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Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Love the papers, the layered tags and the enamel dots!
Random fact: my pseudo comes from the fact that I created a cooking blog, back in the time when I didn't even know there existed a large cooking blogosphere...

I love this collection so much!! Random fact about me: I can wiggle my ears. LOL

For my day job, I work with science fiction in test tubes.

Love this collection!

I always love everything that Amy does! Random fact - I wake up every single day between 4:30-5 am (even on weekends). Thanks for a chance!

My random fact is that I only have 1 and a half kidneys!

Random fact I walk a mile before my first drink of water each day - thanks puppy.

Gorgeous collection!

Random fact: I broke my right arm three times before my 17th birthday. Fortunately, not since then. :)

I was kissed by Muhammed Ali back in the 70s.

Random fact: I am a twin!

I love this collection! I love the layout you created . . . very cute with all of the different hearts!

Random fact . . . I can whistle REALLY LOUD. My girls are musicians. When they perform, and I then whistle in appreciation for what I've seen, they can find me in the crowd just by hearing my whistle! :)

I love this collection! Random fact: I love the smell of old books.

This is such a cute line. I see so much potential when I looked at it.

Random fact: I like to paint my nails. I paint them different all the time almost every other day depending on how bad they get from me picking at the paint. 😉

Random fact: I NEVER need an alarm clock. I did when I was in school, though! :)

Such a beautiful collection!

Fact about me: I can write and draw by my left hand (and I'm sure I'm right-hander any way))

Random fact: I've been robbed at gunpoint.

Love so many things in this collection. Random fact - I'm currently doing a 30-day habit challenge!

The chipboard cards and layered tags....EEEEEEKKKK! I loveeeeee this!!

Random fact: I had a life before kids and I was a Radio Disc jockey. I guess I have the face for it....lol

Love this collection!! A random fact about me - I have 27 first cousins!

wow... so sotf and lovely collection!!!
i hope that i'm lucky!!! plz~ :)

Such a gorgeous collection. One random fact about me is that I still have one baby tooth.

Random fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose!

Arts saved my sanity :) yes, it literally saved my life.

Love this collection!! My random fact is that when I talk loud/yell my southern accent comes out!

Random Fact: I was a competitive synchronized swimmer growing up.

I eat a Reece's cup by eating around the outside first, then I'll eat the middle. Every single time.

Simply adorable! Love this stitched page! And her cheesy grin is so cute! A random fact about me is that stuffing stockings for Christmas is my favorite part of the holiday aside from the celebration of his birth! Thank you for the chance to win!

A random fact, well today is my 19th Wedding Anniversary. This is a great collection.

I used to be best friends with the actress who played Rose Tyler in Dr Who

Random fact: I feel the need to name my things like the cars, phone, computer and bicycle. And I sometimes get caught talking to them...

Lovely collection as usual :)

Such a sweet collection, love those phrase stickers! Random fact: I lived in England from 5th through 10th grades! (with my family, of course). Before, and currently, live(d) in California.

this is an amazing collection! i started scrapbooking in 1997 after being introduced to it by twins that I worked with :)

Love this collection.
Random Fact - orange is my favorite color

Love the muted colours. Random Fact - I believe in Santa Claus.

Random fact: I love to travel, but it takes me weeks to unpack after a trip!

What a fun collection. A random fact: I was once mistaken for a novice nun.

Cute! I love the new line.

Random fact about me: I love watching sports. I like to craft in my family room to a football game!

random fact: I HATE eggs. ewwww gross.

A random fact about me: I'm afraid of fish.

Amy totally rocks... always excited to see her new collections.. and Paige always rocks those layouts..

Random Fact: I love to Bowl. :)

Gorgeous collection - I love everything Amy comes up with!
Random fact about me - my middle name is Anne, with an "e" of course, and my two best friends at school had the same middle name as me!

awwwwww I love this collection!!
random fact about me: I'd love to have pink hairs, but I work in a hospital so I can't, then I bought a 1 meter long pink wig to wear in my free time :)

Lovely collection!
random fact: I don't like green so much, but it's my most used color in scrapbooking.

My eyelid flutters when I'm stressed!.Frustrating!.

So love this collection! Random fact about me- I love Nascar, I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan!

I am known for starting a project for something and having it come out completely different than when I started out. Sometimes for a completely different purpose.

I have worn odd socks for 7 years now.
Oh and I got engaged on the weekend 😄

I had polio in 1947-I was 2 yrs old. I was left with no after affects-so very lucky.Love this collection.

I adore this line! So much goodness! Random fact: I have never mowed the lawn.

I keep sneaking my kiddo's Halloween candy!

Random fact: I don't eat ketchup, mustard, or mayo. I like BBQ sauce and honey mustard, though. :)

ohhh how fun!!!!
ok so my random fact about me is i dont like BEANS...cant stand them...was made to eat them as a child...and hated them ever since!!!

thanks for a super fun giveaway!!!!

I love cookies. Oatmeal are my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!!

I am fighting cancer; I love sccrapbooking.

I was the first woman to announce a college football game in Texas!

I love to fish but hate to eat it!!!

Love everything'! Dying for those layer tags!

I'm a fraternal boy/girl twin and I had fraternal boy/girl twins 😊

Paige is so talented. She always inspires me with her intricately designed pages and her skills are amazing. This is my new favorite collection I love every single thing about it. Hum, random fact? I'm a mom of 15yr old twin boys and a 10yr old girl. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t

I'm super shy !! Around people and get extremely nervous...

Beautiful collection and I love the layout. Random fact: I've never won any giveaway or prize.

Love this new collection and have used it a bunch...so I need more to play with! Random fact:I can touch my tongue to my nose.

Random fact: I have lost 120 lbs. in the last two years!

I love the new stitched collection.
Random fact: I have never sprained or broken anything

This collection is her best yet, love it! Random fact: I am terrified of parrots :(

Gorgeous collection! Random fact: My two favorite hobbies are scrapbooking and playing tournament poker.

Woot! Love the colour palette of Stitched and the pattern paper is super cool!

Random fact: I'm wearing two pairs of socks right now...

Awesome collection! Random fact is that frogs terrify me.

oh love that beautiful & simple design of paper! so lovely!

I always love Amy's collections and this one is just fabulous. My random fact is that if you don't find me in my paper craft room, you will find me out in the garden.

Random fact: I went back to university at the age of 42 when both my son and daughter were also students at the same university.

i like my uncovered feet to hang off the end of the bed when i sleep.

I am not ticklish.

I read the end of books after I've read about 20+ pages into the front so I won't be as surprised if something major happens.

FACT: I have met 5 presidents.

Random fact: I am the oldest in a family of girls and had only girls.

I am an avid reader!

Gosh, I love those thicker words and the tag stickers.
Random fact about me..I have a chocolate stash - hidden from kids and hubby! Don't tell!

One random fact about me: My real name is Alexis although I have always been called Sandi. Nowadays Alexis is a popular name for little girls but that was not the case when I was little!

I love all the thickers and those puffy stickers are so fun! Awesome line!
Random fact: I met my husband when I was 16 and we've been together now for 31 years.

Thanks for the chance to win. Most folks would never guess that I am a Ham Radio Operator.

One random fact about me: I don't like bugs! PANIC!!!jajajaja
Thanks for the chance to win!. I love Amy Tangerine's collections!

I don't like walking inbetween parked cars. I'm always sure someone will be waiting underneath one...
Ridiculous, but now you know :)

Love this new collection!

I am deathly afraid of slugs and snails.

Love this new line !! Random fact : I can easily read a text written backwards ;)
Thanks for this giveaway !

Love anything Amy! Random fact: I was hit by a car driven by my neighbor who was an off- duty cop!

I own my own automotive magazine

Random fact! I did not get married till I was forty!

Random fact: I love ALL the colours, but not white and black

I had to know how to change a tire and the oil on a car before I could learn to drive.

I love your products.
Random fact: My stepfather was in the army and I moved to Germany 2 different times. Total of 6 years and 3 months.

Love this collection! I want it all!! Random Fact: I was "Little Miss Catfish Stomp" when i was 5 years old.

Random fact: I rode a mechanical bull at a campus event in grad school, and some people find that hard to believe!

love it :)
random fact: I hate fresh tomatoes - I love ketchup, tomato sauce, but just can't eat fresh tomato :)

I so love this collection! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Random fact about myself... hmm... I can pick up things with my toes! A little something I learned to do after back surgery ;)

What a pretty collection - my random fact is that I have a Coke every day, I can't go without one lol

Love this new collection !!!
Random fact:I can touch my tongue to my nose jajaja!

Super collection! Random fact: I am moving to Italy in a few months.

Love this collection and Amy. I always read my horoscope before anything else in a newspaper.

Random Fact: I skipped Kindergarten
Not-so Random Fact: I LOVE the Stitched collection!!

Thanks for a chance to win it!

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