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Monday, February 24, 2014


Sunshine makes me happy!

Scrapbook stuff makes me happy. My family and pups make me happy.

this BLOG makes me Happy! :)

The simple things in life make me happy: coffee, sunshine, and an afternoon of scrapping!

I'd be really happy if my 6 month old would sleep through the night!

That's an awesome giveaway!

Chocolate ice cream, iced coffee, and my baby boy's giggle!

Warm weather and a day at the beach!

Being with family and creative makes me happy!

Sunshine makes me happy, for sure. We've had so much rain here in the UK iin recent weeks so when the sun comes out, it's always good!

I love all the bits in the AC collections!! What's making me happy right now is that the sun is out and it feels like spring, I'm so ready for it!

A piece of cake from my girlfriends mom makes me happy!

My snow holidays makes me happy, a lot of sun, a lot of snow and a lot of ski...

My boyfriend always sends me really cute pictures of his puppy, they're always guaranteed to cheer me up no matter what my day is like!

What makes me happy today is all the plans that are coming together very well for my son's wedding that is a month away!!

Spending time with my kids makes me happy!

I love family time. Especially supper time. We spend a lot of time laughing and smiling! Thanks for the chance!

Spending time with our grandson makes me super happy. Watching him grow and learn new things is priceless :)

Loosing track of time while working on my latest card-creation makes me happy!

Watching my son on stage makes me happy :)

Playing with my grandkids makes me deliriously happy!

what a fun giveaway! what makes me happy are my kids. my son turned 5 yesterday. we had such a fun day and party.

What makes me happy is God, Family & when I find time to sneak into my craft room and get my craft on!!!

Patterned Paper makes me really happy!

Sunny days make me happy!

My 8.5 month old pug puppy makes me laugh every single day with a new antic!

quality time with my hubby makes me happy! :)

Wonderful line with happy, playful colors and great shapes!!!

Achieving things makes me happy. Knowing I've done it and crossing it off a list always feels great but I nearly never complete an entire to do list.

My six cute grandkids and the thought of Spring being just around the corner makes me super happy!

Visiting my family in Brasil on summer break. Seeing my parents so happy for being with their grand kids .Taking tons of pictures and having a lot of fun scrapbooking then. Perfect !

Hearing my little girl laugh makes me so happy.

Love love love these LOs! Great ideas!

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