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Monday, April 06, 2015


I'm scrapbooking, baking, and going back to work . . . Sprig Break is over. I just love Shimelle's new line - the wood veneers are amazing!

Well, my weekend will start with a soccer game on Friday, working on finishing cleaning out the garage on Saturday, and NASCAR on Sunday.

I love this layout and new collection! The colors and patterns are very versatile...can't wait to get my hands on these goodies! I hope to see them in stores soon :)

Love this collection! This weekend I'm taking a Kelly Purkey class at my local scrapbook store :)

What a great collection! I will be taking my daughter horseback riding and then we celebrate my mom's birthday!!

These two layouts are great and Gina's is truly inspiring! I'm planning to do a little crafting today - back to work tomorrow! First I need to clean the bathroom (eughgh) but then I will reward myself with some paper time :-)

Love these layouts! These weekend I plan to reorganize my scrapbook layouts into albums!

I'll be scrapping our Easter celebration, trying to stay on top of things!

I'm hoping to keep working on my scrapbook of last summer's epic vacation! Thanks for the chance to win.

True Stories is a great collection. I love the color scheme!

I will be studying (Saturday) and celebrating my 24th birthday with my family on Sunday! I don't think I will have time for scrapbooking but I will be making good memories to scrapbook later!

Organizing my craft room. Making space for this collection!

I don't have plans yet but weekends usually mean crafting time for me!

This weekend I plan to weed the flower gardens and get ready for some spring time weather! :)

I think some spring cleaning is in order for this weekend!!!

A birthday outing this weekend and scraping the following weekend :)

Weekends I love you! Sleeping in and being with family. Celebrating a new baby and the Resurrection! Definitely lots to scrap next weekend!

Just a quiet weekend at home. Can't wait to get my hands on this new collection. I've got layouts in mind already!

Yes! I'm hoping to do some scrapping this weekend! Maybe some layouts and cards! :)

I have a few cards to make and some photos that I would like to scrap. What an awesome collection. Those wooden buttons are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win !

I am going with my daughter's Girl Scout troop to the local wildlife rescue center for a tour. The girls are donating a good portion of their cookie sale earnings to this cause. I also hope to have time to make a couple of scrapbook pages as well. I love this collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

What a beautiful collection! Love those bold colors :-) I am hoping to squeeze some crafting time in!

This is such a pretty collection!
I don't think I'll have time for scrapbooking this weekend since I plan to spend it with my girlfriends. But that means I'll have photos to scrapbook later:)

we're on spring break this week---

We are heading to the museum of science and industry. Unfortunately, there is not going to be much time to scrap!

On Thursday and Friday I have my Stampin' ladies coming to the house for class. We make three cards (different groups of ladies on the two days but same projects). I come up with the designs and provide the materials.
On Friday I'm going to CKC in Collinsville, IL, to shop. On Saturday I'm going to work for Kiwi Lane Designs at the CKC. On Sunday I will probably collapse. Looking forward to the whole thing. Working at the CKC has been on my bucket list.

Love this collection

This weekend I am going to the Lowes Kids workshop, a carnival, and of course, scrapbooking! Oh... and spring cleaning, I guess...

I wish I was scrapping this weekend, but instead I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday! There's always the weekend after :).

I'm going to a crop, so hopefully I'll get a lot of scrapbooking done.

I love the colors of this collection! This weekend I plan on working on some scrapbooking, cleaning up my condo, and watching a season or two of the Closer.

Well my kids are off from school this week but my 8 yr old DD & I woke with a tummy bug NOT what we were planning so movies today at home. The rest of the week shall be an adventure!

Always scrap time at my house on the weekend - but no definite plans

Some cardmaking and family time.

I always scrapbook as much as a I can.... Thanks-fun collection!

A beautiful collection. I love the embellishments.
This weekend I am going to run and of course I will taking time with my stories in scrapbooking.
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

What a beautiful lay-out! This weekend I'm definitely going to spend scrapbooking :)

I plan on doing some spring cleaning of the cars. And of corse there is always time to do some scrapbooking in the evenings.

Love this collection! I have a handful of layouts that need sewing done....maybe I can get that done this weekend. :)
Thanks for the chance!

Oooh, I love the colors and patterns in this collection!
I'll be catching up on chores this weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to sneak some crafting time in.

This coming weekend,my kids will be giving my husband and me a dinner party to celebrate 40 years of marriage. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer so every moment spent with our family is precious.

I always hope there is time for scrapping, but this coming weekend there will be lots of work in the yard. Getting ready to plant!! Yay.

Gosh the weekend seems so far away! Just hoping to get some things squared away in the house, some spring cleaning and hopefully crafting, oh and I have to finish the taxes!

I love this collection! Such fun colors! This weekend I'm definitely doing some scrapbooking and hopefully spending some time outside since spring. Thanks for the chance to win!

Birthday weekends are always fun, especially when we add a bit of sailing!

Love this collection :)

No scrapping, but I am getting my hair done! So a fun day for me!

Thanks for sharing, the video was great. No big plans for the weekend. I need to get the yuk (cleaning) stuff done so I can enjoy a crop the following Thursday and Friday. Beautiful collection and thank you for the chance to win.

We are going to go to visit my grandma: my son will finally get to meet his great-grandma!

My son's soccer season starts, so we'll be rooting him on!

Oh, wow, awesome layout! I love the stitched pattern. This is great, very clever. And this collection rocks. Awesome color combinations, great, neat embellishments. Should be a quiet weekend, for working on layouts and my art journal. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

My scrapping friends are popping into town, so we will be busy.

I plan on scrapbooking and watching a movie with my kids.

I'll be at a dance completion watching my daughter, and hundred others, dance! We always have fun and I get pictures and memories ;)

Hoping to do some planting in my garden and squeeze in some scrapbooking time. Thanks for the chance to win product!

I've had a nice walk outside as it was the first sunny day of the season!
Great layout, love the string art inspiration!

I so hope to scrapbook, but may be resigned to laundry! :) love this collection!

Work + laundry + crafting time + visiting family!

Planning on finishing my journalling on several pages I have done and then assembling some page kits for future layouts. Love the colors in the True Stories line!!

I plan to take time this weekend to catch up on the tweets I've missed this week. I also have chores, like laundry & bills. Then, I can do a little scrapping in the evenings!

Hoping to have a relatively quiet weekend after the busy holiday weekend just past! Want to scrapbook and read and need to catch up laundry.

My plans are to relax and scrap away, and maybe do some baking. I adore the color combination, its so versatile i can make boy and girl layouts, the possibilities are endless.

This is by far my favorite line from winter CHA! So excited to get it in my hands! This weekend I will be watching my children perform in their first musical!

Catching up with my monthly Prohpject Life and doing some 12x12 pages to complete my vacation album from last spring!

Relaxing, slowing down , trying to anyway. Enjoying the Easter break with my family. 😊

I'm gonna work in my garden that needs a little love. Crazy in love with the new Shimelle's collection

I actually have a date with my craft room - it is long overdue a bit of a clean out so sort and purge will be my motto this weekend.

This week, I'm cleaning up after a long weekend of Easter visitors. I hope to get to the gym to work off some Easter brunch/candy excitement too. ;)
Thanks for sharing your lovely layouts, Shimelle and Gina! Looks like a wonderful collection!

I have a baby shower to attend and try and recover from Spring Break! I've been sick for over a week now and I'm ready for my cold to go away!

Soon as I finish the 100 wedding invites for my sons wedding, I hope to get a page or two scrapped.

ohhhh super cute!! LOVE those wood buttons.. the weekend is all about being at the soccer and baseball fields to watch the kids play

I ADORE this collection! I am hoping to squeezea little scrapbooking in this weekend, but since my daughter was ill all of Easter weekend, we are having a re-do and celebrating this coming weekend! Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the colours and how good this collection is for everyday! I will be going to a craft market and a local dog meetup!

My birthday is Saturday, April 11, and my family is having a party, so winning this collection would make a great birthday present plus some great birthday layouts. The colors are so versatile, and I love the wood buttons.


Such a beautiful collection! I'm planning on scrapping the weekend away!!

This coming weekend we are going away for a couple of days to celebrate my hubby's birthday. I really love the bright happy colors!

What a fun collection! I love the bright colors and patterns.

Love the beautiful, bright colors, but I'm especially excited to see SILVER instead of gold! Love that this fall pic of Wonder Boy was done with bright colors!!!

Forgot to say...I'll be scrapping along with recent video purchases from Shimelle!

I have a great weekend coming up because I am going to the St. Louis CKC.

I'm traveling this weekend taking lots of pictures to scrapbook.

I'm training for a 10k race. I hope to get the chance to scrapbook. I really like Shimelle's new collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

Great collection!I plan on scrapbooking and watching a movie with my family!
I love this layout.

I wish I was scrap booking. I am however helping the hubby lay new laminate flooring throughout the basement which includes my scrapbook/sewing room so I'm excited for the face lift.

My weekend plans definitely include some crafting if possible!

FABULOUS collection and SERIOUSLY AWESOME layout Gina!!!
... I have had a canvas idea swimming around in my head for SO LONG and NOW I have the PERFECT solution on putting it together THANKS to your COOL geometric string art => THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!

I look forward to having my sister and her family come visit, they always bring plenty of hugs with them :)
Thank you for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS too!!!

I look forward to crafting this week. Making decorations for an upcoming Spring Tea!Love the embellishments in this collection. Great colors too!

I turn 40 this week so it's all about celebrating and then I hope to get some pages made to document the new decade!

Planning to get together with the girlfriends and playing with our crafty things like ink, pretty papers, paint...

Love anything by Shimelle, This weekend I will be packing and driving to our holiday. Our first proper holiday as a family, can't wait!

I've got two layouts in progress that I need to finish up. Plus work on a few weeks of Project Life. I love Shimelle's collections!

What an awesome collection! I'd love to win this to incorporate into my Project Life albums. Weekends are my catch up time. :)

Egg hunting, scrapbooking, and watching the Walking Dead. I love Shimelle's new line!

I spent mine in Panama City Beach, FL on Saturday for spring break, and Sunday at home relaxing. (If you call doing laundry relaxing!)

I will be visiting ALL 3 of my daughters in Washington DC......I will be making some new memories that I can then scrapbook when I am home!!! :)

I will be spending the last few days of spring break with my adorable little nieces. A picnic in the park sounds like a definite plan! I love the brightness of this collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

I am looking forward to Friday night were I am scrapping and skyping with a scrappy buddy.

LOVE this collection! You Tube and I will be scrapping this weekend. I have brand new supplies and I've chosen photos - now it's the fun part! Wish I had your new kit to scrap with Shimelle.

I just finished painting my scrap room a hot pink. I hope it inspires me to scrapbook!

I fit in some scrapbooking every weekend it's good for the soul. and I can bring it right to the racetrack while the boys do Motorcross

Oh I love this collection! My plans are a board game night with friends :) Thank you for the chance to win!

'Any Scrapbooking?'- Absolutely! DH wants to stay home & spend time in his garden, so I'll be free to work on a few layouts, for sure. Might try that string layout, it's just gorgeous.

i love love love that camera stamp. plans for the weekend included two turkey dinners, out of town family guests, and a little bit of scrapbooking squeezed in as a sanity saver!

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