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Monday, April 06, 2015


Card making, knitting, hiking, perhaps some card-writing while sitting on a log found during the hiking... Can't wait for it to be the weekend actually!

I'll be scrapping all my Easter pics of the egg hunt and my sweet nieces.

This weekend will be baseball, scrapping, and if the weater permits lots of time outside :).

This weekend I'm making time to get our Easter weekend in the book. I just love this collection! I have a stack of photos of my 4 month old son I've been waiting to scrap with these beautiful colors and details. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of it!

So SO cute! Plan on doing a little crafting this weekend! Thanks for the chance to win!

I'm hoping to work on my vacation album!

I plan on playing outside with my toddler and working on getting the nursery set up. I'll be getting some scrapbook time in once my son is in bed!!

I'm hoping to spend some time outside if the weather cooperates :). If not, maybe I can carve out some time to scrapbook... Love the new collection, Shimelle- especially the silver elements!

Rearranging the living room furniture in my boyfriend's apartment to make room for a bigger dinner table for crafting ;-)

I shall be studying for my calculus exam. I always take small scrapbooking breaks to keep my sanity lol. Shimelle's collection is just wonderful. I love the colors and whimsical elements.

My plans do intact include scrapbooking! I am swamped every year from Thanksgiving all the way until Easter ( and no I'm not a tax accountant hehehe) so know that that is done I have nothing but time!!! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing "glitter girl" collection!

This collection is AWESOME!! Unfortunately I'll have my head in my textbooks this weekend, studying for a big exam (in 1.5 weeks, yikes!!). I'd much rather have my head buried in my scrapbooks ;)

It is my monthly weekend off so I will be doing some errands, then some scrapbooking.

I am going to be throwing my mom a surprise birthday party this weekend!! I'm super excited!

I plan on going home from college to celebrate my mom's birthday with her!

This is a very fun collection! Plans for the weekend include celebrating my husbands birthday and sorting the top of my workspace off. You can't see the surface anymore

Very cute collection. I love the colors and the motifs!

I will pack my stuff for college (going back next week) bake some cupcakes and i will definitly add some scrapbooking! :)

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