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Monday, June 24, 2019


Shimelle has done a great job with this kit. She's again filled a gap in the industry's collections by making another kit we can use for boys who are between the ages of 12 months and 12 years old! Of course, the kid can work for anyone with such amazing "B" sides. SPIROGRAPHS!!! Be still my heart. I still remember having fun with my spirograph kit in the 1960's. The colors are so nice and bright - love those phrase thickers!

Yes please I want all the things!

In my opinion, her best collection to date. Usable for both boys and girls!

Shimelle is one of my very favorite designers, and she has hit it out of the park again with this collection. I love it!!

Absolutely amazing collection! I need all the papers...some two or three sheets of it!

I’m disappointed there’s not a sticker book, rub ons, nor chipboard. I really love using those types of embellishments.

Love this line! Can’t wait to buy it all. Missing the chipboard though. Moar chipboard please!

There's not been a collection by Shimelle, ever, that I have not liked - I have always bought something from each one - but this one is just spectacular. I will be buying just about ALL of it - it's boy-ish, yes, but not necessarily (girls like dinos and space and science too!) and only in parts and, as ever, her B-sides are brilliantly versatile and give a good range of useful colours that can be used for absolutely anything. The die-cut speciality paper is utter genius - umpteen LOs for the price of one paper. I miss there being a camera paper and oh for yet more of the mini puffy hearts (or mini puffy cameras! Yes!) but I cannot complain in the least - there's more than enough to make many a happy, happy LO in my albums. Can't wait for this to come out.

First time I have commented on the blog, but just had to for this!

I already gushed about this line over on Instagram, so here I'll give a shout-out for the mini-alphas. That size is so incredibly versatile for titles, subtitles, cards, and planners. I adored the foam ones a few cycles ago that had a full set of white and a full set of navy blue in the same package. I would buy them in a rainbow of colors if you had them.

I love it!

This mom of boys needs all of it! Thank you for more green and navy and purple! Those are my favorite colors to scrap with. Can’t wait to take a better look at the alphas and Thickers! Thank you for a new writing tablet, too! I like that I can use those on my scrapbook pages or in other parts of my life.

This is my favourite shimelle collection ever. She has designed a fabulous line with this one...can't wait to get it all. I am definitely missing the chipboard and would have loved to see the puffy hearts with this line but this is a fabulous collection. Love the spirographs, love that this is great for boys, girls, school, vacations, nerdy adults, and a little retro childhood especially with the spirographs. Love that Shimelle isn't afraid of doing different! Also loving the mini alphas and the silver...we have lots of gold already ;) Looking forward to creating with this line!

Shimelle has knocked it out of the park with this one!!! LOVE it all, need it all. I think it will be so useable for my daughter even though it seems more "boy" themed at first glance. The specialty paper looks so cool too. Glad to see some silver too.
Shimelle does such a great job at using and promoting her collections which I really appreciate, and I always buy more of them after watching her make so many pages! She is so inspiring.
I really wish there were more embellishments...sticker book, chipboard, mini puffy stickers, etc.

SO GOOD!!! Can't wait to create with this collection. Shimelle knocked it out of the park again.

Totally love this collection and will find plenty to use scrapping for my girls. Love how things work so well with earlier lines too.

This kit is so great! Shimelle did an amazing job on this kit! Just watching her do a walk through I had ideas for my little boy AND my tween daughter and myself!!! I love this and if I can get my hands on every piece I will be buying it!

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