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Monday, September 28, 2015


I have only one dress: WITCH
so this year, as every years, I will be a witch

Well my kids have not decided what they are going to be this year yet but our dog is going to be a convict;)

I'm working on a witch costume for me!

I'm in search of a red orc costume for my 9yo.

Fun layout! My son wants to be a scientist this year so I twisted it a bit as a mad scientist. Since I do a car at our Taekwando school's trunk or treat, I'm going as the same, having a "lab" at the car, and making/handing out slime.

I always make a costume for my dog and than I dress in an coordinating one. I am thinking this year might be Captain American and Agent Carter.

My oldest daughter is going to be a black cat, my youngest daughter is going to be Cinderella. My son (he's in the middle) is so excited about Halloween yet terrified about all the scary things that come with the holiday. He suggested that he wanted to be a crow and that I dress up as a dress so he can be perched on my arm. (That's not happening)! So it will probably be down to the wire with him.

One of my friend's little boy is going to be Captain America. Of course-- boys and super heroes! :)

My daughter is going to be a minion, she loves minions :)

I am dressing up as a sexy little Devil.

A Superhero!! I love Batman!!

My grandson is going to be Harry Potter.

I dress up every year to greet the trick or treaters. This year I'm wearing a full Tigger costume i bought at Disneyland.

The best time of the year hope to have time to make my baby's costume...jejeje he's going to be Chopper an anime carácter with a pumpkin as a hat.

My grandsons are dressing as dinosaurs and my granddaughter is going as a beautiful Princess!! Can't wait to see their costumes!

Two of my friends are dressing up as chiles. They are from NM and wanted to represent their state.

I'm thinking about
dressing as a pirate
this year!
Carla from Utah

Love the stitching and the spider webs on this layout :)

My eldest daughter is dressing up as a mad scientist. She has been planning her outfit ever since last halloween :)

For the first time, we are going to throw a big halloween party this year :)

My family of five was originally going to dress up as the 5 emotions from the movie "Inside Out"... then the girls saw the costumes at Target and now it's all up in the air. :)

I will be a zombie :)

my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter saw her 1st movie at a theater - Inside Out - and she wants to be Disgust from the movie! The best part is hearing her say disgust when we ask what she's going to be for Halloween ;)

How fun! My kids are dressing up as Ninja Turtles.

My two year old grandson is planning to be a superhero. I can't wait to scrap it.

Love this line. My son wants to be Ant man.

We are going to be a family of pirates...AARGH!

so excited about "my" halloween costume this year. Cleopatra! I found the best gold hair chain cap and necklace in a second hand store. The reason "my" is in quotes is because i might be fighting my two daughters for the costume! honestly they both look stunning in the head jewelry - me not so much - but it is still a fun costume!

My daughter is super excited to be a witch. Her grandma is making the costume and she'll match her cousin. It'll be special and cute!

I don't think I will dress up but my 2 jack Russell terriers will be dress up like the red riding hood and the wolf.

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