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Monday, April 07, 2014


I would love more triangle punches!

I love punches. No matter how many I buy, I can always find a need for more in my stash.

Fabulous layout! Thanks for the chance.

PLEASE create a punch that looks like a piece of torn washi tape! It'd be so fun to be able to use it to coordinate with all my AC collections that don't have tape in their lines! Also, a 1.75 x 2.75 rectangle, which would be just *smaller* than a journal card, allowing for layering of multiple papers in a pocket page!

My favorite shape varies season to season, snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, flowers, leaves, and stars.

I love butterflies & stars :)

OMG!! HOW FUN!! I can't wait to see all of the AMAZING Inspiration this Week!! I LOVE Punches, but I don't have any of the AC Knock Out Punches!! I
d LOVE to win and add them to my Collection!! =) I'd LOVE to see some Animal Silhouette Punches!! Like the a Horse, Cat, Dog, Bird ect!! THANKS SO MUCH for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

I love butterflies :)!

I love punches ... I have several favorites, really depends on what I am doing ... lately I have been making a lot of birthday cards, so my balloon punches have been getting a lot of use!
I like the graduated punches, so you can layer to use for embellishments for cards or cut out centers to make say rings from circle punches.
Sandra ltb

My favorite is the little tag and I especially love to see the same shape in different sizes ! I would love an hexgon punch, to use it for the notch on flags and banners, and of course, as hexagon.

WOW I love the word bubble!!! So cute!!

love the stars, hearts, butterflies and speech bubble! :)

My go-to punches are hearts and stars. I wish I had more of each!

I love the butterfly shaped punch but a tag shaped punch would be an amazing design for any card maker or scrapbooker:-)!!!

I always wish I had more punches. A have a little heart shape that I use quite often.

I love the tag punches.

I love square punches.

Me gustaría tener alguno con una forma de corazón más moderno y no tan perfecto.
También, moriría por uno con diseño de ciervo. OMG
Aún así, vuestros modelos son estupendos!

I´m addicted to punches... I would love to have a cute cat punch, but i can´t find a cute and simple one. :) and i really need a big one with the shape of a star. love the layout btw. :)
xo Julia

What a fun week! I love my punches. I tend to go with basic shapes....I don't have a triangle yet, and I love anything you can use to create paper quilts.

My favorite punch shape is flowers, you can make such nice creations with hand made flowers! I think a corner rounder would be very useful too, but I haven't tried any yet.

My favorite are stars, butterflies and hearts.

Oh my it would be amazing to win some American craft punches! My favorite punch is the circle punch because it has multiple uses. You can make flowers,decorate the corners of your paper, and even make a garland with it.

I love to see detail and intricate flourish or damask punch so that I can use it as embellishment on layout or card.

I love heart shaped punches but would love to see an arrow punch.

Stars and hearts!

I love butterfly punches!!:)

I definitely love the hearts and stars. I would also love a cloud shaped punch. Thanks!

OH I love circle & tab punches SO much fun! Thanks for the chance.

I love circles and stars!! And I love to see a geotag shaped punch

My favorite punches are hearts, butterflies, pennants, circles and squares. I like the more versatile ones that can be used in many different ways.

I like hearts, butterflies, flowers and circles.. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the butterfly punch!

I love a tag punch and butterflies! Thanks for the great giveaway!

I'd love to see arrows and/or a single chevron!!!

I would love to see some sort of chevron punch shape. THANKS for the chance to win!

Awesome prize!! My faves are circles & butterflies! :)

I really enjoy the arrow punch. I don't have one of those. Punches are so versatile. Great to work with. Nice layout today!!

Hearts are by far my most favorite shape to punch out! TFS!!!

I'm partial to the heart and butterfly!!!!

I love butterflies, hearts and stars. But I only have 1 punch so I need to get a square and triangle punch first. Would love them to create a quilt type pattern on my layouts here and there. Thank you so much for a chance to win this very generous prize! Michelle t

I like butterflies and flowers.

My favorite punch is butterflies and hearts!
Thanks for the chance to win!


I just really love the triangle punch! I was amazed at just how many things you can find to do with this simple shape. Awesome!

Love the layout and card! My favorite punch is the speech bubble and butterfly. Love your punches there so easy to use.

I most often use my butterfly punch. I'm now on the hunt for a cloud punch. Thanks!!

I love the Corner rounder-punch. It makes every photo complete even before I start to scrap around!

I use punches all the time. My favorite shape right now is hexagons but I use circles, squares, butterflies, & hearts more often then the others.

my fave punch shapes are butterflies and stars!! perfect for any accent on a project!!!

I love a good circle punch because it's so hard to cut a circle freehand.

Love to use the nesting Squares or Circles.

I love, love, love punches! My favorite shape to use is a star, and believe it or not I don't have a star punch! Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite is the star-punch. I love stars.

My favorite punches are butterflies, there are so beautiful!

I'm all about hearts and butterflies followed closely by scalloped and plain circles.

I like the speech-bubble-punches. Thank you for the chance!

I've been desperately looking for a starburst shape. Like a scalloped circle but with pointy ends you know? Also I like speech bubbles, leaves and poststamp punches. Oh, and border punches of course!

I love punches ... my favorites are butterflies and circle!

circles and hearts are wonderfully versatile. i'd love to have them in multiple sizes!

I'm very romantic, so my prefer punches are the hearts.

Punches are so much
fun to use and I like
a lace border punch I
Carla from Utah

These punches are all awesome! I especially love star punches!

OMG!!! Verry verry beautiful!!!

I love punches. Circles and squares get used a lot, but how about adding a medium sized triangle and a dragonfly.

My favorites are butterflies punches !

I'd love a pennant-shaped punch!

I love stars!

Hearts and butterflies. Just can't get enough.

I love basic shapes-- circles, hearts, stars, that sort of thing. I haven't yet gotten my hands on a butterfly punch, but I bet I'd use it all the time! I think the basics are so versatile!

I love hearts, squares and stars. Also I would like to see an Elephant!

Stars and hearts are tedious to cut out by hand, so the punches are big time-and-finger-savers!!

Love the little tag punches & file tab punches :)

I have a heart punch that I got when I started scrapbooking I use it on most layouts it's a wonder I haven't worn it out.. I would really love to see a tab punch ..xx

I love the butterfly punch.

Love my layered heart punch!

I love tags, stars, hearts and butterflies. My next purchase will be hexagons or banners...

To be honest, I have one punch. Which is a scalloped circle, which I love! I have been wanting to expand my punches (me thinks I need to get cracking!!) and these have definitely caught my eye for a long time...I would like to see a triangle punch...I haven't seen one of those.

I'm a sucker for hearts! But I have a bunch of those... I am into geometrics right now... they feel timeless and fun.

STARS is my fave!

I love the stars and hearts, but would also like to see a triangle punch - arrow punch - maybe even a geotag! So fun!

I love stars and butterflies! What a great giveaway!

I'd love to use a triangle or diamond shape punch.

I still love to use punches. Thanks so much for this great opportunity. Kathy

I like using circle punches, but I need more! I'd love to get a square or a triangle punch.

I love my basic circle and square punches. I'd love to see a geotag punch.

I love punches. You can be so creative, and they are easy to use.

I love the butterfly punch and I would love to see them make a bird punch.

Punches are the best! I'd love to own a square punch! You can do soo many things with it, not just squares! Like then cut them in half for triangles or punch them again for chevrons!

I have several different punches but most of all I use circle punch. I wish there was one punch with several circle sizes.

I love my circle punch!

A geotag punch would be awesome!

since I started project life-ing my favorite punch shape is stars and hearts!

I lovelovelove punches! My favourites are propably circle punches, they are just so useful :)

I love punches, my favourite is my star punch!
Thanks for the chance!

Christine from Germany

I'd like a to see #, % and a segment of ruler punch.

FABULOUS layout and card Janna!!!

It's no secret - I LOVE PUNCHES!!!

My favourite shape is the circle because it is just so versatile, to use as circles, making scalloped layers, fabulous for a variety of flowers and it's a handy base to adhere layers on to for other punchy creations too. That being said, flowers, butterflies & stars are ever so handy too and I don't think anyone could ever have enough sizes and shapes in their stash :)

As for new shapes, well, I haven't seen a balloon one in my travels and think a variety of sizes would be very popular, apart from using them as balloons, cutting off the end would make them perfect for Easter Eggs :) Also, I know it is a stretch, but for those of us without a die cutting machine, some large number punches would be wonderful for kids birthday cards, if they came in a 1" and 2" size, I would buy them in a FLASH!!!

THANK YOU for the chance to win some PUNCHY CRAFTY AWESOMENESS!!!

I love to use punches!!! Butterfly is my favorite!!

Butterflies are definitely my favorite, so I would like to see more animal punches. Maybe a horse or a fox!

Love punches... my favourite are the butterflies and circles. I would like to see a "here you are " punch. Thank you a lot :)

I love heart punches. I would see a cloud punch. marta

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