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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


SO handy! I'd love to give this one a try!

This looks super cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

What a great idea! Right now I just line them up on the edge of my plastic ruler but this would work great too!

This is genius! I so need this in my life.

This is a fantastic new tool and I would love to try it.

Very useful tool!! Genious!

What an ingenious idea!! Can't wait to buy one!!

WOW! I have been waiting for this my whole life!

Awesome idea!

What a great idea. I'd love one of those. Thanks.

Great idea!

I need this! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ohmy, yet another fabulous tool!! This would be ideal for the duplicate books I'm making. Fingers crossed I get picked!!

Oh my stars!..... This is a dream come true! Seriously I spend so much time with alpha stickers trying to get them just right. THANK YOU FOR THIS AND THE CHANCE TO WIN!!

Would love to have this in my tool arsenal! Thanks for the opportunity to try this out!

Wow, well this is awesome!

This really looks handy--love to win one.

Looks amasing, it will save people so much time. Love the opportunity to win one

This!! This would be handy for me...

This sure would be better than using bowls and rulers!

I would love to win this. I have hundreds of packs of thickers I could use this on!

Wow!!! i would love to have these :-) i am terrible with aligning my thickers...

I would love it!

Where have you BEEN all my life! To not have a crooked title people wouldn't believe it's a page of mine! ha...This is AWESOME and JUST YESSSSS!

Where and when can I order this?????

Oh! YES!!! That is exactly what I need!!! Where can I buy it and what will be the price?

I NEED this!! What a great idea!

Looks like a great tool!!

This would be awesome. I need to make a scouting album for our pack. I would love these! Ty!

I love this. I can never get them right

Omg this would be so convenient for my scrapbook pages !!!! Great idea WRMK :)

This is ingenious!

When are these available? I can't find it anywhere!?

These are awesome! I'd love to buy a set for all of my sisters for craft nights!!

What a great idea, these would definitely come in handy!

This is amazing! A huge time saver and makes it so easy!! I love this! Definitely need this in my tools.

How awesome! How did we not think of this before?

I was just saying at the last crop I need something like this! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I totally need this... it would make things so much easier and add so more creative flourishes to my pages!

A great tool!! Thanks for the giveaway

Oh yes. CURVES. Bless your soul. The straight line ruler trick was fine to place letters, but getting a curve done---oh no. Thank you for solving that issue--can't wait to get my hands on these.

I'd love to try it!

Wow. Perfect tool. Much better than a straight piece of card

Love this!

Great idea -- they look thin (and flexible), so would work better than a ruler.

THESE would solve all my alignment problems...I would just love to add these to my scrap tool box :)

Best. idea. ever!!! :-)

Such a useful product, it would certainly help me avoid having to cover up the paper damage from re-positioning Thickers with strategically placed embellishments!

OMG! This is just perfect!! I love when I can make my thickers straight!

Would love to win this, however hard I try I can never get my alphas straight. Amazing new product!!

I would love this - new to scrapbooking and stress over every detail. Since I NEVER win anything have to ask, is this for sale or only out as a give-away? :)

I LOVE this - I had something similar years ago for other sticker alphabets and wished for more. Thanks!

Just what I have been looking for!!!! Can't wait to get a set!!!!!

Wow this is such a cool tool for using thickers. I NEED one of these for sure😄

This looks wonderful! I always have a hard time lining letters up, everything I'd usually off center.

This looks great, thanks for the opportunity!

Soooo genius!!! I am pretty sure this would save my sanity on some scrappin days! :D

Simple yet perfect!

Saw the guides in a video online - this answered my question as to whether they were sold singly or as a set. Great idea!

Love love it!!!!!❤❤I totally need this set!!!!!

What a great idea. Makes placement so easy and fast.

Wow this is awesome. Can't wait to try.

Would love to have this!!

What a great idea - this will be so handy!!

I need these! Lining up the alphas perfectly is so hard!!

I've been waiting for a tool like this forever, it will be so useful.

How clever, how many times have I needed something like this - awesome new tool

oh wow, i can never ever get my titles straight, so not just would love to win but would love to know how i can buy one here in Australia.

That is one tool that I would love. My scrapbook pages would be so neater

These look amazing! I can't wait to get them.

I would love to win one!!!!

this is soo cool i'd love to win one.

This looks totally awesome, would love to try them out.

Love it! I really need this! This looks super awesome!!! This will make laying letters so easy!

I love it!

What a great idea!!!! kudos!!!

Oh my goodness! I love this. My letters must be perfect or I can't sleep.

I NEED this.

This would be fantastic to win! My words are always a bit skew

Oh, my gosh! I absolutely L.O.V.E. this tool! Such a brilliant idea! When it comes to scrapbooking supplies, I'm always saying, "Oh, I need that and that and that!" and this time I REALLY do need that!

When can we find this in stores? I want it and the only place I have seen it on line it's pre-order and they won't say when it will arrive!!!!!!

That's pretty darn neat, and who doesn't have piles of thickers? :D

Would love this!!!

I love this! My Scrapbook group teases me for always using the CM Title Topia. This looks so much better and more options...If I don't win, I will definitely be looking to purchase for sure!

Love it :)

I would love to win h set of these! How much easier to line up letters!

I really would love to win this awesome tool! I always have a lot of problems with my titles, to align the letters correct.

Oh! Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win :D

This is genius! Awesome idea! A must have for crafters.

Great idea!

What a fantastic idea! I'm always having difficulty getting my titles straight. I'd love to win and review a set of these!

This would be a life altering tool for me! I lost the use of my thumb and 2 fingers on my dominant hand in an accident in 2013 and I have SO much trouble placing things evenly with my other hand. This would make it so that I could start using my beloved Thickers again and getting them even and exactly where I want them!! Fingers crossed and thank you for the chance to dream of getting straight (or curvy if I want to) again! Have a great day!

Genius idea! Would love to win.

What an awesome idea! I was at a Crop on the weekend and could have used this tool for my obsessive amounts of Thickers!!

Would love to win this! Looks neat!

This is the first new thing out in a while that I have been so excited about!

WOW! This is an awesome tool!!!

Gahhh!!! Want Monster!!! This is SO COOL!!! I need it for sure!!! What a super handy and innovative tool!!! Thanks for making it!!! xoxo

Hi new favorite tool! Love how it looks and would love to try it!

I am an avid card maker with Parkinson's and love to try tools that help me to align and get things straight when making cards. I would dearly love to give this product a try!

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