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Monday, October 20, 2014


Superheros are all the rage with little guys it seems and my grandson is no exception, so that's what it will be for Halloween this year!

I just made costumes yesterday! Son #1-alien and Son #2-spider.

The munchkin wants to be an off-the-rack Iron Man so I sucked up my pride while he and my husband bought a costume this year.

My youngest wants to be Jase from Duck Dynasty. I think the older boys are following his lead even though they are too old for trick or treating....lol

I don't have kids yet, but my best friend's little boy is going to be Frankenstein! He's adorable :)

I love this collection! My first grand baby will be 7 weeks old and is going to be a strawberry!

My daughters are going to be Ariel and Leonardo (TMNT) for Halloween. Thanks for the chance to win!

well,a cute fox with 3tails... :)
because there is korean traditional story about a fox with 9tails!!! : ) so my niece is baby fox....i think that 3 tails is perfect!!! : ) whatever dress-up,it'll be OK. because it'shalloween!!!

My boys are going to be Frankenstein and Ironman. I tried to convince them to be Doc and Marty McFly from "Back to the Future", but my youngest son was set on being Ironman. My daughter is going to be Elsa from "Frozen". Thanks for the chance to win!

My middle son is going to be a Skylanders character and my youngest is going to be Emmet from The Lego Movie.

I love, love making Halloween cards. They are my favorite.I won't know what the great grandkids will be until I see the pictures on Facebook and then it's scrap time.

My oldest is going to be George Washington and my youngest will be a stoplight!

My daughter is going to be Elsa (of course) and my son is going to be Mario since he just beat the Super Mario World Wii game. :-)

This is a cool line! Love the tags! My hubby and I are dressing up as Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man.

My daughters are both going to be mermaids!

My daughter is dressing up as Merida from the movie Brave.

We're dressing as Lego minifigs.

Love the tags and the woodgrain paper! Sadly I don't do Halloween...

Amazing project Paige. My oldest is going to be a hot dog (lolololol) and my youngest will be - wait for it...Elsa!

I love this layout, especially the tags. I'm kind of leaning toward being a witch for Halloween but there's still time to change my mind!

We have a Star Wars theme going in our house with Bobba Fett and an X-wing pilot. :)

What a great collection!
My 17 month old grandson is going to be an owl.

My granddaughter wants to be Tinker Bell.

My nephew and his wife are having their annual Halloween and Birthday party, since her birthday is so near Halloween. First the children locally are invited in for a party with their parents, then they go home and the adult party starts. She's dressing up as a witch and he's going to be a zombie.
I don't have any Halloween craft stash except a little bit of paper and some die cuts. Love your collection and thank you for the chance to win.

I'm making a
bat mask with
tulle to wear
with black
clothes to hand
out candy at the
Carla from Utah

We'll have something with wigs and wings, but haven't decided yet.

Not to sure yet.. but I'm planning on dressing up as something spooky to hand out candy!

Well, I've got grown kids but no grandkids so I guess it is up to me to dress up this year. I will be Wilma Flintstone, my favorite cartoon of all time!

Carol B

At my house I shall have a Creeper (minecraft),Draculaura (Monster High gal)and a Baby Wonder Baby and I can't wait!

My grandson who is 2 is so excited all he talks about is being a Cowboy and his mom is going as an Indian! I am ready for all the picture taking! Thanks AC for the chance to win!

ohhhh I totally LOVE Halloween.. My littlest will be Doc McStuffins, my older daughter is still deciding.

Fantastic Halloween collection! My daughter is dressing up as one of the Monster High girls and my son is dressing up as a foot soldier from the Halo video game.

It looks like the boys are embracing the Stars Wars characters this year while the girls will be Anya and Elsa from Frozen. Love this collection....especially the bat paper!

My daughter is going as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and I am going as a witch.

My daughter is dressing as Mortician Addams and my 6-month-old grandson will be dressed as the Addams baby.

Oh wow, this is such a lovely collection! I love everything about it!
Unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween in Holland, but if we celebrate it, I would definitely dress up as Snow White. There's still a little princess inside of me ;)

I have skeleton costumes for the whole family. Should look good when all 5 of us are walking down the street!

Awesome collection! I only know about my great niece...She'll be Elsa. :)

Paige totally rocked that collection. My darling son is going to be Donnie, a ninja turtle!

This year we will have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Buzz Lightyear and a darling little girl dressed up like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

My 5yr old son is very much into The Avengers right now so he will be going as The Hulk (his fave Avenger).

My son is going to be Frankenstein. I can't wait to see how cute he looks in his costume! This collection sure would let me scrap an amazing page for the occasion! ;)

I have two granddaughters who want to be a Elsa and a grandson who wants to be Superman.

I will be a banana!

My son wants to go as a dinosaur

Great collection. My daughter will be the wicked witch of the west. Thanks so much for a chance to win. Michelle t

I'm sorry, but here in Italy there are not halloween party as they are in USA. so me, my family and friends won't dress up with anything strange. perhaps at the school, but I'm not so sure. great collection, I love the papers and tags

My girls are planning to be a Donut Fairy and a Tooth Fairy.

I am planning on dressing my dogs as a Little devil and a witch.

I have a nija turtle and rocket the raccoon trick or treating with me! Love this layout!

My son is going as Captain America!!

Talk about a difficult costume made from scratch, my son is going to be Mastchief from the game Halo. Oh boy, his dad is going to be busy!

My kids are obsessed with the "minions" from the Despicable Me movies, so we've been all over Pinterest design in our costumes. Can't wait!

My daughter (10) has given up on the cute costume this year; she is dressing up as a zombie prom queen!

My dog is dressing up as a skunk :)

My daughter is going to be Olive Oatman and my son wants to be Olaf. :)

Well I don't have kids but have 2 dogs (Jack Russells Terriers) so they are dressing up as a Dragon and a Princess lock up in a tower lol, they look so cute in their costumes and they love to put them on that's a plus.

My daughter is going to be a peacock!

One daughter is going to be Princess Belle and one will be Briar Beauty from ever after high. My teenage son is going to be Little Mac from Nintendo!

My sweet little niece Sarah is dressing up as Olaf from Frozen, her favorite.

My son is going as Batman and my hubby is Superman :)

I don' t know it yet!!!!!!!

My niece and nephew are going to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. It's going to be ridiculous :)

My son has chosen to be a skeleton. Thanks for the chance!

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