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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


WOW that's AWESOME!!!!!!

That sounds like a win win situation for both companies! Exciting!

Wow!! Congrats to AC!!

that is awesome.. congrats AC

Sounds good to me :)

Please don't mess up the Bazzill Kraft is 100 times better then the AC kraft...but I'm going to stock up just in case.

That's exciting news! I just hope that both Bazzill cardstock and AC cardstock each stay as they are - each is good in their own way for different pages!

No, no, no - please say this is a late April Fool's joke. There is no other paper available to retailers that can match the quality and selection we have come to trust Bazzill to produce. AC - please pay close attention to consumers and retailers - we are concerned with the number of companies you are buying out - not everyone is only focused on low price and low quality. I use products that make my projects look good and to do so, I very seldom if ever use AC products.

Very exciting news!! Congrats AC and Bazzill!!

Hello everyone! Thanks for the well wishes. We're excited about having Bazzill be part of the AC family. It's an incredibly strong brand - and our respect goes out to Doug and Marti Jones for all they've done to build it.

Just wanted to address two general concerns that have appeared here and in other places...

First, we want to assure everyone that the quality of Bazzill cardstock won't change.

Second, both Bazzill and AC Cardstock will continue to co-exist. Each product has its purposes and we will keep offering both. Thanks!

fantastic cards!

...why did Bazzill sell... So sad to see them go & the loss of jobs. Thanks for keeping their products alive, AC.

This is happy and sad news... but I'm sure it is the right thing for the "Bazzill" family -

I hope that AC can continue to support Crops of Luv as the Bazzill family has - Doug Jones has given so much (as well as everyone else with Bazzill) and Crops of Luv relies on his support to create the most beautiful albums for kids who have gone on wish trips...

I don't know what Crops of Luv would do if that were to cease to happen!

Good luck to the Jones family and all the other employees at Bazzill (So glad I made a trip up to the warehouse sale! I'm guessing that was my last visit. :( )

How serious are you about maintaining quality? Serious enough to keep it Made in USA?

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