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Monday, July 21, 2014


I have to have a piece of striped paper somewhere.

I like to experiment with different styles but my "go to" is clean and simple. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love to try different techniques but have to say I love playing with paper and bright colors so my style can be considered fun and trendy!!!!

I love Paige's style! My style is clean with a few layers and embellishment clusters.

I love Paige's beautiful style. I think my style is a bit eclectic with layers and clean lines.

My style changes depending on the pictures I'm scrapbooking, but I usually keep things clean and simple. I like straight lines. :)

I have not found my signature style yet, I keep trying different styles and techniques! Love the pages today, so colorful!

I figured out my style a few years ago. Patterned paper backgrounds, layers of patterned paper, straight lines and clusters. I love the look of the mixed media layouts that so many scrap bookers are doing now, but other than a sprinkle of mist here and there I just cannot seem to get messy.

Love your way with the Cameo Paige. My signature style is white cardstock, watercolors, stencils, stamping and lots of layers of paper and lots of white space. And I just use my scissors to cut the paper...

My new signature style is mixing font types in my titles. It makes things more interesting.

My layouts are clean and simple, with linear elements, and almost always feature lots of handwritten journaling.

My signature style is clean and simple. I like to incorporate labor intensive techniques, particularly in card making, but overall the end result is CAS and often on the graphic side.

I really love your lay-outs, especially the second one!
My signature style is layered, detailed and dimensional.I love to incorporate many layers and embellishments in my projects and also use foamtape very often.

Simple, unfussy, loads of handwritten journaling and pretty papers.

My style is still evolving, but it definitely involves layering. Thank you for the chance to win. Michelle t

I love variety so much that I would have to say it's being eclectic if pushed. There's very little similarity if any in anything that I do. I've had lots of people say to me that they can't pin-point my style and it's very true. I do try to capture the personalities of anyone I scrap by using their taste in designs and it's the same with cards. My own taste is very widespread too and always changing.

Wow! These layouts are gorgeous, Paige! Not sure what my signature style is - I like to try different techniques and styles I see on the internet so I guess I'm still figuring it out! :)

I tend to put a lot of photos onto a 2pg spread (10+ typically), do my design on a grid, and journal by hand.

This is a hard question to answer. I'd have to say it is my hand written journaling. I want to make sure I have something hand written on every page. It also may be that I have to scrapbook on chronological order which I know that many, many scrapbookers do not do.

Hmmm, don't know that I have a defined "signature" style. I know I love bold, bright colors, geometric patterns and I'm okay with my handwriting. Does that fall into a style category?

Gorgeous work from Paige!!

Not sure I have a specific signature style. It would be pretty clean and linear though!

I love using Thickers on all my pages!

My style is clean and simple with lots of straight lines.

I don't know if I have
a style, but I do like
lots of photos on every
page, use brighter colors
when I can.
Carla from Utah

I don't know if I have
a style, but I do like
lots of photos on every
page, use brighter colors
when I can.
Carla from Utah

My style is definitely "lots of photos"! I always take a ton and try to use a lot of them :).

LOTS of white space!

I love clean and simple but I also love layers:)

I love trying new things, I love lots of photos of my kids and hubby, and I love to embellish!

I love it... Nice sunny summer colors...

I adore Page's style because mine is very clean and simple. I use a lot of whithe space and love to layer. I do mostly 1-photo-pages but I love to look at colorful multi-photo-pages ;-)

If I have to describe my style I would say it's clean and simple with straight lines.

I'm such a fan of Paige's...always beautiful pages.

My style is clean lines but I've been adding white mist splatters to most of my LOs lately.

Paige, what a great style! Thank you for your layout!

My signature style is using of pattern paper as background always, strong geometry of elements, actively using of stickers. It's closer to clean and simple, but often is out of this border.

I am not exactly sure what my signature style is... but I like my projects to be fairly clean and simple, but with a few layers!-- and there is almost always a strong horizontal line in the design.

Clean & simple. With 4 kids I need to be fast when I scrap!

Love these layouts!
As far as layouts go, I guess my style is clean lines. Is that a style lol? With cards I'm all over the place from grunge to shabby chic to whimsical.

As long as there is journaling I use all kinds of styles! Stacks, linear, bright and pale. whatever the pictures match.

These layouts are beyond gorgeous, Paige! Love your bright style :) I love to use watercolors, mists and my Cameo on most of my pages...and almost always there's some washi tape thrown in the mix :)

My style is definitely simple/graphic

Beautiful pages. Love that Dahlia.
If I have a style, it is to use layers and
embellishments. But I love to use different
techniques and styles.

Gosh, I don't think I have a signature style. I know that I love colorful pages with bits of detail and some layers. I love mixed fonts for titles, and I always try to include some meaningful journaling. Stylish? I don't know, but it works for me. :)

Oh I'm so looking forward to this week, what a great topic!
My signature style is a white background with lots of patterned paper layering and mist splodges on it :)

I fluctuate between clean and graphic and lots of layers. busy and calm.

I love a messy, girly, unfinished style. I almost always use doilies and ribbons for texture. Thanks!

Hmm, lots of photos, grid styled layouts with clustered embellies, and some kind of messy paint, mist, or mixed media element.

My signature style is using lots of bright colors. Great giveaway! Hope to win it!!

My style would be using several photos in a grid pattern. I love your colorful and well designed LOs, Paige! Yes, please on more AC!

my style is
simple and colorful

My style is eclectic.
My pages range from mixed media to lots of layers to graphic. But the one thing they all have in common is that they always have handwritten journaling.
And I am a fast scrapper. I make my decisions very quickly.

I wish my signature style was minimal and clean (it's what I am most drawn to!), but my signature style is really pattern-heavy with lots of embellishments, journaling, and images. And lots of COLOR!

My style is still evolving, but I have to say for the most part I use multiple photos and a linear format. I do like to add interest with patterned paper and almost always use a piece of that for the base of my pages.

Most of the time my style is clean. I love to use patterned papers, a few embellishments and alphas.

I'm still searching for the style that I go back to time and again but what you will find on all of my scrapbook pages is lots of journaling. I like a lot of detail on my pages including quotes, weather details, everyone's feelings, etc.

Your works are lovely! I'm still looking for my signature style. Testing...

I would describe my style as mostly simple and graphic...with girly touches.

My signature style is simple...I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the altered pages and layering and add ons, but when it comes to scrapping, I am usually very basic: cardstock, some ephemera, pictures, and journaling. I keep it simple!

I generally use1photo and a mix of layers of pretty patterned papers. Love vellum and gold and sparkle.

I love so much your LO.
My signature is made of many embellishments and paper layers.

i love white background, layering and stiching.i usually use light & bright color!!: )

My style is fun and cute, I love fun images and bright colors.

Carol B

I think my style is eclectic.
There are so many different things that I like.

My style is usually very linear, organized and is patterned in design. I love balance and quilted style design.

I'm trying so hard to find my style. Lots of colors and all over the place, a style? I'm still looking :)

I try a bit of everything on my layouts but more often they are clean with straight lines.

I always have some ribbon on there somewhere!

I love lots of layers, embellishments, and patterns with a touch of white space on my projects.

My signature style is defintely clean, simple with a pop of gold somewhere on my layout.

My signature style is muted and distressed with layering. It's always evolving though :). Thanks for the giveaway!

My style is pretty clean and simple. Though I do like to try layering and some simple techniques.

my style...oh wow...i dont know if i know what it is....hahahaha
i do know that i HAVE to scrap linear....i cant do angles...gotta be balanced and mostly straight....lol...has that answered the question....

but thennnnnnnnnnnnn......i do some layouts off blogs and pinterest and then make it 'ME'... thanks for a fun question and giveaway!!!

I love it clean & simple.

My style is lots of layers, colors and patterns :)

My style tends to be vintage, often adding bits of found items. But I also love soft pink girlie pages. It's a toss up. Luv American Crafts.

My style is: whatever I'm feeling at the moment? I like to experiment and try new things.

My style-fairly simple, but I like to layer and experiment with trends!

Clean & balanced. :)

My signature style involves pattern paper and stickers always, with something to sprinkle on (mists, gems, wood veneers, enamal dots) and typically only 1 or 2 photos. I keep it pretty simple, not getting too fancy very often, and typically complete a layout in under 20 minutes. Making the most of my spare time!

I like solid backgrounds with lots of pictures and patterned paper!! Seems to work for me!!!!

My signature style is white cardstock as background, lots of layering with whtite and neutral colors and touches of pastel colors and gold :)

My style has, for the most part, been simple and very focused on the photo(s). Lately, though, I've been experimenting more with layering embellishments and mixed media techniques.

Love your layouts, Paige!
My style is very eclectic with lots of layering and embellishments. Thanks for the chance.

My signature is Sweet and Simple. :)

My signature style is anything mini! I love creating mini books with mini layouts. Mini isn't so intimidating for me.

My signature style is white background, I use it really often.
But! I have so many ideas)) so I have project with other then white backround. I love to be different:)
Or may be it's layering for me.. Not a simple question))

And I love Paige's style and how she works with punches/die cuts! Brilliant style!

My style is clustered layering and black paint splatters. I'm excited to see all of the signature styles from the design team this week!

I had taken a 5 year hiatus from scrapping & have only just gotten back on board. I suppose if anything, my signature style is very simple,with a bit of a nerd twist.

my signature style is definitely eclectic? hopefully i spelled that right!

I like the distressed and vintage look.

I like a clean look, but I have been using more layers and mixed media. I love all the inspiration on the page!

My style is a very graphic look with layers and a few clusters of embellishments and always a strong stand out title.

LOVE the layouts! I love many styles, and have tried many, but I think my go-to style is clean and simple, with a little oomph in there.

Love clean and simple... but i love to mix the styles !

Love the bright colors in this layout !!
My style is more "simple", more graphic too.

I'm still trying to find out. But I know I love bright, happy COLOR and messy, artsy style :))

My style seems to be lots of white space, black and white photos and letter size layouts!

My signature style is definitely simple, with lots and lots of white :)

I keep trying different styles - I"m looking for my own favorite style. Prefered colorfull, funky and crazy.

I'd say that my style is white space + bright colors. Thanks for the chance!

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