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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I love the camera stamp and enamel hearts, plus the tags!

What a geat fun collection, love the enamel hearts and the puffy stickers.

All Amy's collection are adorable! I love those rubber shapes. That's something new.

It's nearly impossible to pick just one... But I always adore the stamp sets from Amy ' lines. The rotary stamp, wood block and clear acrylic, just plain awesomeness! It's all so cute and we'll coordinated, you just HAVE to have the whole collection :) The one thing I do hope shows up in one If her lines again are the stitching templates. I love them (yup, I have them all) and use them...a lot!

This looks like such a fun collection. I love the enamel hearts, embroidered tags & mini doilies.

Love the bright colors! Would love the paper!

Love it! Thank you Amy for constantly inspiring me to be creative! I would love to use the stamps and washi in my planner!

I i love the colors. I would love the stamps and the Thickers! Omg the Thickers! I am in love with them right now. It would be great to win it is an awesome prize!

Loving the richness of the patterned papers and those embroidered tags are awesome!!

I am diggin' the mini doilies.

Oh those stamps!!!

Love the embroidered tags!

I love this collection. Thanks for the sunshine.

This is fabulous!!!! I am loving all of it!!!

Totally love the wood stamps and the papers! This is gorgeous!

The puffy stickers and the enamel hearts looks fabulous!

I love all the puffy stickers!

I want everything!!!!!
Thickers, rubbons and rubber shapes are my fave!!!!

The enamel hearts rock!

EEK! I LOVE IT ALL! I love the saturated color palate! I love the puffy stickers and the enamel hearts the most though. Oh, I hope I win!!

Yay! New Amy tangerine goodies. How do you pick a favorite???? I guess it would be the papers. I love the colors❤️

This has to be my favorite collection I have seen. I love the colors and patterns and all the embellishments are amazing!!

Beautiful collection!!
I would really love the Rubber Charms, the Clear Stickers And the papers.

Enamel hearts! *squeal* I <3 them.

Well really I want to use it all, but the acrylic stamps are what I'm really into right now. 😍

Oh wow. So I know I can't say all of it so I will say the mini doilies, roller stamp, clear stickers, washi booklet, puffy thickets, enamel hearts, puffy stickers. That's pretty much all of it I guess, lol.

Oooh my fav is the phrase stamp! Makes me want to stamp everything! A tight second would be those thickers!

This may be my favorite collection yet! Those thickers are great!

Omg!! Those enamel hearts. Are super cute !!!

That grab bag looks awesome! And I'm loving the puffy stickers too! :)


You are so inspiring!! I love your videos and look forward to them every time they pop up on my notifications. I love the rub-ons, the clear stickers, stamps, paper, acrylic stamps, washi tape and grab bag kit. Your style lifts my spirits and I thank you for that!!!!

i would basically love using any of it but stamps are always my fave!

Anything from Amy Tan is amazing, and this is another lovely collection! I'm thinking those enamel hearts are a definite must have!

Another wonderful collection from Amy. I love the rubber shapes, puffy stickers/Thickers and especially the enamel hearts. Can't wait to get this.

The postcards, the grab bag, the EVERYTHING!! Thanks for the chance to win!

It's a toss up between puffy stickers and that awesome multi-colored wood thickers

Can't wait for the wood slices and patterned papers!

This is the freshest collection I've seen in ages!

The map stamp....cos you didnt forget to add or chop off my country!!!!! Thanks for that

Great collection!! I'd love to use the mini doilies and the clear sticker! Ooo and those rubons! Can't wait to get my hands on it all. :)

Those stamps for sure!

Oh my goodness, I want to use everything!!! I am especially enamored with Amy's handwriting, so I particularly love the tags and paper with her writing! Fantastic collection Amy and AC!

Oh my gosh, those colourful thickers! I just love them, I am going to need to stock up on them, they are just awesome!

Great collection! I would love to win!

My favourite parts of the collection are the roller stamp (I'm addicted), the world stamp in the acrylic stamp set, and the puffy thicker. I love the overall feel of the collection. Great Job!!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Loving that giraffe puffy sticker!

Enamel hearts, enamel hearts! Omg...must have them! Enamel everything and anything tops my list! Love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Where do I start??? I LOVE everything Amy does and this is no exception!! I can't wait to try those puffy Thickers, the rubber stamps (that giraffe though!!!) the rubber shapes, and what?!?! Wood slices!!! I need every piece of this collection!!

The clear stickers, rub-ons, and stamps look great!

Beautiful collection! I can't wait to try the puffy Thickers!

Oh my goodness this is a great color combo! I especially love the thickers and enamel hearts!!

Oh wow! Those mini doileys are so adorable, I can already think of uses for them...

The papers are awesome!.

The puffy stickers are so cute!!

Ooh, yes please to this collection! (She says knowing full well this is Finders Keepers!) I am very intrigued by those wood slices!! Everything's just so lovely :-)

Yay!!! So awesome as usual!!! Love especially those stamps! The giraffe is so cute!! And dip dyed thickers!!! :)

Such a great collection - I love everything Amy comes up with! I really like the look of the wood block stamps - especially the pineapple with the leaves as a separate stamp - so fun.

Umm all of it!!! If i had to choose only one it would be the stamps. All of it is so amazing though :)

I love love love this new range!!! Love the minc postcards and the ebroidered tags!!!

This is an AMAZING new line!! This is probably my fave line from Amy to date. I LOVE the blue and I'm really looking forward to using those rubber shapes. They're new and fun! :)

Love it!! I have to have th acrylic stamp and all the puffy stickers! I really like the colors in this line.

OMG. Why did I look at this? There goes my pocketbook. LOL! I am in love with the enamel hearts and the paper, and the puffy stickers, and the...the list would be never ending. I love that there's an option for a grab bag!

I would love to win this!! So so fresh and inspiring !!

I don't think there is one thing I wouldn't want to use in this collection! Is definitely use these products to document our family vacation to Maui, all of our summer fun and trips to the beach! And family gatherings. So in love with it all!

The puffy stickers of course!!!!! I'm loving the bright colours love this range Amy :)

Love it all! I would love to use the mini doilies and the puffy stickers too.

Oh gosh I love this collection!! And what a fab idea with the wood slices you could paint or stamp on them..

Those stamps look great!

Gorgeous collection, look at those adorable rubber pieces 😍😍😍😍

I'd love to use the lemon paper! Just love it!

EEK! love these colors! I will most definitely need the enamel hearts and puffy thickers!

Those Thickers look AWESOME!

Soo fun and pretty!! Love those puffy and clear stickers, minc postcards and mini doilies!

I'm not a doily person but I love those little doilies. Bring it on!

I love those paper,washi,stamps ok the whole collection is on my list!!!

I love it all!!

Finders Keepers!! Love Amy Tangerine! Those wood slices and stamps are brilliant. ..yesss, I need these!!

Oh my gosh! Those papers!

Love love this fun and bright collection. I'm a paper layering kind of girl so I'd love to get my hands on the 12x12 pad first.

The mini doilies, stamps and washi are my favorites! But it's all sweet.

Oh love this collection especially love the thickers and the mini doilies super cute!

LOVE the minc postcards!

I can't wait to get the acrylic stamp set, but I'm also in love with enamel hearts and those cool colorful thickers. There are so many awesome things in this collection!!!!

Love, love, love the Thickers!! Such a great color palette!! Thanks for the chance!

Omg love the letters and washi tape book :)

I love it!!!! But the jirafe stamp is my favorite I simply love it!!!

Absolutely LOVE this new collection Amy!
The colours are a fresh chance from past collections and the embellishments are all so so cute!
Cannot wait for this to land in Australia!

i love the tags and the foam words.

I love those rubber shapes and the enamel hearts! Need those!

I love it all! The postcards are to die for.

Love this!!! Please please pick me

Oh my! I love all of it!!! The embroidered tags intrigue me;)

omg I love everything about this collection - just so fun and funky :) I would love to use the wooden slices I think they would be great with some stamping or rub-ons! - thanks for the chance to win some new goodies

Love the washi book - great idea and the colors are perfect to scrap beach vacation photos!

I cant wait to get my hands on those stamps

Wow! Love this collection and blown away by all the new items. I'll take some puffy thickers for sure and mini doilies...yes please!

I love it all! The puffy hearts are calling my name! :)

Puffy stickers, heart enamel and stamps - oh my!!! this collection is the bomb! thank you Amy Tan!! :)

Oh my gosh!!! I love it! *high pitched squeal* I'd love to use the stamps, wood slices, rub-one and enamel hearts for texture. I can see so many fun layouts forming from the cute collection. Amy, I have to agree- this is probably my favorite so far. 😍

I love those puffy stickers! It's all fabulous!

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