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Monday, March 10, 2014


Beautiful collection...
I find myself daydreaming about summer quite a lot! I want some blue sky and sunny afternoons!

I think it's safe to say that we're all daydreaming about some nice spring weather! Once it does arrive I will be using the Daydreamer line to document it! It's such a darling little collection. The florals and color palette make it perfect for spring!

I find myself daydreaming about a year without bad news - Thanks for the chance to win.

A gorgeous collection, love the soft color palette. I'm daydreaming of birds chirping, flowers blooming and the warm sun's rays against my skin:-)

I find myself daydreaming about a perfectly organized craft room filled only with products I use. What a dream!

These days I find myself daydreaming about the weekends....and today about sleep...still not quite recovered from losing an hour!

Such pretty colors! I'm daydreaming about my trip to Mexico in a few weeks!

Thank you for the chance to win. I am daydreaming of holidays. Can't wait to have a week off soon.

Just in time for all my spring and summer photos of our girls :) Thanks!

I am totally daydreaming about spring! Green grass, blue skies, warmer weather...yup! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

This colecction is beautiful, I love the stamps.
I find myself daydreaming about sun and beach days.

im daydreaming about summer. I cant wait for warm weather and beach days!

I am daydreaming about my son's wedding. I want to start with the engagement and s rap book forward. I cow
D use this collection.

I'm dreaming about full night sleep)) My small daughter give me up every single hour and, yes, dream is my dream))))
I love this collection, thanks for chance to win :)

Daydreaming about having a baby! Someday it'll happen, I hope! Thanks for the chance!

Days at the beach and road trips!.

about our trip to San Francisco that is coming up!

I am daydreaming about having some time to relax, sit outside and read, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I've been daydreaming about taking a cruise with my family! That would be wonderful! Thanks for the fun giveaway! This collection is so cute!

I'm daydreaming about summer and about being a stay at home mom.

Daydreaming about spring and summer...can't wait for warmer weather. The Daydreamer collection is perfection for capturing this upcoming Spring!

I am daydreaming about Spring and warm weather!!! it has been too cold here this past winter!! :)

I am daydreaming someday I can design for American Crafts. :) Love this gorgeous collection a lot.

I am often daydreaming about a child-free vacation :)

Beautiful collection. I love Paige's layouts, she is so talented. I'm daydreaming about getting well and the warmer weather that's coming, eventually. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

I find myself daydreaming of spring time! Spring where I live is like summer for most places, and is my favorite season!

I often find myself daydreaming about winning the lottery so that we can worry less about working and saving... and have more time for having fun with our kids, traveling... and scrapbooking all of our adventures!

Lately I've been daydreaming about all the fun, crafty projects I want to create over the coming weeks. Also excited for an upcoming trip to Europe and can't wait for the adventure!

Who isn't daydreaming about spring?!

I've been dreaming about planting spring flowers and getting a vegetable garden growing.

I am dreaming of retirement....less than 6 years away now!!

I find myself daydreaming about summer days and making amazing things with this collection.

I found myself dreaming already about S P R I N G !! I can't wait to start making spountaneous picnics and watching the sunset surrounded by my favorite people while we talk about our summer plans! :D i love this collection!

Lovely and fun
collection. I like
the stamps and
the dies! I'm
daydreaming about
not having to go
to work!
Carla from Utah

I love the variety in this collection!
I have been daydreaming about spending time with my grandson in May. ♥

Love this collection. So fresh, so fun.

this collection is so sweet.. I daydream of a fun vacation to Bora Bora.. I really need some warm weather and beautiful ocean.. Thanks for sharing and love that layout..

I love love love this collection. I originally just bought a few of the papers from two peas but I think I'm going to end up getting the paper pack. I am daydreaming about a little vacation for our family. Pretty much always. I love little getaways =)

I find myself daydreaming about making pretty pretty cards for people's birthdays and celebrations! TFS!!!

I daydream about paper crafts all day long. Then stay up late getting crafty. I must have the die set from this collection! I love the way Paige highlighted the "love" die on her layout.

soooo sweet!!! LOVE the soft feel of the line, great stamp set!!!!

Daydream 1: Oh could it be my turn to win this time? Love all the papers and happy springy colors...
Daydream 2: that things would slow down at work just a tiny bit :)

Taking long walks in warm weather with my family

Daydreaming about spring...

Pretty layouts!! I LOVE this collection, it's very spring-y and sweet. These days I'm dreaming about warm weather and some free time to travel with my boyfriend :)

Cute pages!

... And I have been day dreaming about sunny weather :)

I've been daydreaming about how my baby boy will look like. I can't wait to see him. I'm due in May!

I dream about having a new job and having a more exciting and challenging job.

I dream about a house with updated bathrooms. Never realized how much time I'm in there now that I have 2 little ones.

Gorgeous collection - everything Dear Lizzy is always so beautiful! I daydream a lot about what I will do as soon as I have some time to craft. And if I am totally honest I must say I have been day-dreaming a lot about Tom Hiddleston recently!

Always ♥ ♥ ♥ your layouts, Paige!! Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I daydream about having a nice house and the money to decorate it to my liking. :)

Daydreaming with my kids about when it will be warm enough to plant the garden!

OMG this collections is so amazing, love it! thanks for the chance to win!

I am daydreaming about warmer days with no snow and lots of sunshine!

I'm daydreaming of Paige's workshop at CAR 6 in Germany in April. So looking forward to it!

currently: daydreaming about sunshine and warm weather after this cold, wet, winter!!


I'm dreaming about spring flowers! and blooming trees.

I'm dreaming about warm weather ;)) will it ever come?

Oh my goodness! I love this collection!!! I've been daydreaming about my tax return ;)

I'm daydreaming about my next trip to Paris. Love this beautiful and inspiring city and can't get enough of it.

I find myself daydreaming about the future and what it holds in store for me... Specifically finding a boyfriend. LOL I love the Daydreamer collection. Such cute springy colors!

I'm daydreaming about warm weather and being able to walk outside.

Like others I am dreaming of summer!

This collection is so beautiful! I love the name of it and how versitle it can be!

I have started a blog and I daydream about it getting popular and having lots of followers!!

Beautiful collection and I adore Paige's layouts! I'm 34 weeks pregnant and daydreaming about the arrival of my third baby. We didn't find out whether it is a boy or girl, which makes it even more exciting!!

Love the colours

I find myself daydreaming about going to interior design school.

I've been daydreaming about weekends when it's not raining! It's been raining a ton here in N. FL.

I love this pretty collection! I live in Michigan so I've been daydreaming about warm weather and being outdoors.

I daydream about going far far away from this cold cold weather!

I am dreaming about summer vacation!

I daydream of a tropical vacation.

I'm day dreaming about having more time!!! Then I realise I have been day dreaming and wasted some precious time....
Anyway I'll get it all done one day! Would love to scrap memories with this collection to help capture some of my time on paper.

I'm daydreaming about warmer weather, green grass and swimming pools.

I'm daydreaming about a scrapbook page I have in my head and that wants to get itself out onto the paper!

Warmer weather and a trip to visit my mom in Arizona.

The thing that I am day dreaming about is Spring coming. I day dream about me in the garden planting flowers and vegetables.

After a long, cold, snowy winter, I find myself daydreaming about summer.....and finding time to scrap ;-)

Daydreaming about the weather warming up!

I'm daydreaming about the day I will sleep again. My littlest is still now sleeping through the night. :(

I find my self day dreaming about summer vacation. It my be almost a half a year away, but I can't wait. Thanks.

Wow loving your layouts Paige, this collection is so lovely ..
I have been daydreaming about what to get next for my scraproom I'm thinking cube storage shelves I love the idea or maybe a paper storage..xx

Wow, Paige's layouts are gorgeous! Especially the first one with the "love" diecut all over the page!!
I'm daydreaming about my trip to Barcelona in less than 2 weeks - can't wait, so excited to go there again (for the 10th time now! :D)

I've been daydreaming about how I can prettify my stamp room. It's organized but too utilitarian. If only I could afford Cath Kidston's oilcloth fabric, they would be perfect to cover my ugly brown banquet tables I use for crafting. Better keep dreamin'! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sweet pretty pastels there and I love those thickers! I find myself daydreaming about so many things, but I think the one that's most intense is my desire to have my cat alive, young, fit and healthy again. We lost him last year and I still can't stop thinking about him. He was so special to all of us who knew him and a huge loss to all, but especially me.

WOW - LOVE BOTH of your layouts Paige - they are FILLED with WOW!!!

Your husband's graduation photos look FABULOUS inside the heart and surrounded with LOVE - this is a design you could use over and over again!!! Your spiral of triangles looks really COOL too!!!

As for daydreaming, mine is the opposite to most ... it has been a LONG, HOT summer here, so I've been daydreaming about cooler days, having the sliding door open with a fresh breeze gently blowing across while I sit and create at the kitchen table ... ahhhhhh :)

Daydreamer is a DELIGHTFUL collection - sending a big THANK YOU for the chance to win!!!

Sadly, I find myself daydreaming of a tidy house!! Love how this range will suit boys and girls.

I'm already dreaming about summer vacation! My trip to Oregon, Seattle, and Colorado. Swimming, barbequing, and sunshine! Daydreamer is the perfect collection to capture those memories. It's light and airy feel says summertime all the way!

What a beautiful collection. Lizzy nailed it!!!
Daydreams of travel fill my head and heart these cold winter days.

I am daydreaming about warm weather and travel! Love this collection!

great collection!
Well, i´m dreaming about so many things! About becoming a graphic designer, about summer, travels, finding love of my life, or being on AC design team one day! :D x

I daydream about summer and what it will be like now that we have 3 kids!! The pool, sprinklers, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, bubbles, and chalk on the porch...

lovelovelove the dies!!!! Ive been daydreaming about a nice sunny beach! Our weather is so screwed up, nice one day, snowing the next and then tornado warnings a day or so later....plus I could use a vacation from real life!!!!

I'm loving everything about this collection!! I especially love the die and the stamp set! Beautiful collection!

I'm daydreaming about this collection!!jajaja
Thanks for the chance!

LOVING the Collection!! Such AWESOME Dies and I LOVE the colors and patterns!! I'm DAYDREAMING about SPRING and being able to enjoy the outdoors!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

I find myself daydreaming about enough hours to really clean and organize my studio. *sigh* Some day. LOL! The more I see this collection the more I think I need it! It is GORGEOUS!

awesome collection. Daydreaming about the free time I won't have...

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