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Tuesday, July 01, 2014


O, this is so lovely!!! Beautiful collection, Shimelle! My favorite parts, besides the gorgeous paper, are the cork stickers!!

Love the whole collection. The date stamp must be very useful, the photo overlays are lovaley and that tape dispenser is sooo cute!

Such a fun collection! I love the photo overlays (especially the ones with gold)! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beautiful! So hard to pick one favorite! Love the paper and amazing die cuts! :)

I like a lot of things, but the record player die cut is adorable! Records were part of my childhood and I'd love to get that on a page!

beautiful collection :D for me, the best part is tape dispenser :) great idea :D

love it all especially that tape dispenser!

What's not to love about this collection! Those die cut shapes are adorable!

Shimelle is AWESOME! This collection is so much fun and the papers and die cuts are just so sweet! Congrats Shimelle!

Love the die cut shapes and the word rubbish!

anything that says "rubbish!" lol

The die-cut shapes, especially the Unbelievably Beautiful one.

I love the tape dispenser and die cut shapes!

Love the collection. I love Rerto! That tape dispenser is sooo cute!

I absolutely love this whole collection, simply gorgeous but the tape dispenser has to be my favorite, the design is so fun and retro, love it!!!

Love it!

Wow! The colors are amazing, and I love all the die cuts! The wood veneers....omg! Especially the one that says Rubbish! To die for!

I love the sentiments and phrases in the embellishments! Very unique and so Shimelle lol

My favorite part? EVERYTHING!! I'm in love with this collection! The cork bits are the awesomest!

I have really been looking forward to this collection. I am in love with those papers, they're beautiful.

Fabulous! Can't wait to play with this!

I'm totally in love with the soft, girly palette, but I also adore the cork bits and date stamp! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Beautiful colors and love all the cameras and globes!

Gasp! I love it all, I love it all, I love it all! I have been waiting for this collection and it is as awesome as I'd hoped. The veneer and page overlays that have Shimelle's blog tag line are amazing but my favourite part might be that tape dispenser. So cute!

I love this colletion! The tape dispenser is adorable and so are all the die cuts.

I love it all! But the embellishments are charming!

What a great new collection! Love the papers and colors, and that adorable tape dispenser and the overlays and the die cut shapes...and....I could go on, but I'll stop there.

That tape dispenser is Super Cute! I'd need quite a few of them though :D

I love the wood veneer and cork pieces! All the papers are pretty too.

I love it all! How could I pick just one favorite?!? If I *had* to pick, I love all of the papers. Those colors are divine!

I so love these colors and would be over the top excited to win

I love all of this! I like the colours and the paper designs, and the die cuts look fab!

That tape dispenser is going on my Wishlist! Plus the wood veneers, stickers, and photo overlays!

I'm loving the mint green in this collection and the retro feel! It's perfect for pictures of my mint green retro loving daughter !

The Tape Dispenser and stamps are amazing

It's all fabulous, but I esp. love the die cut shapes. "Drink tea and eat cake" - what's not to love about that? ♥

Love it all! My fav is the photo overlays

The overlays are gorgeous!

Love the colors!! Fabulous collection...the wood veneer is amazing!!

I love it all but the fail overlay is brilliant :)

The cork stickers & the photo overlays are my top picks. Love the entire collection though.

wow, i fall in love die cut!!!
they're so lovely & soft!!!!

Love the diecut wood, but the tape dispenser is AMAZING!

I absolutely love the cork & the page overlays.

I am so excited about this! I'm in love with the stamp set (especially the globe and camera)! I'm also wondering howamy tape dispensers I'll be purchasing . . . ;)

Loving the stamps, photo overlays and tape dispenser!

That tape dispenser is seriously adorable!! What an awesome collection!! Loving all of it!

Love it all! The clear stamp set is my favorite I think. 😄

I love the whole collection, but I especially liked the stamps.

The colors she used in the papers are gorgeous and I want about 50 of the die cut shapes. The tape dispenser is darling! Love, love, love it!

What a wonderful news! Congrats, Shimelle! You've done great job!
Collection looks nice and inspire, this retro colors and motives... Love!!
And dream to be an American Crafts designer too (yeeeek) :)))

Love it all, but the overlays arE perfect and the papers are amazing.

I just so need the photo overlays! :) I have been waiting for this collection for so long!

Beautiful collection! I love the cork pieces and the tape dispenser is way too cool!

I love the cork stickers and all the beautiful colors in this collection!

I love the papers and the wood vineer!

I love the colors!

LOVE IT ALL!!! The pink, the aqua, oh my!!

Its all pretty fantastic but the tape dispenser may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Pick just one favorite? Can't be done! Love it all!

It totally looks like Shimelle! For some reason, I feel a longing for that edgy ampersand piece ... and some of those cork cuts!!

I love everything in this collection. My favorite has to be the color combinations and prints. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!!

Love this collection! Love that tape dispenser!!!

Love this whle collection! The tape dispenser is sooooooo cute!

I love everything! Especially the tape dispenser!

Wow, how to begin?
I love the patterned paper, of course, but I really love how the camera motif is of a TLR camera, and the stamp! The stamp has the month in the middle! As an Aussie scrapper, I really appreciated that!

Thanks for the chance to win!

This collection is SO Shimelle!! I love that! If I had to pick one thing it would be the pretty papers!

The tape dispenser! Love!

I just love the woodies they are gorgeous.
i love the die cut shapes so much well done SHIMELLE

i love everything in this collection, but especially the papers!

Everything looks amazing but my favourite is the pile of books die cut, I love the book titles as well especially History of Glitter

Love it all but my favorite would have to be the die-cut shapes - a must have!! Thank you American Crafts and Shimelle!

The tape dispenser is adorable!

Love love love this. Pretty papers and all those die cuts. But my favourite are the dies. All my pages will be 'lovely' when I can get this!

The whole line is amazing but the camera washi dispenser is absolute perfection! Whimsical and practical!

The washi tape dispenser is just too cute!

The colors in this collection are pretty amazing and that tape dispenser too!!!

Congrats Shimelle this line is gorgeous! The colours are beautiful!

Love the Die cut shapes!! The colors of this collection are so fun!

Oh wow, great collection. Hard to pick one thing but if I had to I guess it would be the awesome papers! Stickers would run a close second!

Happy to see this! My favorite is the patterned paper, but the embellishments, steel dies, date stamp and tape dispenser are well planned complements to the collection. Beautiful!

Love the colorss, the wood veneer, the cork, all the gold accents and the photo overlays

The spectacles !!!!! So cool

I love all of it! The colors are wonderful!

I like it all, the whole collection is superfun!

The date stamp is my favorite, finally date stamp that is in the right order for pretty much everyone who isn't from America! :)

The Stickers, but can't wait to get my hands on the whole collection

OMG!!!! I love.the.whole.collection! I mean,what's not to love? color combo,motifs,wood veneers, cute tape dispenser and overlays! photo and page overlays!love them all! congrats Shimelle :)

I'm sooo excited! This collection was well worth the wait, it's beautiful!

I like the gold Thickers I saw on her blog the best!!

Id have to say I like the papers and the die cuts the most. Great colors and combos. very fresh. Well done!

Well, that is seriously like asking me to pick a favorite child! I love the pretty papers and the wood veneers as well, but honestly most of the collection will be finding it's way into my stash.

Cute! What a fun line. I think my favorite element are the die cuts - so cute! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I love the 12x12 overlays. What a great idea. And I know I'd use the cork elements.

I love Shimelle's scrap style and love all these adorable pieces. I think it's genius that Shimelle and the AC team planned for three of many of the motifs for easy visual triangles 😍

The photo overlays are so cool!

The die cuts are my favorite, but I love the whole collection. Congrats, Shimelle!

So excited!! This is stunning :) I love it all, but my fave bit is the page overlays - I straight away knew how I'd use them :) Happy days!!

I think i MUST win this. I am head over heels for the papers, most of all! So cute! Shimelle hit this one out of the park. :)

Absolutely love every last thing in this fantastic collection. I have been itching to see this and can't wait for it to appear in the shops. I desperately want, no, make that need, that tape dispenser. Totally adorable!!!

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