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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Absolutely in love with those gorgeous washi tapes!!! Such a beautiful collection!

Love the style and color. I could use this in so many projects.

Love Amy's handwriting and bold designs. They are fun and versatile.
Quite intrigued over that roll on pen. And, the ultra thin washi tape, dreamy!
A fabulous collection. Congrats and cheers!

'Better Together' is my family's mantra...so this colorful scrapbooking collection with this name would be perfect for helping to document all of our family memories and photos in 2016!

WOW! just love the rich, vibrant colours of this latest Amy Tan collection

I love that it's bright and a little bit of a throwback. I'm a '90s kid, and it reminds me of way back when.

I love, love, love this!!!! It can be used for so many things but I think I'm going to use it for Disney pages so it is not the same old red, black and yellow. I can't wait!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!!!

This is so beautiful! I LOVE the bright happy colors of this collection!!!

oh I am loving Amy's new line! The bright colors are SO REFRESHING!!! I also am loving the gold polaroid frames!

I love the color scheme in this collection - it's fun and happy and the theme is so versatile I can see it being used on a lot of different types of layouts

I really like the postcard stamp, the mini washi, the watercolor look, the records & cassettes, the hummingbird. Great to shake things up and see some different icons out there.

I love the bright colors and the puffy stickers are amazing!

Love the rubber shapes and the true royal blue

Drooling.......the colors, the mini washi tapes...everything , everything, everything. Just love the way the whole collection 'POPS' ! This is a NEED this collection for sure.

I love Amy Tangerine!!!! I love the bright colors, I love all!!!. Great collection!
Thanks for the chance to win!!!

This collection is bright and fresh. I love that I can get that watercolor look without being a mixed media type scrapbooker.

I love it all, buy especially the rubber shapes, rub-on pen and mini washi tapes.

I love the entire collection.... The colors , the washi . I especially love that this collection can be used for boys and girls. Bright colors .... the overlays. I always a huge fan of Amy's work , her collections are just my style ♥

The theme of this collection in itself is what I need in my life right now - when my immediate little family has to stick together because unfortunately not everyone in our larger family is understanding of my child's disability. Better Together is what keeps us strong. The accent stickers and washi make my heart feel lighter!

Oh Amy Tangerine just continues to amaze me with her beautiful collections!! I love that new rub on pen and the mini washi. But absolutely LOVE the look of those papers!!!

Love it all! Especially the handwriting which is included! Just gorgeous!!

Adorable colors & designs! My favorite are Amy's famous phrase thickers!

Love this whole collection! It just makes me happy!

The XO page is the perfect theme for better together. Great collection.

I love those rub one!

I love love love the ephemera in this line. So many beautiful colors and the images are whimsical and happy. This is why scrapbooking is so much fun. Working with these things just warms my soul.

Love the script text!

I love the colours in this collection! Big fan of roller stamps too for adding in little words into clusters for something different.

i am in love!!! such great adorable icons and hand drawn elements!!

Looove all the bright happy colors!!!! The stamp... everything!!! Anna xo

I can't wait for this collection! the patterns and bright colors are amazing! Love it all!

Happy bright colours and the fun embellishments!

I really like the color combinations, but boy does that cassette tape bring back lots of childhood memories.

I love the little blue bird!


I lové the stickers. !!!!

I love the colors and the content! <3

Everything in this collection sends my scrappy mind whirling with ideas, and it all just turns the corners of my lips UPWARD!!!

I love this set because all the bright colors and the handwriting

Who could not love that precious humming bird. Love this collection!

I love how happy this collection is!! It reminds me of growing up and having fun with my friends. I would love to use this collection to scrap the photos from my teens:)

Love this! Those rubber charms are a great addition to the collection!

Oh the color! Love.

Fun and fresh! Loving the colors!!

Oh my gosh...that mini washi with the x's and o's is adorable. I love this collection!!! I always tell my hubby we are better together, that he is favorite person, and I love being with him. This collection is perfect to capture our moments!!!

I can't wait to get my hands on this sweet collection! Love the bright colors and the watercolor theme!

I love this collection and the bright colors Amy uses! I am especially looking forward to the Thickers!

I love ,love this collection. The watercolors, the mini washi,the beautiful hand writting words.

I always sign my cards, notes...with xoxoxox! I love the bright colors!

is this contest from last week still active or did someone win? amazing collection :) love how fun and bright it is.

I love the strong/bright primary and secondary colours.

Love the strong/bright colours.

I love all the embellishments, especially the rubber shapes!

Oh wow !!! (My big eyes open 😮)... amazing !I'm new on the planner stuff and scrapbook and I loved 💗!! Very cute stickers with all the details ohh ! I want to try the rub-on-pen! A good start to me and continue love the world of craft!!!✂✏📝

I love this collection and its bright colors. I love all the illustrated touches. Especially that hummingbird!

I love anything that Amy designs! I love her handwriting. I love the colors in the paper. Since I have all boys, I really think this paper and embellies will be great on all my pages! Thank you Amy for creating this beautiful product. You allow all of us to look as talented as you with your designs!

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