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Monday, May 26, 2014


Beautiful layouts! Who doesn't love flowers? I love making paper flowers, using ready-bought ones, using flower patterned papers, using flowers stamps... Every king of flower is useful while crafting!

Loving these layouts! My favorite flowers are peonies, and so happy that they are blooming in my garden right now!

My favorite flower is definitely the tulip which is part of why Spring is my favorite season.

I love gerber daisies! So cute!

My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!!

My favorite is the daisy!.Thanks!.

I love tulips :)!

I can decide - either lilacs or hydrangea! I love them both!! :) Happy Memorial Day!

How gorgeous. Totally in love.

Love Paige's gorgeous layouts!

My favorite flowers are Orchid and Hydrangea :)

Oh, love these flower lay-outs! I can't wait to see the rest of the beautiful creations that will be posted this week.
My favourite flowers are roses.

LOVE LOVE this page!!!!

I just LOVE tulips and gerber daisies!!!

I love daffodils, such a happy flower.

Love the layouts!!
My favourite flowers are peonies!! Too bad I can't buy them the whole year

I love roses!.
Thaks for the chance!


Oh gosh I have so many faves but I think my fave of what s blooming now would be the iris! So beautiful and my garden is full!

Magnolias and lilacs at the moment. Though I change my mind with the season :) In Winter, it's every flower in the World...

My favorite flowers are yellow roses and daisies!

STUNNING layouts Paige !! always inspirational :) I LOVE Oriental Lilies and peonies .. So stunning..

violets and crocuses :) harbingers of spring!

My favorites flowers are the peonies !! They are so beautiful.

Lilies of the valley make me swoon.

Sunflowers are my favorite.. fields and fields of them.

I love the iris.

I LOVE hibiscus. They are so big and beautiful and bold!

Favourite flower would have to be 'snap dragons' not sure of their technical name, because I used to pick and play with them at my grandparents place!

My absolute favourite flowers are gerbera daisies.

I absolutely love white daisies with yellow centers. I carried them on my wedding day.

I like red
roses the best.
Carla from Utah

My favorite flower that I grow in my gardens is black-eyed susans.

I love roses! Paige's layouts are so beautiful!

My favorite flower is the peonie. A close second is lilacs. Paige's layouts are great!

This time of year lilacs are. I love how they smell!

What lovely colorful layouts! I love all kinds of flowers but my favorite has always been the rose. It's gorgeous, comes in all colors and varieties, and smells amazing!

DAISIES DAISIES DAISIES!! I LOVE me some Daisy's and it doesn't matter the color or the Breed(ie. Gerbers, Aster, Shasta ect.)
I LOVE them ALL!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a Fabulous Memorial Day Week!! =)

Love tulips and spring

My favorite flowers are sunflowers!! Love love love them!

Never ceases to amaze me what you can do with patterned paper! You are a pattern paper ninja, Paige! :)

I am a lover of lillies in every color!

My favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers.

I love flower crafts - of all kinds. My favorite flower is the viola/pansy

Gorgeous layouts! My favorite flower is the tulip.

I love ranunculus...they are so perfectly beautiful:o)

Tough question, but right now I'm loving my big pale pink peonies!

I love lots of flowers, but I love happy sunflowers the most!

Oh I just love TULIPS!!!

I like diffrent flowers but most I like lilies of the valley.

I love the little violets that come up in the lawn.

I absolutely love gerberas, especially coral colored ones. :)

There are so many gorgeous flowers that it's hard to choose a favorite. This time of year, I'd say peonies.

BOTH of your layouts are FABULOUS Paige!!!
LOVE the doily design & colors of your 1st page, the cute photo in the middle really is darling!!!
WOW - the variety & colors of your Budapest to Barcelona are delightful - I confess that I have never mixed PP's like this for flowers before => THANK YOU for the inspiration :)

My favorite flower is the Blood Lily - it is quite unique bulb with a large fleshy flower and once the flower dies off, it is followed by two, very large, broad leaves - quite stunning but only for a short time. So you must be asking why it's a favorite? Because my Grandma gave it to me many years ago and each time it flowers I am overwhelmed with wonderful memories of her ... funny how one flower can hold so much power. THANK YOU for the chance to win some FLORAL CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

awesome pages :)
my favourite flower is the tulip :) especially pink one ;D

daisy, daisy, daisy forever! marta
ah, and also hydrangeas.

I think that Peonies would have to be my favorite. They are just so beautiful!!

I love love love calla lilies...and lilies in general. Great projects this week.

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