail to make me smile!

I love the black and white with pops of color in these layouts. So many things make me happy, but right now I'd say I'm quite happy that I made the effort to clean house this weekend. It feels like a good start to the week. :-) Thanks for this giveaway.

My husband and our two dogs makes me happy!! I am so blessed to have this wonderful life!

Lots of things make me happy! Feeling the sun on my face, God's unconditional love, the laughter of my children, my husband's warm embrace....just to name a few :)

I love owls and I
have a corner with
my computer in my
craft room that is
getting loaded up
with all different
owls! Makes me happy!
Carla from Utah

Pedicures make me happy…and of course winning at anything!!

Cupcakes & Coffee make me happy! Thanks for the super-cute giveaway!

My family, freinds and pets makes me happy! And the chance to win makes me happy too :)

Watching my toddler learn new things makes me feel very happy and proud to be his mommy!

These look like they would be a lot of fun. I just got to spend 5 days with my grandson & that made me very happy.

I love being in my craftroom and making pretty thing's!!!! Good luck everyone!

An empty dirty clothes basket, a full pantry & a clean house make me happy.

Today's blue sky made me very happy.

A wonderful prize!
Scrapbooking with friends makes me happy.

My Bichon, Sassy makes me very happy. And scrapbooking supplies!

when I see a light bulb go off above my students' heads....I get very happy!

TRAVEL, absolutely refreshes my soul & perspective on life and preserving those memories to share in my scrapbook brings joy to my heart :) thank you, AC, for your generosity!

Thinking of my son Noah who is in my tummy makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY!

Seing the snow melt with a bright sunny day!

I'm happy that I got to see my niece this weekend and help her feel better after her surgery

It makes me happy when I see the sunshine after a rainy day. :)

organizing my scraps into useful pieces makes me happy.

Traveling and making memories makes me really happy!

Being so blessed in life

Spring makes me happy. Warm weather and gardening.
Thanks for a chance to win.

FABULOLUS layouts Gina - LOVE how you work your BITS!!!

LOTS of things make me happy, being with my family, making cards for my family & friends, shopping for scrappy goodies with my wonderful craft enabling husband AND having an air conditioner to keep me warm when it's COLD outside and cool when it is HOT outside :)

THANK YOU for the inspiration and the chance to win some CRAFTY BITS :)

BRIGHT COLORS always make me happy!

Sunflowers and sunshine make me happy.

Spring makes me happy!

Spring would make me happy right about now! <3

Spring through Fall makes me happy because I can work in my gardens of flowers and vegtables.

Spending time with my family makes me feel in heaven. Being able to scrapbook all our great moments together is priceless.

Oh, fun little bits! I'm happy hearing my toddler wake each day saying, "Mommy, love you!"

A free day to play in my craft room makes me happy everytime.

Scrapbooking, of course! But if I had to choose a second, I would say spending time with my friends make me happy! Which is what I am doing right now! :)

My cats make me happy. Puttering around my stamp room and planning storage improvements made me happy today, too! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

The color pallete of this blog header is makin' me happy!

Scrapbooking and all the new script writing makes me happy!

a sunny day makes me happy. marta

there are so many things that make me happy, but my top three would be...my hubby and kids, scrapping of course and writing :) thanks for the chance to win!

The best thing in the world is to talk to my grandkids on the phone. I see them about once a month, but we "talk or skype" at least twice a week.

what it makes me happy every day, is that I have the opportunity to study social work, and to be part of a family that is beautiful and I love so much. It also makes me happy that I can walk, move, see, touch, feel...

Sunshine! Getting outside in the sun after a LONG winter with a 2 year old is the best feeling in the world!

Talking to my mom, either by phone, videochat or online makes me happy!

Sunshine! Hugs & Aloha!

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