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Saturday, May 07, 2016


love the selections of papers ....you can NEVER have enough paper in your stash ........and then u build on the accessories to go with the paper

I love that American Crafts is made up of many different brands each with their own unique style and offerings. I also appreciate the quality that American Crafts puts into each of their products.

The products look so pretty and easy to use which is important foe a beginner like me.

I love the diversity of the products you offer. And I love all of the diversity of colors too.

I love American Crafts because they have my favorite designers and beautiful products! Thanks for a wonderful NSD!

Love your fun products with so many fun designers..

i love AC cos you have all the goodies that we need for our craft stashes!!! i mean our regularly used craft spaces!!! wahooooooooooooooo

I love this package. I would love a boost to begins crafting again. Seems like I've just let it go...not sure why. However, good luck to every one! What a lovely giveaway!

I love the products because of the variety that is offered and the number of pieces that can be used to coordinate wonderful masterpieces. Keep up the great work.

I love all the fun collections

The colors of paper, thanks for the opportunity.

i love the cuteness and colour of the products that AC is releasing. this truly made me very happy when i look at the blog or buy the products! keep it up American craft!

The colors, the variety, the shapes, excellent quality. I could go on forever!

I love the great designs and quality that American Crafts offers. You are awesome!

I think the proper question is what DONT you like about American Crafts??? ;-) I love every line that comes through- they are home of some of the greatest. Thanks for being amazing enablers to our craft obsessions!

A great variety and quality as well as fab designs on trend!

I love the variety among your designers. And Thickers, obviously! 😃

I love the variety of embelishments and papers and the continuous inspiration from the designer team..

I love the variety of products and what I love most is the daily inspiration from your amazing designer team

I LOVE American Crafts because I AM A THICKERS ADDICT!!!
... I also LOVE AC because they have wonderful textured cardstock, a rainbow of sparkling glitter, fabulous papers, pretty ribbons and SO MUCH MORE!!!
THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS :)

I love American Crafts because your designs are so modern. I love the choice of colors, fonts and patterns!! Happy NSD!

I love American Crafts because they provide me with a wide variety of quality crafts products to aide me in any project I desire to take on. The possibilities are endless...

I love the variety of products.

American Crafts has always been one of my favs. I love to see what comes next because it is always on spot and exciting. Thx for keeping me scrapping. I would love to win this combo. Too cute.

I love the quality and variety American Crafts has. And nobody else does Thickers like they do :)

I love America Crafts for the quality and the great designs. And I love the cardstock!

I love American Crafts' Thickers-- so many great fonts, colors, and styles. Your company is good at producing such a variety of products that appeal to a wide range of crafters' tastes.

What's not to love about American Crafts? AC offers excellent quality and selection!

This is so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love all the products!

I love the quality and range of products on offer. Each designer has a unique style but I know the products from cardstock to embellishments will be finished with care and attention.

I love all the things you sell. I use them in my everyday scrapbooking. Thank you for amazing products! And this giveaway!

I love American Crafts because of Shimelle designs and all the other great designers you carry.

I love that American Crafts gives us so much variety in designers and products. And I love Crate Paper, so I gotta love American Crafts too! Thank you for a chance to win!

I love American Crafts because you have such a great variety of styles/brands under one roof, so there's always something I love. The first scrapbook project I made was a Christmas album that used Merrymint. My style has morphed since then, and now there are Crate Paper lines and Shimelle goodness and Amy Tan & Dear Lizzy to love.

I love the variety of designers and all their different talents. I can always find just what I need.

I can't say now why I love American Craft beaceuse I couldn't fint it much here in Poland. But I hope that I will win and get this opportunity. They look beautiful on You webside.

Love your sweet, sweet papers and embellies!

I love American Crafts because their products are good quality and they are beautiful

I love that you started with signature collections and make non themed products!

What's not to love! American Crafts always has great quality and selection. Something for any project! Happy National Scrapbook Day!

I love all of the creative collections you come out with, even under your other brand names, and I love them all too, hehe. My favorite things are probably your embellishments, twine and ribbon too! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Katie B.

love the variety of products. they are so trendy!!

Love American Crafts. You just have SO MUCH YUMMINESS!!!

I like American Crafts for their quality products, and great selection :)

I love the wide variety in your line of products. :)

American Crafts has such a great selection of product and great designs.

I really do love American Crafts because of the fun bright style of your products :) They are always so trendy.

I love the variety of products.

I love the products and love the colors. Happy NSD !!

Love the different designers you use

Love the variety, colors, forms,....everything!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Love giveaways! I love American Crafts, not because it is my favorite brand, but because I love to have so many choices of different brands of scrapbooking products... Hope you don't mind I share the love with other brands too!

I love American Crafts because of the variety of items, you have anything that is necessary to scrap, with an amazing good taste.

I just love the variety and quality you provide

Fantastic designs that I save and use for years.

What a lovely package....

Unique products at great prices!

I love the sheer variety of AC products that covers many different styles. And I especially love Thickers!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love, love, love American crafts paper!

Love AC because they have always beautiful colors

I love them because of the huge variety of products and great quality!

I love all the fun coordinating lines! Great products!

What is there no to love about AC!?! ... I love the variety for sure!

I love American Crafts because so many of the products are unique and can be used in many different ways.

American Crafts does an awesome job offering a wide variety of products and designs! You are bound to find something that you like and which suits your style!

I love the variety of products American Crafts has. They have something for anything I want to scrap.

I love American Crafts because you have brought us great new products over the years. Love how innovative this company is. I love all the companies you have brought on board over the last few years. I love the great blogs showcasing all those companies that are always up to date and current. You have great designers and great artistic teams. I also love that you are very generous - many crops I have been at they have recognized your company for their generosity in giving prizes to attendees.

I love American Crafts because it's not just one line of products. There's so much to choose from and spend money on! :-P

Love all the cheerful colors and cute products that's available!

Great giveaway, the variety of products always fits my projects. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Love you guys because you carry everything - and the designers are great!!!

Variety, quality, colour, design. Your ranges have it all! And you have Shimelle so basically you rock!

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