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Monday, December 29, 2014


This is so great, I love this collection so much!!
The best present this year was to have vacation for a couple of days and to be able to spend them with my family and friends. So much joy...
Happy Holidays and thanks for the chance to win!

Love the sewn hearts on the scrpbook page! A lovely collection...

I totally love this collection it just makes me smile. I love all those fun hearts on your layout.. so totally cute.
My favorite gift this year was the collection of Copic Markers I got... yay for coloring. :)

I always love the dear lizzy lines. There's something whimsical about them. My favorite gift I recieved this year was a vintage typewriter. I can't wait to use it on all my crafts!

Dear Lizzy is always so good!! My favorite was a new blue tooth speaker so I can craft and rock out!

Love the hearts! My favorite gifts weren't for me, but the Legos my kids received. They have been working together (!) and building for days.

Great collection and gorgeous page!
Santa was good to me this year with a new camera.
Thanks for the chance.

I am always excited to see a new Dear Lizzy collection, and Serendipity doesn't disappoint! My favorite Christmas present was watching my little nieces rip open their presents. Such joy! Thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite gift of the holidays was having ALL five of my boys here with me. One is graduating this year and going off into the Army and this may well be the last Christmas for some time to cone that I have everyone together. Such a blessing!

My favorite gift this year was getting to spend time with my whole family! We are all so busy so it was nice to take time to enjoy each other!

My favorite present this year was from my little boy...he combined two of my favorite things for my gift, my obsession with the color pink and my love of owls. I got a giant pink plush owl!

My favorite Christmas present is that our little family gets to spend time together. I find that time is so special and precious:-). Thanks for the chance to win!!!

I got a gift set of argan oil. So excited to start using it!

I love the colors of this collection.
The papers and embellishments are sensational.

My fav present this year, my new Yorkie "Tank".
Who would think such a little thing would bring so much happiness and love into your life.

My sister surprised me with a pair of riding boots that I had been coveting, but wouldn't buy. Awesome surprise!

My favorite gifts was some earrings from my husband. Looking forward to this week, love this collection!

Love this new pretty collection! I love my new Hunter rain boots!

This is just beautiful! I got a beautiful quilt from an artist.. I've wanted one for years.... Thanks

This wee is going to be awesome! I love the Serendipity collection!!

I think my favorite gift I got this year was a new watch. A Fossil watch. I love it!! :)

My favorite present was the book The Little Spark. And btw, *serendipity* is my favorite word in the dictionary!

Beautiful collection!
I received an Elf on the Shelf :)

Oh what a beautiful collection! My favorite Christmas gift was a hand made quilt from my daughter!!

What a sweet collection. My favorite present is my new iPhone6 from my hubby. Thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite gift was my Fitbit. I am already making important changes because of it. Healthy is good!

I love this line!!! It would be perfect for scrapping pictures of my grandchildren. My favorite present was a handmade ornament from my grandchildren.

This is such a fabulous collection with beautiful colours. I love every bit of it!
My favourite present was a can full of tea bags.

Love the colors in
this collection! So
pretty. My sister
made me a key holder
out of wood and used
purple pattern paper
on it. Plan to use it
in my craft shed to
hang goodies from.
Carla from Utah

My favorite gift was gift cards from Southwest so I can do some traveling.

I'm a fan of that blue marbled paper! We really only do presents for our daughter, but it's more fun watching her open gifts than it is getting them myself, I think!

I am in LOVE!! Amazing collection!

Such a pretty collection!! Liz hit another homerun. My favorite gift this year was the NutriBullet so I can make healthy smoothies for my husband and I.

Love it!
This collection is sooo beautiful!!
My favourite christmas present is a trip to Amsterdam!!!! I can't wait to go there!!!
Thanks for the chance!

I got some great accessories for my sewing machine!!

I got book and scrapbooking godies :)

I got a beautiful pink planner :)

I got a new TV and I'm pretty excited about that...haha!

I love your page, it's beautiful. Wonderful collection. My favorite gift is a machine for my legs. It helps the circulation in your legs, you feel vibrations. I love it. Thanks for the chance.

Love this! A cameo for me!

My favorite Christmas present this year wasn't received by me - it was given. My family decided to cute back on gifts to each other and adopt some people in need - an elderly person and a family of five. I plan to do this every year that I can. It was an amazing and humbling experience. I encourage others to do the same if they can! Happy 2015 to all!

Lovely summery colours! My favourite gift this year would have to be the plum pudding my Father-in-law baked for us. His first year making it on his own.

I got a great shelving unit for my scrap room. Now I'll a place to store my supplies and die-cutting machines!

Ohhhh at last showings of this collection! I waned to see DT projects with it.
My biggest gift - that my daughter is healthy last month while visiting kindergarten - it's a big progress for us!

I got exactly what I wished for my mom(she is battling lung and brain cancer) made it through the holidays, I prayed so hard for this as Christmas is her favorite time of the year.

love this collection! my fave present was a whole box of scrap goodies from my dad - he did a great job selecting!

Love this collection! My favourite gift this year was new bedding.

Great collection. My favorite Christmas gift this year was new exercise shoes.
Love Paige's layout.

We don't give each other Christmas presents anymore since our kids are grown up, but my husband and I pooled our money and purchased a "farm" (a cow, a pig, some chickens, two sewing machines and a bunch of other stuff) for a third world family. It feels so good to do something for someone else and to simplify our own Christmas giving.

My favorite gift... my husband surprised me by going to the art supply store a few towns over and buying me some amazing, beautiful, hand-crafted paintbrushes. He snuck my beloved and banged-up paint brush (the one held together by tape!) out with him to the store and had the owner help him select new ones for me based on my favorite brush. It was a true surprise and incredibly thoughtful, and it also shows how much he supports my painting. It meant the world.

One year remission! Best gift to have a year under my belt. The best things in life family and love! Paying off medical bills so we cut back on gifts. My honey bought me a small tree and I love it. Best gift!!

Gorgeous page and collection!
For Christmas, I didn't actually have any gifts to open...this is because my in-laws were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and we all went on a cruise together! We went ziplining, tubing, and even visited Dolphins - the memories and experiences were so much better than opening up a physical gift. <3 (now I have to scrapbook it all. ;) )

I am just totally crushing on this collection and love what Paige has done with it!!! My fav gift was just having my children with me.. after a turbulent year that was truly special.. ♥

This year was not about physical gifts. And that makes me happy. The 'big' gift was pushing through sickness and spending time with the fam. It was worth the trouble of getting there and back!

An actual gift? Well, I've not got it yet, but I'm getting a new bike in the sales as soon as we've sold my old bike.
What a gorgeous romantic collection this is and I especially love the donut stickers and jar stamp. x

I am madly in love with this new collection. It is defintely on my wish list. My favorite present this year was a new die and stamp set.

My favorite gift was the nikon Coolpix p530 camera. I am loving it.

I love this beautiful collection!!
My favorite gift was the gorgeous throw my daughter gave me. Reminds me of pretty scrap paper.

Love the navy in this collection! My favorite gift was a stocking full of Lindt truffles! Thanks Santa!

This collection is so pretty! My favorite present this year was spending time with my family :)

I don't know if it was my favorite this year (that would probably the 4 pieces of dishware that make up a cute snowman!) but my hubby got me a scarf this year... the same scarf that he got me last year.. Wah Wah!

My husband bought me chocolate truffles from a little shop that we went to when we were first dating! The shop went out of business (plus we've moved away from that town), but there the original shop is still open all the way across the country! I love that he thought of this special gift. We've been savoring them together.

My favorite gift this year was a brand new red leather purse! TFS!!!

The best present I got was to give - I volunteered my time for Santa's Anonymous - picking, wrapping and delivering hundreds of gifts for the poor families. Nothing is better than sparkling a light into the families' eyes that their child will receive a special gift on Christmas Day.

This is a very beautiful collection! The best gift for me is the health of my family, and cameo)of course

What a gorgeous collection! I love the blues and purples! My favorite gift this year was a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

I adore this collection!The best gift was one for my daughter, a dvd with a Princess Barbie !

My GOLD iPad mini. She is a beauty in my hands. I am not ashamed to admit that she has been by myside 24/7. I love her!!!


Beautiful layout and great collection. This year, my 19-year-old son saved up money ftom his part-time job and bought me a beautiful Swarovski crystal necklace!

sooo pretty and great embellies and stickers!!!!
my fave present was the vacation we went on after christmas, we gave less presents and decided to go on a family vacation after christmas!!! best thing ever!!!

Love this new Dear Lizzy collection! My fave gift was a family vacay to be together and relax!

I got my husband. he returned from a long trip in south America by bike!!!! love the stamps.

My favourite gift this year was my Kelly Moore camera bag! I've been eyeing it for a long time!

My sister gave me to large glitter portraits of my kitties, Scout and Romeo. They are so life like and truly capture their spirits. Love them so.

My favourite gift that I received was lawn ornaments for my yard. I love them.

I love colors and stamps here!
My fave Christmas present was my new phone.

those dies would be fun to play with. My favorite gift would be the new slippers my sister knit for me.

What a beautiful collection and lovely layout by Paige! My favortie gift is an external flash for my camera---Yay!!

I love this pretty collection! Paige's layout is beautiful!
My favorite gift was a pretty ring from my boyfriend.

Great collection, can't wait for my order to get here. Your layout is beautiful, @paigetaylorevans! So pretty. My fave gift was a spice set, and comfortable shoes. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t

the sweater that my son picked out all by himself

Oo wow, such lovely colours, would love to win this, thanks for the opportunity.

Love this collection! My favorite Christmas gift was a FL family vacation over the holidays.

Love this collection, so beautiful. My favorite gift this Christmas was the cross-stitch kit my friend put together with a pattern she bought on Etsy to stitch characters from my favorite movie- The Princess Bride.

Such a pretty collection! Those thickers... Swoon! My favorite Christmas present this year was just being with family. I know cheesy, but true :-)

My prisma color pencils

My husband and I didn't exchange gifts this year, which was kind of freeing in a way, so we enjoyed our kids tearing open their new toys.

What a pretty collection! I love the teal mixed with the rich berry color. My favorite present was watching my kids smiling from ear to ear while opening theirs,

I love this line and I love the layout!! :) My favorite gift this year is the pair of Hello Kitty Beats by Dre headphones my husband bought me! :)

This line are beautiful!. My favorite present was watching my niece Valèria!
Good 2015!!!!


Hooray for a chance to win!!

Oh, I love this line. So pretty! My fave present was the foam roller my 14 year old picked out! So good for my aching muscles :)

Love this collection! My favourite gift this year was a Typo lightbox.

Love this beautiful line!

I got some comfy scrapping leggings... Thanks for the chance to win.

Such a beautiful collection! My favorite gift this Christmas is a trip to Oregon with my parents:)

My favorite gift this Christmas was the complete Full House series on DVD!

My favorite gift was a homemade scarf!

Beautiful line! I am loving my new iphone 6!

Love the new serendipity collection! My favourite present this year would have to be my dragonfly necklace :)

Another Dear Lizzy collection that is perfectly amazing!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on every single piece of this collection.

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