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Monday, April 04, 2016


Hard to choose- but I have to go with the composition books!!!!

Definitely the elastic notebooks! I think they are adorable plain or colored!

So hard to choose but I will go with the sketchbooks!

I like the Binders

OH. MY. GOSH! This is SUCH a cool idea. I am LOVING it! I think my favorite thing is the binders... they are so unique!

I love the composition books, such fun

Those binders!!! It would be fantastic to take to lectures and colour in on my breaks!

My oldest daughter would go GA-GA over this! Her two favorite things combined- writing (she's writing a novel) & coloring! Love all of this- but I would say the comp books & washi.

Love the elastic notebooks and the composition books.

These look cool
and I love the
washi tape!
Carla from Utah

Love those washi tapes!

composition books!

Love the elastic notebooks

I LOVE it all!! The Composition/Sketch Books are on point!

i like the washi tape and markers!

Washi tape and markers would be my first choice!

I love the elastic notebooks and the markers!

The binders! Brings me back to the days of Trapper Keepers!

I love notebooks and sketchbooks, thus, no question what I would choose

Wow, awesome products! I especially love the washi tape.

For sure the sketch pad is a fav because then I can continue the fun illustrations inside! Love the designs in this collection.

i love love love the composition books and markers

Ooh colouring I would go composition book, love love love them

Looks really fun. I'd say sketchbooks or composition books.

I love that washi tape!!

Hard to choose - I love school/office supplies! If I have to pick, probably the elastic notebooks and markers.

I love notebooks.

The elastic notebooks rock! Coloring the covers would be awesome!

Love the notebooks!

How fun is this? I love the binders and composition books.

oh My - the sketch books and the composotion books are my favorite...but truly all of it is devine!! This combines 2 of my favorite things coloring and scrapbooking!! AWESOME!!

Binder. Binder. Binder. As you can see ....... I love it all but I'm a binder kind of girl.

Loving all of these, I think the sketchbook will be really great, but just want to get colouring on any of them!!!


I love the folders! I love it all!

I LOVE the notebooks!!! Who doesn't need a notebook or two to keep ideas and grocery lists in????

Love the folders and the sketchbooks!

Wow! So hard to pick but who doesn't need notebooks to jot down stuff. I pick those.

I think the notebooks are great! My daughter would have a blast using those for school!!!

I'm in love with the folders ... if I have to choose!

I love the sktch books. Can't wait for this to hit the stores.

I love the notebooks!

Oh the washi tapes and the elastic notebooks stole my heart!

Oh WOW---this is so cool!!! love it!
Love the notebooks---washi!!!!!--the binders!! pretty much everything!! very cool!

I love the whole line though I think the elastic notebooks would be my fav. Thanks for the chance!

I love all... but binder is over in my eyes.

I love the composition and notebook perfect for throwing in your purse and colouring on the go ❤️

As a daily journaler, I'm excited about the elastic journals!

That is some cool stuff!! I love the binders and the sketchbooks. Thank you for the chance to win.

in this period I'm loving markers.

Eek! I love it all! I think my favorite is the composition books!

My favorite product is always washi tape!

composition books and washi tape! cool line.

I love those paper clips/embellishments and washi tapes! The colors are so bright and bold!

Oh My God, what a supercollection!! , love everything, Do I have to choose one? Ok, binders.
Thanks for the giveaway.

They are all wonderful, but I like the comp. notebooks and washi the best. :)

The washi tape is awesome - love the colors and the designs!! Really fun!!

Ohhh....where were these when I was growing up! So loving the fun little sketch books & Elastic Notebooks!

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