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Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Love the papers and the wood veneer! What a beautiful collection! As expected, Shimelle has created a winner.

love the entire collectio , but especially the stamps!!

I love the dies and stickers!

I love the colors of the collection, the patterns on the papers, the date stamp as I'm using the same date format, the wood veneers and about everything else in this collection.

Congrats Shimelle! I'll be looking forward to seeing more.

I am loving those page overlays and am really loving they have holes for three ring album easy use. It's all awesome though.

Love the retro vibe of this collection and the yummy colour scheme is terrific too! If I had to pick one fave I think it would be the page overlays, so cute and versatile.

Love it all The paper is just gorgeous. The embellishments are amazing. I can't wait to get it.

i love Shimelle! Whenever Im stuck on a layout I 'channel my inner Shimelle'... and then I can move on.

i particularly like the colors in the paper and the date stamp.

I absolutely love the papers. The colors in the collection are fabulous! I also have to admit that I have a soft spot for that cute tape dispenser! :)

I love it! I'm Shimelle's fan!! I like the beautiful papers and the stickers. That tape dispenser is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love it all. Was worth waiting for. Can't wait to actually hold it in my hands.

love the way Shimelle works. and these papers and embelishments are she. love it all, but my youngest is an optician so totally in love with the woodveneer pair of glasses

Such a great line - fresh and fun with Shimelle's quirkiness! And her fave colours?! I love the paper with the pink and blue diamonds, and the die cuts are to die for.

I LOVE everything! Really love the stickers!

American Crafts AND Shimelle? What's not to love? My favourite things about this collection though are probably the fun colours and patterns - and the 'Search For Truth' die-cut!

That is so Shimelle - been following her for awhile. Love Love Love her style.

This is so exciting! I especially like tge photo overlays.

I love the bright colors and the overlays. Great collection that I would love to play with!!

I love all things Shimelle, but adore the cute tape dispenser. It would look at home in my craft room.

Congratulations on the fantastic collection Shimelle ! I love the bright colours in the papers and die cuts, fantastic for all layouts , cards and PL, thank you for sharing even more of your outstanding creativity with us !

I love everything about this! I have to have that tape dispenser! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the die cuts - especially the funky specs 8)

Gosh I totally love it all. Shimelle has done an amazing job.

I love the papers. Pink and teal end up all over my scrapbook pages.

I love it all, but the paper is a must have! So bright and happy!

I love the whole collection but especially the die cut shapes ( and that tape dispenser is so cute)!

Oh i have waiting and waiting for Shimelles collection to be out!! EECK!!! Although i love it all my favs would be the DIECUTS!!!
Thank you for a chance to win such a awesome collection

Why am I not surprised at the pink and aqua? Seriously though I totally love it - can picture it on so many different types of pages. Congratulations Shimelle and AC

I love the whole collection but the date stamp with the date the right way (to me in the uk anywayz) and the washi dispenser are my absolute favourites. Way to go Shimelle on an awesome collection :)

Love this whole collection! I hope we continue to see Shimelle's design work. Really like her style!

What a great collection!! The color palette is so perfectly Shimelle. And I LOVE the alphas!!

Such lovely colors and great patterns. My absolute favorite are the photo overlays. They are so pretty!

So hard to choose, but the cork sticker that says "Rubbish" tickles me!

The wood veneer I think excites me the most;) I cant wait to get the whole line though:) Please pick me to make it happen faster!

How can anyone pick a favorite? Having said that, I do love the What a load of Rubbish veneer! Would love to see that saying in a stamp!

I really like it all, but the tape dispenser is just too cute!!!

Can't pick one favourite thing! I LOVE every single element but to be as specific as I can, every color that is so very "Shimelle"! The die cuts will be first on my list to buy :)

Love the "What a load of Rubbish" wood veneer! :)

Love it all, especially the stickers!

Love Shimelle's work and this collection lives up to everything I thought it might be. I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on it! Thanks, AC, for making this collection possible, and for the chance to win it!

Love love love the papers!

I think I am love with the washi dispenser!

Love it all, but my fav are the wood veneer pieces!

Beautiful collection ... Love it!

That's a great looking collection Shimelle! My favourite is always the patterned paper, but I can connect with your attitude that is a part of the collection. I like your sayings and titles :)

I love everything, but I especially love that the embellishments are in threes!

Love the photo overlays

very cute! I love the aqua color. My favorite is the wood embellishments

Perfectly Shimelle! Amazing colors with that signature aqua. Everything reflects this truly amazing and inspiring artist that we all love. Well done Shimelle!

I love the camera tape dispenser!

This collection does not disappoint! I love, love, love everything about it! The phrasing throughout the collection is to die for! And how can I choose between the fabulous date stamp, globe stamp set, wood veneers, and stickers? Oh, and the paper, overlays and die cuts?!? Yes, please!!!

love it all-want it all! Need the die cuts!

Oh my gosh!! I adore this collection...I especially loved the papers and I think the sticky tape dispenser is so so cute.....oh and the die cuts...and the....

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this with bated breath since first hearing about it! I love the paper to bits, but that tape dispenser is pretty darn cute, too!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! I LOVE the colors and the FUN Patterns!! Such a FUN New Set!! =)

Beautiful collection, so difficult to choose a favourite part. As I'm a paperholic it has to be those. Thanks for the chance to win.

What a lovely collection! Gorgeous colours and as an optometrist I especially love the spectacle bits!

Seriously, you are asking me to pick a favourite? Impossible! If I had to pick a couple things: I love the stamp set, especially the textures and the remarks sticker book ( Shimelle shared it on her blog) is so cute! I LOVE those sticker books and was hoping beyond hope that AC would release one for Shimelle's collection.

Hmmmmmm now that is a difficult one as I love it all! But it has to be the tape dispenser. It's so unique!!!!!!!

Congrats to Shimelle on the new line with you AC. It's amazing and it captures her scrapping spirit. It's hard to choose a favorite piece as all of its great, from the large overlays to the washi tape dispenser. Thanks
Jess M

So difficult to choose a favourite part when it's all on my wishlist. But I'm plumping for the die cuts - all gorgeous, but really loving Shimelle's signature glasses!

How fabulous! Retro and modern combined, always adored Shimelle's style and here it is, in her first brilliant collection. What's not to like? I adore it all, none of it is 'rubbish' - great to see British words on the super embellishments. Special mention goes to the camera washi holder - how clever is that! My top prize goes to the papers. LOVE them! There are no 'B' sides, it's all A+.

I love everything, especially the colours! I can see myself using the embellishments with prewritten words for once! Awesome collection. Thanks Shimelle. AC, I'm game to create a French collection ! Haha!

WOW, Beautiful collection. I love the photo overlays, the stickers and die cuts. Everything is gorgeous. The tape dispenser is so cute. I love it all. Thanks.

I may have to take up panhandling.. I want everything in this collection! The die cuts are quite possiblythe cutest I've seen...but that tape dispenser: oh me! <3

It's a tie between the tape despenser and the stamps. I knew the Shimelle collection would have the cures cameras ever. Thanks for the chance to win

The cork stickers are my favourite item. Although I just love that tape dispenser, too.

I love it! I am especially excited for all the great camera + travel images & fun phrases in the cut-apart sheets & photo overlays.

My favorite thing that I love is the camera washi dispenser! Of course I also love every.single.bit of this release - Shimelle is fabulous and I would be thrilled to win. Thank you so much for the chance.

I love her dies and the wood grain embossing folder. I can't wait to be able to get my hands on some of the line.

I like those cork stickers

I love the colors, and the washi dispenser is so "Shimelle." Very excited to see her products.

The paper and wood
Veneer are great! Love all the embellishments and that super
cute tape dispenser!!

Hard to choose... Perhaps the overlays?

Love this collection! The wood veneer pieces are great.

I love the whole collection, especially die cuts and wood veners

I love the addition of orange in this collection!

I'm adoring everything about this line but I especially love the tape dispenser! So cute!

What a great collection! I think that my favorite part of the collection besides the whole "Shimelleness" of it, is that she included a few not such a great day words... Rubbish sometimes really just sums it up! And the tape dispenser is super cute! I am certain that this will need to reside on my desk at work.

Desperately want to win this one AC, I KNOW I would use every single piece of it.

Love it all, the paper is lovely and even though I have a camera & globe stamp I still love the stamp set, and those die cuts look like fun!!

That totes adorbs tape dispenser!!

Love Shimelle's choice of colors and her style! Love it all!

I love the die cuts and the photo overlays. I've been a big fan of Shimelle's for a long time and I'm so glad to see this collection!

Way cute!!! That tape dispenser is so cool!

Love Shimelle!! The tape dispenser is so cool.

That tape dispenser is so adorable and unique! I feel I may have to get a whole row of them! :)

I just love it all. My favorite has to be the tape dispenser--just brilliant!

I am so looking forward to using this collection! My favorite part...Shimelle and American Craft together!!

I love it all, BUT, that camera tape dispenser!!!! LOVE!

What a fabulous collection - I can wait to get my hands on it. It's all great but those overlays really catch my eye :)

I saw this on her blog and fell head over heels in love!! The colours, the travel theme (but without being overly themed). I mean, a camera tape dispenser?! Awesome!!!

It's all gorgeous, but I'm really drawn to the stickers and the die cut shapes.

It's so hard to choose! I LoVE the paper the best.

the colors are amazing together and I'm enamoured of the little photo wheel!

Loving the colors in this collection!

I love it all, but the papers are my fave!

This whole collection is amazing and I want it all! :-) so hard to narrow it down, but I think my favorites are those huge page overlays and the die cuts.

We are all so excited for Shimelle and impressed with her collection

I love the cork stickers!

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