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Monday, November 24, 2014


such a cute and bright layout! my favorite is my grandma's homemade stuffing. Can't wait for it!!

Beautiful layout, Paige! My grandmother's stuffing has been a family favorite for years. Now that I host Thanksgiving, I have taken over making it! Thanks for the chance! Happy Thanksgiving!

Although I really love turkey, it's all about the dressing/stuffing.
Thanks for the chance.

I love broccoli casserole!

I love the turkey, mostly because the leftover sandwhiches are to die for... reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross gets fired over his turkey sandwich... lol

Love this layout so much! I love pumpkin pie - it's my favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving :)

Great layout. My favorite dish would have to be stuffing. Thanks.

It's all about the pumpkin pie!

It would have to be apple pie with crumb topping. Yum!!!

Love mashed potatoes
and pumpkin pie!
Carla from Utah

I love the mashed potatoes:)

There are so many dishes I love! I have to pick one it would be my cheesy mashed potatoes. (Jena from California)

I love turkey with cranberry sauce!

I love the homemade cranberry sauce my mom makes! Love Paige's layout, too!

It is all about the apple pie on Thanksgiving :)!!! That is the best!

Stuffing covered in gravy is my fave!

LOVE her page!!!!

always love the mashed potatoes and dessert!!!

I gotta' admit, I love the dressing. Hands down...

It's got to be the turkey. I always look forward to the left over turkey sandwiches & the turkey soup that I make & freeze so we can eat it throughout the winter.

My sister makes amazing yams. I'm sure they are filled with love and of course lots of butter.

I love mashed potatoes, and having vegetables to dip into them.

It's not a dish per say but my mother's homemade gravy made with the turkey is my most favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving. I smother my turkey,mashed potatoes with it and then dip the rest with my roll-it's so good!

My favorite dish is probably the dressing. I love it and we only eat it a couple of times a year making it that much more special.

I LOVE corn casserole! It's a corn pudding....and OH so yummy!!!

What a creative layout, I love it! I love eating stuffing and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

I do love candied sweet potatoes, but now that my husband has been doing the turkey (brined a la America's Test Kitchen), I think that I might actually like the turkey best!!

Gosh, it's hard to choose. Probably a good creamy mashed potato - with lots of butter, of course! :)

Pumpkin Pie!

My favorite dish is dressing with gravy. I can always count on Thanksgiving for this dish!!! It's so good HOT!!!

My favourite dish is stuffing, homemade of course!

The cornbread dressing is my favorite.

My favorite are the candied sweet potatoes. Yum!

Pies! apple and pumpkin are the best.

Paige always has great layouts. She's so talented and one of the most inspiring scrapbookers I know. I love the pumpkin pie. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

I need to go cut me some leafs ASAP! Love this layout. As for me I'm drooling over pumpkin pie and it's the bonus of the smell while it's baking ohhhh YUM!

Pumpkin pie of course!
Thanks for the giveaway

Beautiful layout! Inspired me to take more pictures during Thanksgiving this yr! As for my favorite dish...I love the mashed potatoes! Thanks for the chance!

I am all about mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving feast favorite - that's tough to decide but I must say that a good sweet potatoe dish with toasted pecans and maple syrup is definitely one of my top favorites. love the layout. beautiful.

As always a beautiful layout!!!
As for what I love is being with family!!! If we only had rice and beans I would love it just as much as a big turkey dinner because I was with them. Happy turkey day Paige and family!!

Such a pretty layout. I love Thanksgiving food. It's my favorite meal EVER! Loving the new lines!

Pie!! I always look forward to the pie!

Love all the details on this page-- it's a feast for my eyes! As for the Thanksgiving feast-- I am a Pecan Pie kind of girl! Sugarholic!!

I love sautéed mushrooms and onions in butter. Yum.

Thanks for the chance to win. Lovely layout.

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