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Monday, May 12, 2014


Our daughter is getting married in June. We are all going to The Outer Banks in NC for a lovely beach wedding.
PS, forgot to mention how cute this new collection is. Love the thickers.

love the fun and colourful collection...remind me of popsicle ice-cream! Summer is all year long in my country and I don't really plan anything. Normally, all outings are an ad-hoc things.

This is such a bright and fun line! We plan on lots of camping, swimming, and relaxing this summer! Thanks for the chance!

Such a fun, cheery collection, love it!!! We don't have any plans for summer yet but am just excited that my son will be home from college. We tend to go on many short trips so looking forward to that:-)

What a great summer collection! So far I have plans to see Elton John for my birthday and then to Ohio to see the in-laws and catch a few MLB games and the amusement park for the kids!

Love the colors! We are doing a staycation this year. Yay!

Great sunny colors! I don't have plans for this summer yet...

This collection makes me anxious for summer to get here!!! Love the happy colours and patterns!! No set plans for the summer yet but tentatively have a trip to the cottage with friends and a trip to Ottawa with the family. Just need to flesh the plans out!!

This is our make up Summer from last year as our youngest was born at 27 wks & spent our days going to the NICU. My 3 other kids were BEYOND awesome & didn't complain one bit over not having a Summer they just wanted their baby sister to be able to come home. This weekend actually we started to work on our Summer Bucket lists! So far it has game to the Mets, the Beach, Brooklyn Bridge, pool & Ice Cream parlors WE CAN NOT WAIT for our adventures of 6 to get started!!!

yes, I'm already planning my vacation, because I can not wait to go to the beach with my little girl of 6 months!

Loving this! This summer we are going to hit the beach with the kids and take boat trips!

Our summer plan is to chill out and enjoy our pool :)

Sun, pool, playing outside and remodeling our house!

wow, so.much.cuteness!! our summer plans are to stay cool. we live in florida so it's already hot! we spent time in our portable pool and at my inlaws pool.

fabulous as always! Summer plans are to visit Italy, can't wait!!!

Lovely collection.
First - crafting during IV Greater SUMMER workshops crafted in Wrocław.
Second visit Wrocław.
Third - relaxing in our new home.

We are going on our annual camping trip this summer. Love the new collection!

I just plan on spending as much time with the family as possible, working in the gardens and enjoying life!!!

Beautiful! Love the colors! We have tons of summer plans - family reunion in Tahoe, Cub Scout Camp, all sorts of classes for my son (golf, swim lessons, art), birthdays, and a bunch of other things.

Fabulous collection. Plans for the summer: beach, mountains, music festvals...just having fun for three months.

Yes, I do! The hexagon pattern is one of the best I've seen for summer.

No summer plans yet! We may have to do a "stay-cation"!
This new collection is so much fun. I was immediately drawn to the multi-colored hexagon paper!

No summer plans here except relaxing at home.

Relaxing by the pool and trying to avoid the Arizona heat.

Summer plans are to get some work down around the house. We have some major painting to be done!

So fun and colorful...love this new summer collection! So far the only plan we have is a trip down to the Oregon Coast. But I know there will be lots of park days, bike rides, and swimming too!

My favorite summer plan is a Justin Timberlake concert in July! Can't wait! :)

A week at the beach, can't wait.

Oh yes please, I could do with some summer brights and thanks for the chance to win.

Such a fun and bright collection! We did Disney earlier this year, so we'll be sticking close to home this summer, still lots of fun to be had though!

We have a work conference in San Francisco that we are combining into a "little" vacation! Love this fun, bright collection! TFS!

We have a few day trips planned already.
The kids are just ready to be outta school!

Great collection! I just got back from 3 days at the beach, so I can't complain about not having summer plans. But spending weekends by the pool is not that bad ;-)

This looks like such a fun collection!
My summer plans are to make two out of state trips to visit family. There will be a beach involved in one of those trips ;)

This summer collection is definitely one of the best I have seen this year. It is going on my wish list. We are planning a trip to Chicago to see the granddaughters and a trip to Universal Studios with the grandsons to see Harry Potter. Thanks for the chance to win.

We are spending as much time as we possibly can at the pool this summer!

My plans are to go to some music festivals!

We are planning a road trip down the 101 this summer, can't wait. I love the bright colors in this collection perfect for summer :)

Fabulous lay-out and great summer products! Thanks for the chance to win!
This summer I want to spend more time with my boyfriend and we're leaving on a nice trip to Copenhagen.

I love the pin wheels and the bright colors.

Love this fun and colourful collection!!!!.
My plans are to go to some concerts!!!
Thanks for the chance to win!


My summer plans are to work, work a little and then work some more :) six days a week may sound much, but it's at two different workplaces so I don't think I'll be bored. I've also planned to do some scrapbooking (very important). Love the summer-collection!

Fabulous collection, so fun and colorful. I can not wait to go to the beach with my boys. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the bright colors of this collection! My kids and I will be spending our summer with my parents on Edisto Island in South Carolina!

Beautiful collection! The only plans we have right now is to visit my family in NJ during July 4 week.

We just got a pool, so no $ to spend on vacations. ;) We plan to relax at home, invite friends over, and have a stay-cation all summer!
LOVE to scrap with summery colors - so fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

Every summer we go down to Las Vegas for Fourth of July, and I'm totally looking forward to it this year!

So far we have our hotel booked for a one week Disneyland stay. We will go to the beach sometime and we always go to our local water park at least twice a summer!!! Cute collection.

Love the fun colors! My daughter is graduating in three weeks. We will be traveling to sunny San Diego and Hawaii to celebrate this summer.

Love this new line - so bright and summery!! My plans are a big family reunion in the middle of July!!

We are heading to the Indy 500 for Memorial Day weekend, that's as planned as I've got at the moment, but we are pretty excited about that! :)

We were given season passes to a local theme park that has both rides and animals. We plan to do many short days anytime I can get a day off work.

Great collection! Awesome papers, bits, and those pinwheels! Summer for us will be going to the pool and I'm trying to start a little garden with herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t

This collection is awesome. We're planning on taking our granddaughter to Disneyland...her first time. Looking forward to seeing it through her eyes.

No big summer plans. :( Small summer plans are lots of swimming and going to the movies every Wednesday for a matinee! Thanks for the chance to win some of your awesome goodness!

OMG, it's sooo cool :D I just love it!
I don't have any specific plans. I just want to scrapbook more, relax, discover some new yummy recipes :)

I love this bright, fun collection. It's perfect for scrapping our summer trip to Disneyland!!

I'm looking forward to going to the beach!

I plan to travel several destinations with my. Grandsons.

How awesome! I love the bright colors! They would be perfect for all of our trips planned this summer:

1. Lima, Peru and Macchu Picchu
2. My cousin's farm
3. North Carolina for a scrappy weekend!

No big plans. Just helping my daughter move and enjoying fresh tomatoes.

Currently making plans for the 5 weeks I will have off work. The kiddos camps are scheduled and hopefully we will get a vacation in, too.

This collection is so,fun! Love colors which are perfect for summer.

weddings! lots of weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties this summer.

Camping trips and a week in Idaho with good friends on the 4th. Can't wait!

We will finally get to take out our boat... It's been broken for five years now...so we haven't been out, but that changes now. Woot, woot.

We are planning to visit with our daughter who is studying this summer and i also hope to have some stay at home time so i can get in a lot of scrapbooking!

Sadly, we are waving goodbye to Summer here in Australia, but that means I already have lots of Summer photos to scrap! :)

I don't have summer vacation plans but I do have plans to get my son set for college!

What a fabulous line! SO much color! This would be great for scrapping our summer trips to the beach and our old neighborhood!

Wow, this collection is amazing! I love the bright colors and patterns. We have 3 camping trips planned for the summer and I'm looking forward to them!

Our family just moved and we are expecting Baby #2 in June, so our summer will be spent close to our new home, getting to know our city and our newest family member!!

Summer is all about movies, relaxing, camp, and maybe an adventure or two!

I wish I did. Just lots of work!

We are planning a few road trips this summer. We will probably take a real vacation when it is cooler in the Fall.

I don't have any plans yet, but we will probably go on a last minute trip to somewhere where we can relax on the beach!

Going yo Portland, Seattle, Colorado, and Cancun!

So bright and cheerful :). No doubt, our summer will be filled with visits to the beach!

#SUMMER is so bright and cheery, perfect for fun times :)

No major plans for summer at our house, just to make the most of the balmy evenings to go down and watch the sun set across the bay to the sound of the waves lapping on the beach - YES, it is as wonderful as it sounds!!!

FABULOUS layout & card Elizabeth - LOVE your hexagons, pinwheels and arrows!!!

I'm going to have a scrappy summer in our summer house.
This fabulous line would be great for scrapping!

At the moment, I do not have any summer plans.

love these papers!!!! marta

This is fabulous collection and so perfect for Summer holidays!! My in-laws are visiting us this summer, so we are planning to visit many places including some beaches. :-)

This summer collection is fab! So vibrant and fun! Loving the patterns

Not yet. I wonder to go to USA, plannig a travel to NY!!
thanks for the giveaway

Love the collection! The colors make me happy! My hubby and I decided we are taking it easy this summer...no plans, no commitments for the kids, just a laid back summer:o)

Love the colors and icons in this collection. While I do work at a school, summer is actually our busiest time in the office. No vacation for me!

Love this collection!

Our summer plan is a road trip from Vancouver Island to Winnipeg, Manitoba! With 3 kids in the car!

I love the bright colors in this collection! We plan to spend as much time outside as we can...if it ever gets warm!!!

I love the bright colors of this collection. We are planning a river trip this summer. Very Excited.

Relaxation and beach time!.

The kids have pretty full schedules for summer - daily band and golf practices. Haven't got much else penciled in yet!
Love this collection - thanks for the chance.

#AWESOME COLLECTION! This is always my favourite round of new releases 'cause the colours are always incredible!! And this collection does NOT disappoint! LOVE IT!

Just an extended camping weekend with the family.

No summer plans yet. Thinking about planning something though! This collection is so cute!

Love this collection. The colors are so summery!! Summer plans include school right now. Hoping for some weekend getaways too.

I plan to relax and be outdoors as much as possible this summer! Thanks for a chance to win this cute stuff!

I plan to spend time with my family outdoor as many time as possible! We love Summer! We plan to go camping on weekends!

We will be taking a FUN trip to South Dakota to Visit Mt. Rushmore!! I can't wait!! HANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! YIPPEE!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

What a fun happy collection! Sadly no travel plans this summer, we usually travel but we decided to save for next year's overseas trip, so it is the backyard and local activities for us this time...

yup, definetly got plans. Made them 9 months ago - on july 1 I'm having my third baby. So, staying at home, nursing, cuddling and perhaps maybe some crafting or lounging on the patio are on my summer bucket list :D Love the summer line, such happy colors!

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