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Monday, January 26, 2015


The foam Thickers stay on my projects better, but the glitter Rockabye is so good. I also love the ones with the upper and lower case letters. :)

I can't pick a favorite!! I'm partial to the foam ones as well because I can use leftover letters to pop up embellishements on my cards or layouts. I love tjem.all and they are my go to alphas!!

It is so hard to pick but I would have to say the foam thickers are my favs.

I really like the script font Thickers that are part of the Amy Tangerine lines!

I love them all, but I have always loved it when I came across cloth ones... thanks for a chance to win. My collection is getting depleted!

Any red sparkly Thickers! They always end up on my Christmas pages!

Wow, hard to pick, but right now am in love with gold glittery thicker.
But I love all Thickers.

I really like multi-color or patterned! Thanks for the chance to win.

I use several different kinds but I think the foam ones win out. Love them all.

The "thick" bold letter.

I love the chipboard ones. They add such awesome texture to projects!! I'm all for simple uppercase fonts too.

I love the Kal Barteski script Thickers in Amy Tangerine's Plus One collection. I should have bought 5 packs! I also love any black or charcoal type color Thickers. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

I love them all... But my very favorite were the dolce in fabric!

It's hard to pick, but I do like the scripted glitter ones.

I love the foam and the glitter ones!

I love the foam ones and any script font!

My favorite is any of the foam glitter thickers. I love the way they look and they stick really well.

My favorite Thickers would have to be the foam ones.

Love, love, love Thickers. I have two favorites which are Lullabye and Rainboots. Can't choose between them.

I love them all!! The script is my favorite font though.

Oh man, this is the best giveaway ever! But how do I pick just one favorite?! I really love the foam ones!

I don't know if I've met a Thicker I don't like, but I especially love simple fonts in foam!

I love the glittery thickers but then again I love all types of thickers!!!

I like the new
glitter ones coming
out and the Pebbles
Birthday Wishes set.
Carla from Utah

My all time favorite were the Amy Tangerine Journal thickers. I have sadly just about run out of vowels in those. I'm so glad you're coming out with more foam thickers in that kind of skinnier style.

I love all Thickers ;D but my favourite are transparent :D

I LOVE all Thickers....but my all-time favorites are the gold glitter ones...totally swoon worthy!!

Love the gold glittery ones!

Wow! What a fantastic give away. I love all of the Thickers and so it is hard to choose one style. Right now it would have to be the glitter ones as I seem to be using those the most.

foam thickers are my fave

I like the more classic or sans serif fonts, and I love the really thin lined fonts, and also the kinds where there's line work printed on the thicker itself (where a font is printed onto the actual thicker)

Well, I really have a love affair with Thickers, so it's hard to choose! But I use the foam the most so I guess they're the favorite, but they're closely followed by glitter Thickers. And I've yet to find I font I haven't liked so . . . yeah, I'll pretty much use ALL the Thickers and be happy about it! :D

Can we say Thickers addiction? I LOVE them all! But I guess my faves are the basic block style, both thin and thick. I also love the smaller alpha styles for variety when creating longer titles. Awesome giveaway!!!

I have lots of favorites, but probably use the thin black or glitter ones the most.

Gosh, I love all kinds of thickers but the ones I gravitate towards most are the simple, more modern font ones. Also really like having some smaller alpha styles on hand.

Oh my what a way to get your heart racing! Thickers are SO my weakness but right now what are stopping me and making me giggle with delight are the gold glittery yummy goodness.

How can I possibly pick a favorite Thicker?? I do love the foam ones best; there were some great vinyl ones too. I love the Doll and Wonder fonts because of their versatility.

I love foam Thickers, especially the more cursive styles, as they are really easy to cut and reshape when I run out of those pesky vowels.

My favorite are glitter thickers! They are such the perfect touch to any layout, card, or project!

It's hard to pick, but I'm going to go with sparkly cursive.

thickers, thickers & more thickers! Printed Chipboard thickers are my #1 fav if I am forced to choose.

I like the Thickers made of foam. They stick really well on my projects.

I loooove thickers! All chipboard thickers are my favourites!

I love the foam and chipboard thickers. I just love that I can have a variety of different thickers for my projects!!

I like all of the Thickers & I like to mix & match fonts. The fabric ones are my favorite followed by the chipboard & then the foam.

I really like the plastic ones like rainboots, but I tend to gravitate towards chipboard for my layouts. I love thickers!!

Any Thickers in Kal Barteski's fabulous script!
Hope you'll have more soon!

I love them all, but right now I'm drawn to the glittery ones! This is a great prize that would be welcomed in my home!

I love all non glittery ones....especially foam and anything that looks natural like wood grain.

I love Thickers and especially the foam and glitter ones! Love the black glitter ones!

Looking at my Thickers stash now. I couldn't possibly pick just one! I especially love the cursive/script fonts, the foam material, and the sparkly bling finish. I would LOVE to win some as you can NEVER have enough Thickers.

I love the thin rubber or similar style Thickers that were in Amy Tangerine's older collection. I also love the Kal Barteski and other script word Thickers! Thanks, AC!

I love the foam and chipboard thickers!
Thanks for the chance!


I loved my set of "Sprinkles" Thickers... aqua with a leathery-like finish. I also really enjoy foam Thickers... My favorite fonts are the classic, straight-up-and-down kind.

Almost any of the foam thickers, they stick to my layouts way better than the chipboard ones.

LOVE Thickers!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I think foam would be my fav but chipboard are pretty darn good too!

I love all of them! But if I have to choose, I like the foam ones.

I find that the foam are my favs but they're all pretty spectacular.

Hands down foam Thickers. Love their squishy softness! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love Thickers!!!! My favorite right now are the cork Thickers. Thanks for a chance to win

I have never met a Thicker I didn't like. They are all wonderful I would love to see more Navy ones.

I love them all - and have an embarrassingly large stash. I like foam ones, kraft ones, unfinished chipboard, fancy fonts, and simple fonts. And the new thicker words are brilliant!

{squeal} I love Thickers! My favorites are the foam sets - they just seem to stick better. But I also like the chipboard natural kind - like Amy Tangerine Goodness - can mist or ink them up to just the right color. And I love the scripty fonts, like Lullaby and Rainboots too. There's just a whole lot of Thicker love around here! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the foam thickers!!! They are my fave. You can use them as is or alter them, so versatile!!

And G's layout is pretty cool too ;)

I love the foam ones - been using them for years - I have so many, but could always use more...

My favorite are the foam letters!

I love every type of script thickers. I never have enough!

I love, love, love Thickers! No layout is complete without them! My favorites are the Amy Tangerine Thickers!

Glitter foam ones. Hands down!


Most definitely the foam Thickers! Love them!!

Its hard to pick, but I always seem to use up the chipboard faster, and in all the colors of the rainbow!

I really do love all of the different types of Thickers but I use the foam glitter ones a lot.

Fabulous layout! I love the chipboard thickers the most!

I love funky fonts and definitely foam. Oh and glitter....I love glitter. Heck, I just really love Thickers!

My favorites are the round typewriter key thickers and glitter thickers!

I love the foam thickers!

Love all thickers

I love the ombre Goodness Thickers! The are my absolute faves!

I don't have a specific font, but I love it when there is both upper & lower case thickets on the same sheet!!

I love all thickers but my favorite is always the more traditional font style.

There are so many that are cool but I have to go with a classic black script

I love all of them, but I really use the foam ones a ton. And the girly girl in me loves the glitter Thickers.

My favorite are the fabric.

My favorite Thickers...All of them! However, if I had to choose one it would be Foam Thickers, add Glitter to them and that makes them more desirable. I love the quality and how the fit on my layouts. All of Amy Tans are gorgeous!! A variety would be a welcome addition to my scrap stash!!

I LOVE ALL THICKERS, but the Glitter Thickers in ANY Font are my FAVORITE!! I just LOVE them and I CAN'T RESIST them in EVERY Color!! =) THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

Love the foam and glitter Thickers.

My favorite (and the one I hoard) are the skinny font with fabric/chipboard. Love them!

*sigh* how do I pick just one??? If I have to pick just one....It would have to be the glitter ones! They add just that little bit of BLING to your page and/or card!!!

Love the layout!!!! Kal Barteski's script Thickers are my favorite!!

I love the foam and the rubber ones.

I love foam Thickers, especially the Lullaby font. I´m addicted to Thickers and hoard them.

I think foam Thickers as you can alter them easier. And sets with both caps and lower case letters. The glitter Thickers are gorgeous. Hmmm. I can't choose just one!

While I am partial to cursive Thickers (any color!)I do enjoy getting lost in the world of Thickers!

I loved the Kal Barteski foam Thickers, they're my favourites I think. (I'm not in the US but if I miraculously win, I am sure I can pick a US scrappy friend who would love the prize).

I like the foam best because they tend to stick better...and I love the basic fonts like the Styleboard - Maggie Holmes all caps and the Daiquiri and Rainboots styles...they go with just about any project I can think up...but to be honest, I love them all.

My favorite Thickers are the foam ones since they always seem to stick the best. I am also a sucker for any glitter Thickers since you can never go wrong with a little bling.

Love so many Thickers it is hard to choose currently trying to track down some more Amy Tangerine Lovely thickers in pale yellow xxx

I love the glitter foam Thickers best... easiest to use & best to stick on the page! Besides, it's always good to add some pizzazz to the page!

I haven't tried any yet! I am just starting out my Project Life album and I came across this post. I'm so excited to try them!

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